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Everything posted by Orpo

  1. A little suggestion, save multiple times in different areas. When it came out there were a lot of game breaking bugs.
  2. If all goes as i planned it (unlikely), i should be there for the site i'm writing for.
  3. Wow, i used to love this game. I'm gonna watch it asap.
  4. Just ignore them
  5. If you do not enjoy it you don't. No big deal. I don't enjoy fps (with two or three exceptions). I got into rpg's when i found installed on my cousin's pc TES:Arena and i made a story of my own cause back in the 1996 i couldn't speak a word of english and that's how i was absorbed by this genre, making my own lore beside every location and giving myself the goals i wanted to chase. Now, if you really want to, you need to find a good balance of action and depth: have you tried Dark Souls or any well rated action RPG? If you really want a story of your own or a more classical approach instead of a more action packed game you should try a crpg (old or new, there are only a few that i wouldn't reccomend, Inquisitor is a bloody nightmare if you don't love the genre and Planescape Torment, while for many is a masterpiece, is kind of an odd one focusing almost entirely on the story and way less on the gameplay) but they are really slow to play and can take a ton of time and are sometimes too much of a time sinker to deal with (i still have to finish Divinity Original Sin and Pillars of Eternity is staring at me from my library). If you're more interested in tabletops i can't help, never got into them because i never had any friend to play with.
  6. I didn't like much the last season so the third one is still my favorite.
  7. Morrowind, explained why too many times to annoy you with it again.
  8. Yeah, sure, i have a pc instead of a console only because i want to pirate games, not because i prefer this system and can't afford to buy a console. Come the fuck on guys.
  9. I've been playing Morrowind a lot lately, still my favorite game of all times. The Morrowind Overhaul project brings the graphic almost up to date, if you install it though a piece of advice, don't install the audio overhaul, it's good but is really annoying because you can't turn down the volume in any way.
  10. orpo#2797 I've not been playing much, mostly because i'm new to MOBAs and i have no idea what to do. EU.
  11. I'm around 60 right now, planning to start endgame by monday night if i have time to beat Dom tomorrow
  12. Short answer: yes. Long answer: have you played the original? Did you like it? Do you like RTS? Do you like RTS in Space? If you have doubts just wait for a sale otherwise go get it, it's a competent remaster and not an uncalled one.
  13. Hey guys, is anybody in the army playing this game? I was looking for sparring partners in order to improve. If some people are interested we might try to start a fight club
  14. I remembered a Jimquisition's episode that talk about free to play, from a psychological standpoint it's a shallow analysis but is a starting point, couldn't think or find anything else sorry:
  15. I should be able to be there. I guess i'll go with a physical duelist as usual. Don't know about the game mode, i don't play PoE since last event so maybe softcore is better but i remember being a little boring compared to hardcore. Anyway i'll redownload the game tonight and i will likely be online at least a couple of hours around 10 pm CET.
  16. Some free to play models are pretty good, Path of Exile is a perfect example. Anyway it's quite hard to find this kind of stuff on the internet, the free to play is also a sociological theory about growing up good kids.
  17. That's pretty awesome and last time i checked the mod is actually second place for mod of the months.
  18. I added you, anyway my battletag is orpo#2797
  19. Me too, i'm not in the clan anyway, nudge nudge, wink wink
  20. I played Skyrim wrong all along D:
  21. We have a Chivalry clan, i don't know how much it's active, the communiti is quite splitted between EU and NA so unless we plan some funny event it's hard to get all together playing a normal game.
  22. I read it only once and rapidly so don't take my word too seriously. You might want to use more commas instead of full stops helping the narration being more fluid.
  23. Don't we have a ton of posts suggesting different skyrim mods? Anyway: Requiem Realistic Needs and Diseases Inconsequential NPCS Skytest Realistic Animals and Predators Hunterborn Followers Commentary Overhaul And there are a lot more