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  1. for today only check it out! http://www.pcgamer.com/amazon-prime-day-pc-hardware-deals/
  2. North America Battle tag: Ender#11631 Love the game!
  3. crap i missed it
  4. i voted no because i never played it and i need the money for graygoo and the Starcraft 2 battle chest after the protoss expansion comes out.
  5. you guys are mean lol
  6. *thinking out loud* "I’ve had my sig for too long now. I guess I need to sucker someone into making a new sig for me...” *looks up and finds this thread* "Good enough for me." Ok I haven't seen you before so I would like to say hi and introduce myself as Ender. I mostly play DOTA and stick with PC gaming so I guess that’s why I don't know you. Formalities aside let us begin my request for a new signature: As you can see I'm a game of thrones kind of guy but that’s as far as I’ve gotten in creating this internet personality. Besides my name being derived from a book called "Ender's Game” and a copy/paste to the bio of the character from the book (there is no movie called Enders Game and I deny its existence) there is no personalization of this online "avatar" of mine. I would like your help in not only creating a new signature but also creating a new Avatar for my use online. What should this avatar look like? Well here is a list of traits I would like it to have most of them reflecting my own self and what I would like to be. I am not a fan of Amine so please try to tone that art style down. Gender: Male Age: 22 Name: Peter Ender (mostly I refer to him as Lord Ender or just Ender however) Home: Castle Jaxon (in the town of Jaxon) Occupation: Lord Physical traits: He is muscular but in a moderate way, he is just as strong as most men but his body does not show it as dramatically as some do, His eyes are a deep blue, Skin a tan white (is that a skin tone?), Dark brown hair cut short and matted around his head, he shaves only once a week so a shaggy beard (more like stubble) rests seemingly eternally on his face, his nose is longer and skinner then most but this is a family trait, ears are proportional, teeth are strait but never seem to whiten, and on his face he seems to always be thinking as if he is eternally solving a age old problem that troubles him yet he seemingly also has a everlasting smile that make laugh lines show across his face. He stands at 6 foot 1 inch, his legs are regular size most of his height is in his torso, he has powerful broad shoulders, always seems to have dirty finger nails. Attire: when I play a video game I like to play a heavy armor, not much healing, uses a little magic, and always holds a one handed sword most the time without a shield I would like my avatar to show this as well. I would like to be able to move this avatar though time so he could be in a star wars game as well as a Elderscrolls game. Mostly darker colors and favors Navy Blue. Heavier clothing that can cover him in a fight, always has his sword with him (I would like to tell you the sword’s name but I can tell you I would like it to look like this http://www.medievalcollectibles.com/images/Product/large/MC-KS-4914BK.png Expect silver instead of gold and no religious insignia) This is the family heirloom that is part of this charter no matter what form it takes. Ok so I realize that his is a tall order but I figured I would ask any way! Don’t hesitate to shoot me down if this is impossible! But if you want me to make this guy using Skyrim or something then screenshoting the result to work with or something like that i can do.
  7. Minecraft Realms- A safe, simple way to enjoy Minecraft with friends https://minecraft.net/realms Playing Minecraft over the internet is a lot of fun, but it can be tricky to set up. To make things easier, we’re creating Minecraft Realms. It’s a paid service that lets users quickly set up an online world which can be accessed by an approved list of players. Whether you’re building, adventuring, or competing in one of our featured mini-games, Realms servers are easy to set up and available 24/7. Minecraft Realms is run by Mojang - creators of Minecraft. Easy to use Once you’re logged into Minecraft, Realms is just a few clicks away. It won’t require you to set up LAN networks, configure IPs, or mess about with ports. We’ve already done that for you. It’s the easiest way to host an infinitely big Minecraft world. Good value Only the host of a Realms server needs to pay a subscription fee. They will be available via the Mojang account page or through a link in-game, and initially come in 1, 3, or 6 month packages. Realms servers start at $13/month, but you get a discount if you choose a longer subscription. Safe and secure Only invited players can join a Realms server, and the host can add or remove players from their approved list with a few clicks. Worlds gets automatically backed up at regular intervals, and the host can restore their Realm to a previously saved state at any point. Always available Realms servers are available 24/7, even if the host isn’t logged in. Up to 20 players can be invited to a Realms server, and up to 10 of them can play at any one time. Inviting players and accepting invitations is a simple process that happens from within your Minecraft client. Now this is not the end. Mojang is constantly updatwinge Realms with games and mods that a paid subscription will provide for your even though it does not support independent mods at this time "We’ve packed it to the brim with fresh mini-games, maps to spark an epic adventure, and intricate custom spawns." So all we need is 20 people to chip in $0.65 every month and you get your own private realm! (Note only 10 people can be on at a time) So would this work?
  8. they made that didnt they? Farcry and the current fallout games are mainly that. Why not ask for something new?
  9. OK so I used to run a large guild of sorts on planetside 2 and here is how we kept a active community: 1. Always have a party up with someone friendly leading it, this doesn't have to be a leader or high ranking officer but the idea here is that we have a repetitive that will always be flouting around the games. This idea and little blimp of activity and is the essence of this idea and part of point 2. 2. Recruit people with an open party system. This is fairly simple at the start of the game the leader or representative will state that they are part of a requiting guild or whatever, then they act nice and talk to people, after the game is about done they stat a discussion about the game and talk about the guild and how amazing it is then ask if anyone is interested. Only 1 or 2 people ever respond but those who do are sent a message directing them to the website where they register and then told to join the DOTA guild. This is the most important part of this system because it keeps the community fresh and exited! The only way to counter act emigration is immigration and in this case we might have a lot of space where we once had a large group of people due to point 3. 3. Make it clear and loud when you are going to kick out the inactives and then follow though, the cleaning might take out a hundred or two people but rejoining the steam group is easy enough. 4. Keep up the idea that this community is active, even if you look like you’re standing in a room alone screaming at a post that the room is crowed, keep it up someone will pick it up and think your right and if the requirement and open party is always there then the evidence is there to back you up. Some of the people we pick up will be trolls or assholes but not all can be reviewed before an invitation is sent out to join so see point 5. 5. Enforce the rules in a active and relentless manner. If more and more people are let in and the rules are loose we will look like chaos in the purest form. So the enforcing of all rules is critical. But this is just how I did things, and this works for most games from FPS to MMOs this is a good system it just takes a lot of energy and time that I no longer really have.
  10. only thing i can tell you is that you find people like this everywhere and you need to man up and grow a thick skin.
  11. double post