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  1. Clumsyninja liked a post in a topic by Orpo in So what are you guys playing right now?   
    Chivalry: Medieval Warfare mostly but i'm playing Neverwinter and Super Meat Boy as well, kind of a messy time where i can't focus on games i'd like to play for more time.
  2. Orpo liked a post in a topic by 2and900 in Five Nights at Freddy's   
    I guess I'm alone in thinking this game is stupid, concept is neat and (like most indie game concepts) would work grate in a larger game but there are to many logical errors like why don't they just give the security guard a bare suit or not hire a security guard at all, nobody is gonna rob the place, you got murder-bots wandering the halls at night and on top of that who robs a pizza parlor
    The thing that gets me most is the fact the it takes electricity to close the doors! I could understand if there was a jump in power use when you activate one of them but for power to down be drained from the door being down is dumb, also what kind of pizza parlor has metal doors, is this some king of ex-military base?   
  3. Orpo liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Apex Spartan Needs Your Support   
    Hey everyone,
    Just want to say thanks for all the awesome encouragement...you people made my day. I got my laptop today, I come online at times although typing is a pain in the ass because my whole body is killing me. I was on the scan today so they checked if everything is OK with me inside, but judging from the doc's face, I have a feeling I have injured one of my inner organs and to be honest, I do have trouble breathing and my chest hurts a lot...I just hope it isn't something too serious...
    I will try to come online as much as I can and once more, thank you all for the kind words.^^
    And thanks Dogfish for posting this. (:
  4. Orpo liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in Guise of the Wolf review. Request from Orpo. Spoiler alert.   
    That's the animation I'm talking about. Every guards are just stuck like that.
  5. Kaz32 liked a post in a topic by Orpo in Guise of the Wolf review. Request from Orpo. Spoiler alert.   
  6. Orpo liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in Guise of the Wolf review. Request from Orpo. Spoiler alert.   
    This is a request from Orpo to review the Guise of the Wolf. I hope this is satisfying enough. Keep in mind, I will spoil the hell out of this game because no one should play this game.

    The game stars Dominik. You're an alchemist brought into this big castle by a count that sounds like the Elder God from Legacy of Kain because there's a werewolf and he wants you to find a cure. At the start of the game you met a woman in red that helps treat your wounds after you are attacked by a werewolf. Then the game and journey of confusion begins.

    I'll give this game credit for 4 things:

    The voice acting is pretty good! They don't sound bored and they have character and emotion behind them, unlike Ride to Hell. These guys deserve to be in a better game.

    The story is pretty decent.

    The music is soothing.

    It's not completely stupid like House of 1,000 doors.

    Other than that, this game is just baaaad, especially the graphic. Holy freaking crap this game looks ancient. It's like it's from 2001.

    At the start of the game, you come across a locked chess. You have to open it by playing this dumbass minigame of adjusting the lock so it unlocks. It's not like Splinter Cell where there's a lockpicking minigame that's easy to do. It's more like that puzzle in Resident Evil/Biohazard 4 with the 4 paintings where you have to make 4 specific pictures appear by pressing buttons. These chests only have gold and nothing else. The entire game has chests that only has gold in them, difference is there's more gold on the later chess but what's the point? The gold has no use! You only collect them because........ There's an achievement for it. So unless you like to have full achievements, ignore these chests completely.

    The game is very unclear too. You're not given an objective of what you are supposed to do. You just have to go through every place you visit and hope you can do something. You are supposed to go through every room you have been to and get every items because they all are needed, even 4 flower petals on a vase.

    The game also have a bullshit feature that's not explained: pickpocketing. To progress in the early part of the game, you have to pickpocket a guard guarding a door to get the key. Then you go to this underground dungeon and meet this old man, and to free him you have to give him an apple that you get from one of the random rooms you have visited, and then use the key you stole from the guard to free him to progress to the next section of the game!! How in the name of Poseidon's blue crank are you supposed to figure that out unless you got so bored that you try everything???

    The game have a mechanic where you can turn into a werewolf. To do this, you have to stand in a specific spot. During "werewolf" mode, you can only attack, and this is necessary to progress through wood blockades and door chains. So if you see those things blocking your path, just turn into a werewolf and destroy them. To turn back into a human, you just have to stand still in a dark spot in any place you visit, and let the moon counter drop down.

    Now you might think becoming a werewolf is cool right? Well it is actually. You can attack people, jump farther and run like crazy, but you can't interact with doors or use items. Funny thing about the game is even though you can kill people, you actually don't have to. You can just run right past enemies, they will just stand there in their attack animation and when you turn back to a human, the enemies are stuck in their attack animation of holding their weapons above their heads. It looks so hilariously stupid.

    During the game, there's a couple of times where there's another werewolf that will chase you. Now during these sections, you can't fight the werewolf because the werewolf will kill you in one hit, so you have to hide under a desk or a dark corner.

    The whole game is basically just you running around and doing specific things without any variation. And the last part of the game is you just running through the entire castle, even the outer part, to destroy stones. I have no idea why but you have to destroy all 20 of them to progress through the final stage.

    Spoilers bellow.

    Turns out the count that sent you is actually evil and wants to control werewolfs so he can take over England. The old man that you saw in the dungeon is previously his alchemist, but he rebels and is put into his cell. And the werewolf that's chasing you the entire game is actually the girl in red that rescues you before, but she's forced to kill you because of the curse. So the final level's objective is to rescue her before she turns into a werewolf. So you rescue her, and the ending is presented in a drawing cutscene which looks WAAAAY better than the actual game in which the evil count is killed, the girl in red is cured, and you escape the castle with the old man and the girl. The end.

    Overall, this game is bad. Like cryptic unclear bad. But it's a lot better than House of 1,000 doors because it's not that retardedly stupid. And the game is really short, like 1-2 hours short. I give this game the rating of "finished it, don't want to touch it again".
  7. Kaz32 liked a post in a topic by Orpo in Me found worst game 2014. Me brain in pain.   
    Review Guise of the Wolf
  8. Orpo liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in Me found worst game 2014. Me brain in pain.   
    Fucking flypaper! That damn fucking goddamn piece of shit game have the damn balls to actually make this a weapon to kill a man eating plant! Are you fucking serious?? Whoever came up with this shit is an alien with no idea how human logic works! This game is an abomination and should never be played by everyone, especially children and young people currently developing their brains because it just makes them stupid!!!
    Wait...... My mind....... It....... It recovers from the horrible illogical loophole I've been thrown into since playing that piece of shit? Just because I saw flypaper??
    Oh thank you thank you thank you Opro! You saved me from becoming permanently ill! You have my thanks and graditude! How can I ever repay you??
  9. Kaz32 liked a post in a topic by Orpo in Me found worst game 2014. Me brain in pain.   
  10. Orpo liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in House of 1,000 Doors: Palm of Zoroaster review. Worst game I have played this year.   
    House of 1,000 doors: Palm of Zoroaster.......... ARRRRRRGHHHHHH!

    I don't know where to start with this game. How about the fact that it's made by BigFishGames, the game studio that's most commonly known for the "find these objects among these piles of objects" games they have in Facebook? And for some reason they decided that it's a good idea to make a 5 hour game consisting of a lot of these things?
    The reason I played this game is because of the card drops on steam. One card is $3- 13 worth, and this game has 3 card drops, which is awesome because I only pay $10 for this game and i can get a return from selling the cards. I got the one that's worth $13 and I am selling it right now, so that's good.
    Ok so this game's story is pretty straightforward. There's this meteor that struck a town. And then the House of 1,000 doors showed up. You play as a girl that comes to the town to investigate this house because she's a paranormal investigator, and she has been there before so she wants to catch up with the people that lives there. The house is filled with different countries you can teleport to like Jerusalem, Caribbean, India and Tibet. There's no 1,000 doors in this game. There's only around 14. Oh and there's some crap like a red fire ball that can destroy the world if it's not destroyed. There. That's the story. Nothing more to it than that.
    So how do you get to the fire ball of doom you may ask? Is it through grand adventures? Fighting monstrous enemies with various weapons of magic? Hiahahahah! Nope. This is a point and click puzzle game. For kids. Or Whatever the demography is for this game. I don't fucking get it! This is a kid's game, filled with puzzles like
    "Match the pictures", "find similarities between 2 pictures", "press the button in the correct order", "fit the square by using tetris puzzle blocks", made for kids. However the settings that this game has is so gory and brutal. There's one time where you go to Tibet, and there's corpses of monks all over the place. There's a place in India where a corpse is inside a wall and you have to take something from him. Is this for kids or for adults??
    Speaking of puzzles, there's a whole lot of them. And one in particular is so damn boring and repetitive, because you...... How to explain this.
    The most frequent puzzle you will encounter in the whole game is "find these 15 objects among these shitload of objects". You know the drill. Find the objects to complete the lists. Now the objective of encountering these many puzzles is to get items necessary to progress through the game. Problem is, you only get 1 item, and you have to do this minigame every single freaking time! And sometimes you do it in the same exact place that you have visited before, only this time the objects are swapped! Look at this damn mess!

    And the objects that you have to look for are pretty damn confusing at times! Why is there a Springfield rifle in the cavern of India? Why is there a toy car from the 90s in Tibet? Why is there a plunger amongst piles of foods on a dining table in Jerusalem? It makes no Goddamn sense! I swear if I see a game that requires you to find objects like this again, I'm going to go nuts. At least the music is relaxing to hear, but that doesn't really matter when you do the same thing over and over again.
    Besides the minigames, there's also point and click puzzles which is much more straightforward, like use a particularly shaped item to unlock a door of something simple like that. But some of these are so damn obvious that there's more than one way to complete it, but there's only 1 correct choice, with the stupidest solution I have ever seen.
    For example: there's a part on the floor with writings that's covered in dust. Your obvious solution is to wipe it with your hand right? But in this game, take a guess on which object is required to wipe the dust:
    A broom
    A bird feather
    A cleaning sponge
    If your answer is not bird feather, YOU ARE WRONG!!
    There's another puzzle where there's an object in a shallow puddle of water you can clearly pick up with your hands, but for some reason you have to get a rope that has a magnet to get it. WHY?
    Then there's one where there's a barrel filled with cold water you can't touch, and there's something on the bottom of the barrel. You expect to just flip the barrel over to get it right? But the game requires you to make a hole under it so the object went through the hole. Then there's a part where you have to get an egg in a spider web which you can just get by using you hand, but you have to USE A BROOM FOR IT!
    See what I mean by the answer being so stupid???
    Then there's another puzzle with a man eating plant. You have to get through it. Which of these objects do you use to kill it?
    Looks easy right? But too bad none of those are the answer! The answer is.... Hihihehehahahahahah...... A fucking flypaper.

    Fly Paper.

    AND you know what the worst thing about this game is? HUH??? I actually want to finish it because I want to see what kind of ending this game gives out. You want to know what the ending is? THERE's NO ENDING. After you give an object to a guy that promises you that you will be rewarded with great knowledge and power, you don't get a rewarding cutscene. IT JUST GETS YOU BACK TO THE TITLE SCREEN! So the whole game of finding 15 objects in a shitload of piles and different kids puzzles amounts to nothing. Nothing! NOTHING! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! AARRRUUEEUGHGHWHAHDHEHSIAHEIABAJaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAaaaaahhhhhhhhh.........
    At least me got $13 trading card. My rating: "finished it for trading cards, fuck this shit". If you curious to play to get trading cards, just no play this game, leave the game alone for 1 hour while you go buy takeaway dinner. My brain, it huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrtttttttttttttrsssssssssssssss
  11. Orpo liked a post in a topic by Berserker in I'm a little late posting this.   
    Well, welcome to the AJSA.
    Oh crap Is that what we do? I was doing it the other way around...
  12. Kaz32 liked a post in a topic by Orpo in What do you normally do during summer time?   
    I had, we used to play Punk Hardcore and Crust/Grind. After our second european tour i lost any will to go on here in Italy and i decided to concentrate on my studies.
  13. Kaz32 liked a post in a topic by Orpo in What do you normally do during summer time?   
    I used to go on tour with my band, but sadly not anymore, i pretty much study and work as i do during all the rest of the year.
  14. Kaz32 liked a post in a topic by Orpo in I'm going to play Ride to Hell Retribution. Wish me luck. Update: I beat it.   
    I'm not suggesting anything but........"helps to have a map"

  15. Orpo liked a post in a topic by Wolfspawn in Could Dark Souls 2 come to next-gen?   
    I wouldn't be surprised, but I don't think it would be necessary. Not in the least.
  16. Orpo liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in I'm going to play Ride to Hell Retribution. Wish me luck. Update: I beat it.   
    Ok, so the game starts with that intro in mr Joe's video. Jake rides his bike and all of a sudden you're dropped into a turret section. Goddamn the controls for this thing is so slippery, it's like my mousepad was covered in butter of something. After that is done, you're doing a QTE fight scene. I was curious and try to just not press the button prompt. Guess what happens: nothing! The fight just goes on like normal. No penalty for pressing the wrong button too so that's at least ok. Good thing it's not like Shenmue where the QTE prompt just flashes out of fucking nowhere.
    Alright, then there's the driving section with Jake and his brother. The controls is pretty slippery, but it's not uncontrollable. I was surprised that there's collectables in this game. Collectable cards that shows the characters in the game. I only got 1 though so far. The funny thing with this driving segment is the QTE battle you do with the enemy. If you have the knife equipped, you'll do this overly long stab the knife, twist the knife and then snap the guy's neck. Just in case it's not enough the first time. Strangely enough when you get the wrench, Jake just hit the guy and kick him off the bike, no overly long kill like before.
    So far not that bad. Maybe this game wouldn't be so bad after all!
    "Have you ever skin a baby coooooowwww? They screaaaaam and screaaaaaaam, it's funny."

  17. Kaz32 liked a post in a topic by Orpo in World Cup finals has ended. Germany Wins! Ride to Hell Retribution awaits me. :( :(   
    You're a cruel, cruel human being
  18. Orpo liked a post in a topic by Chimtastic in This happened.   
  19. Orpo liked a post in a topic by Twisted Chi in World Cup finals has ended. Germany Wins! Ride to Hell Retribution awaits me. :( :(   
    Well my prediction was a bit off. What a game. Never ever would I've thought that Brazil would break after a 1:0.
    At least the unknown drunk guy who might placed a 7:1 bet is rich now
  20. Orpo liked a post in a topic by Seph in Im glad I finally registered   
    A big shout out to cat norris who came to save the day.