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Everything posted by gameghost21

  1. I am on a limb here but it doesn't hurt to ask right lol, if you have any extra beta codes i would like to take one so PM to me if dont mind i have been dying to play this game like many of you very much appreciated
  2. i seen it and its pretty creepy the setting is perfect and its super scary.
  3. I have only one but i don't play destiny to boring and repetitive.
  4. This Cod is pretty great its very fun the muti is very fun well for me.
  5. this cod is probably the best cod since mw2 so im getting this badboy.
  6. Maybe its dusty or dirty.
  7. What's you'r favorite playstation game.
  8. I was a xbox guy back then.
  9. TLOU is a Must Buy in my book.
  10. So much for this so called "eclectic" month everybody was talking about, this is crap we get terrible games and PS3 owners get 3 games PS4 gets the bad end of this all the time, not happy with the games we got i expected something way different oh well http://blog.us.playstation.com/2014/07/30/ps-plus-preview-augusts-free-game-lineup/comment-page-5/#comment-1005930
  11. I have a ps4 and i was able to play it the day before the xbox beta starts.
  12. im going to be there.
  13. Bf hardline is going to be amazing if dice fixsnit
  14. Yup what a mess.
  15. Destiny and watch dogs are amazing
  16. Well we don't know if its the real gameplay cuz it's a trailer but if its the real thing that be mindblowing.
  17. Congrats stick u deseve it!!
  18. I'm a console guy my favorite BF game is BFBC 2 that game was the bomb back then.
  19. I'm a console guy I don't play PC but my favorite Halo is Halo 4 the list go's down like this Halo 4,halo 2,halo 3,halo reach,halo 1,the rest of the command and conquer halo games.
  20. Good I thing I got it for free tho.
  21. Nope I checked theres none
  22. Idk I don't look on the ps4 forums much.
  23. The graphics in Wd look amazing to me and when it rains it looks amazing I love the graphics in Watch Dogs
  24. Not worth it to boring
  25. I prefer next gen gaming consoles over pcs because with pcs you have to acquire part that cost over the 1000s and with consoles you dont have aquire a keyboard that cost like 50$ plus its a lot less work to plug in and start playing and you dont have to worry about graphics cards and misc thats why i prefer consoles then pcs also forgot to say consoles are starting to catch up on what the pc can offer on the graphics.