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  1. CryoWraith liked a post in a topic by WITHASTICK in AJSA Playstation Nation Rejoice! For you have a new Community Officer   
    Hello AJSA,
    I personally just want to thank DamionRayne, Craigr910, AJSA Commanders and Council members who all made this happen. Want to thank the very many guys who help support, and put their thoughts into helping this go through. I want thank Google, cause well without Google you might've never found this site or seen this page. Seriously, thank you all giving us the PS4 community, and myself the chance to come across in a better light. I hope continuing on we strength this Gaming Community for all of us gamers, and not just PS4 guys alone.
    Thank You, Everyone
  2. CryoWraith liked a post in a topic by SB_NextGen in FREE WEB GAMES ON PS4   
    If you’re struggling to find a game that interests you on your fancy next generation system, you’ll be happy to know that a whole bunch of games are now available for free and accessible directly through the consoles web browser.
    The browser that is built into both the Xbox One and Playstation 4 now lets you play games directly through the web as long as it supports the systems controller thanks to HTML5.
    Each console has its own specific website that can be accessed at any time and each are being constantly updated with new games; the only restriction is whether the developer takes advantage of the controller as anyone can submit a game to the site.
    The Xbox One free game portal is called “Xboxie” and the Playstation 4′s site is titled “Sonyfied”, just open up the browser and go to these sites and you’ll be greeted by an ever-growing range of titles such as the beloved classic PacMan, the mobile hit Cut The Rope and addictive Solitaire, plus many, many more.
    Played any? Let us know which is your favourite below.
  3. CryoWraith liked a post in a topic by WITHASTICK in Battlefield 4 The Roof.   
    Taking notes on how to roof the right way from Dejj.
  4. CryoWraith liked a post in a topic by WITHASTICK in Battlefield 4 The Roof.   
    Me and mavericktnl roofing it up on Golmud Railway.