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  1. Welcome! Sorry that this is a bit late but I hope you enjoy it here in the community!
  2. I've not really looked into ArcheAge but I have heard quite a few good things about it. If it turns out to deliver on quality I reckon the AA will form some kind of foothold into it. However, the only worry is that people might want to focus on ESO, Wildstar and Guild Wars 2 still which could preoccupy a large portion of the AA MMO players. But obviously this is just one possibility I thought of, things could go in any direction really.
  3. Top-notch! The temptation to use it myself is very compelling...
  4. I originally played some House of the Dead game on the Sega Dreamcast from what I can remember. But I didn't get properly into gaming until Halo CE released when I was about 5, shooting grunts aboard a spaceship made me fall in love with the possibilities of video games, even at that age.
  5. Colt.9847 I'd love to join now that I have the game.
  6. I've never played the first Dark Souls game unfortunately but from what I've seen of Tyrannicon playing it I reckon I'd get quite invested in the game. I'm not sure whether or not to buy the first one since at the moment I'm really just waiting for DS 2 hoping that it will be even better (and more difficult) than the original :3
  7. Oh oh, I wanna join in! ( Potential reposts :c ) Also, Brohoof. /)
  8. In my opinion there are quite a few MMO's that have some points of delivering a 'bad' leveling experience but I only usually find that linked to the areas you are leveling in. I hate having to grind my way through an exceptionally boring zone similar to some areas found in WOW for example where the stories in the areas would sometimes be pretty bland and un-motivating. However, from the look of Wildstar, I think they'll be able to add an interesting touch to all their zones in order to keep people like me interested (and they don't make many zones like the tutorial areas) they just have to! Anyway, I'm going to be playing a Cassian Engineer, all those pixelated faces on the robots are just an added bonus to the launcher