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  2. In all fairness i'd really like an introductory adventure... i think that's what role playing is about.. Getting to know your companions slowly and not starting as a ... *GASP* space marine *queue dramatic music* It's also much easier for DM to start with simple problems and simple enemies. (and if anybody needs help on those pesky dark heresy rulebooks... PM me up! )
  3. Trying not sound like a complete Anet fanboy but i really think that's weird when people whine about more permanent content as an FREE update on a no-monthly-payment game. Although it's true that there isn't enought to do on lvl 80 but i'm hopeful that they'll improve lots of thing on next "proper" expansions. But to the improvements: - Guild size raids for 10-20 people (i think they are on the way because the guild missions are already implemented) - In a game that is all about cosmetics, why there is no inspect option on other players? - more crafting levels Just realized that they've done it - more weapon/armor skins
  4. Nowadays the main player force is in Kessex Hills and Queensdale collecting spores and grinding the Tower of nightmares... Atleast anytime on our server (ruins of surmia EU) you go there and there's about 100-200 ppl running around the tower. But the main thing with GW2 is that people play it differently than normal 15$/month MMO... When you pay monthly you'll want to spend every spare second playing to get your moneys worth. But because GW2 doesen't have that "pressure" on you playing it 24/7 it is played more casually.
  5. I just really want to burn the heretics, kill the mutant and purge the unclean (and do some wicked tech-use and lore checks on the side)
  6. goddamn you always write these walls of text while i'm gone But if there's someone wanting to GM/DM i'm game! (yeah yeah.. i'd prefer futuristic settings and 40k but medieval works as well) I've fiddeled with roll20 so i know how to use it and what else.... oh i'm GMT+2 ...and that's about it! And tbh i started to play w/ D&D 2nd ruleset and Runequest. Ahh... Good old Runequest (aka. "Runkku" in finnish, meaning a wanker ) I really don't know was it just a big hit in Finland because i've never heard anyone else talk about it.
  7. I get it on the DH because the original DH was really heavily influenced from D&D etc. and it was quite bulky and heavy system. I wouldn't say that the system is lite on Only War but they've defintelty trimmed the fat between many games.
  8. oh my god! We got also the starbase missions?! This is actually really amazing... i really didn't belive that the project would even get funded let alone meet the 700k goal! *happy*
  9. And about Dark Heresy if anyone needs info or want to know the rulebook better... i'll not imply anything but PM to me might solve your problems
  10. Did I hear little /tg reference there ?
  11. Ruins of surmia
  12. Meh... it's mandatory so it's better to get it done ASAP.
  13. Goddamn i feel old now... I graduated from "high school" (it's kinda different around here) in 2005 and after that straight to army
  14. And it's funded!