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  1. Hello, We focus across both planes and tanks in War Thunder. There can seem a slight element of emphasis towards tanks,but that's beacause as a competitive squadron they are a must for taking part in the tournements, along with the planes. We try our best to support and teach newer members of the team of how to improve and aid them in making progress through the trees (As a relatively new member of the squadron, I've learnt alot playing with everyone). We are always interested in seeing people looking to join (or rejoin if interested) with us, we just ask that you are able to make weekend training sessions and work to progress through both the tanks and plane trees. You don't have to worry about not being "wanted" as long as you play with us you'll make more progress than on your own, both in terms of your game progress and your ability to play the game. ~CryoWraith
  2. Damn it really sucks to hear about this. I kinda dropped in activity due to a mixture of RL reasons and a system that couldn't handle the altering FPS spikes (currently in the middle of building a new one to be able to handle this). But without a doubt it was a blast to play this, and when able to return the battlefield again I for one will carry the AJA tag with pride. Fight on my brothers. For the Repubic!
  3. IGN: CryoWraith See you in the skies!
  4. CryoWraith - CryogenicStar Let battle commence!