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  • Birthday January 1

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    Halbin, of Cydonia

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    Australia, Brisbane
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    Planes, online gamming, swords, Dungeons and dragons
  1. I would like to join, my user ID is =AJSA= Halbin, of Cydonia
  2. Picking my favourite is easy, the spitfire, all of them. their turn rate makes them one of the hardest planes to dogfight. sometimes i like to go back to tier two just to use the spitfire mk1, and then i go back to tier 3 with the mk V and others.
  3. Halbin Reporting in form Australia Can't figure out how link my teamspeak name to my AJSA account though.
  4. be honest, if you where a robber the toilet is the last place you would look.
  5. I agree. us PC gamers have it good this gen. the consoles have very little games for them only and we have tons of indie games and other games that can be 10x better. example: overgrowth. a brilliant indie game (also my profile pic is overgrowth) that is better than most of the console games.
  6. There is more Aussies here then I thought welcome, and G'day
  7. To be honest I was more a an alliance guy. only for the Worgen and night elf's of Couse
  8. Great to see more Aussies in the AJSA. G'day mate
  9. My name is jack, I have been gaming for as long as I can remember. when I was young I started on the PC with games like rise of the triad, doom and tomb raider.(that's why that new tomb raider was a pisser for me) I'm from Australia, and I name every character in a game I have ever played Halbin. I got it from WoW random name generator. my favorite game genres are fantasy (favorite race elf), medieval, some FPS and RPG. not much more to say. I wish to see more AJSA members in game. FOR THE AJSA
  10. yes he may be responsible for the weapons he created killing thousands, but he made a weapon to defend his homeland. its not his fault how people used it. if you want to hate people, don't hate the person who created something that other people used in a bad way. he can not be blamed for that.
  11. I think we should have at least one decal on one of the wings or the body of the plane. kinda like mine but less stupid. on all of my planes I have PEANUTS on the side. because im random in that way
  12. If you where any more inbred, you would be a sandwich. ninja- chivalry ultimate warrior. I picked that because that was the most funny thing I have heard in a while, it was just so random. however a quote that was not a joke. have I told you, the definition of insanity-vaas. the best villain ever
  13. I would be a horrible leader. if I was leader I would increase beer price and cigars. then I would say to my assistant "you take over". then I would run away with the country's money and live on a tropical island. the give 5,000,000,0 to angry Joe
  14. I will give a hint about PC gamming. 1 get steam. 2 don't buy games as soon as they come out, wait a few weeks and they get about 30% or more off. that's it welcome to AJSA glad to have you here
  15. have to go with wow. even if I don't play it anymore so many sweet memories.