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  1. oh boy more candy
  2. this is what draguno is thinking right now
  3. don't worry i have the mental age of a 7 year old most the time so i should be fine
  4. ive looked at both and from where i normally buy my PC stuff they are both the same price :/
  5. one of life's great mysteries
  6. in my opinion fifa does the same thing as COD it doesn't change a lot every year but they still expect you to pay £45 every year for nothing
  7. i'm glad someone remembered that horrible move by Capcom. don't get me wrong the DLC was fun but wasn't worth the money
  8. just found this picture and though it was a great reply to what draguno said earlier on this topic
  9. or maybe its like the TARDIS bigger on the inside
  10. yeah i think smurfs just ruin game and makes it harder for new players to get into the game
  11. this is blowing my mind D:
  12. i better that what everyone that comes across him thinks now.
  13. maybe his van is a party van not a rape van xD
  14. its more of a simple version of WoWs combat system.