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  1. otrg13 liked a post in a topic by Alexander452 in Mmmm whata say   
    Disclaimer, there might be some offensive words spoken in the video 
  2. otrg13 liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in Sub Milestone Q & A Announcement   
    Just a short video thanking people for supporting my channel, announcing the poll for what I should play next and the Q & A I'll be having to celebrate 100 subs:
  3. otrg13 liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in New to Editing and YouTube. Need Feedback   
    Haha I know that feeling. I used to get too carried in my longer commentaries and then I either started to repeat same stuff over and over again or went too off topic, but the technique I told you about helped me stay on topic and focus on it. It's pretty easy and it doesn't take too long. You will make less mistakes.
    And no problem man, hope it works out for you!
  4. Apex Spartan liked a post in a topic by otrg13 in New to Editing and YouTube. Need Feedback   
    Thank you so much for the advise. I will definitely put these techniques to use. I think the problem for me was when i was recording, i would just go off the top. Then everything i said sounded lile nonsense. So writing it down and reading it out will help me proccess it better.
  5. otrg13 liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in New to Editing and YouTube. Need Feedback   
    Don't let that happen. It's natural, so you got nothing to be scared or think your voice isn't good enough. There is some terrible people out there who have huge ratings but their commentaries are bad or their voices are really annoying. As long as you can talk fluently you are pretty much fine so just do it and don't think too much.
    It's really not that bad. While you will be editing, you will probably think your voice is weird, but once you upload it and a few hours after that you will not even think about it. Next few commentaries you make, you won't even think about your voice. You will just focus on making it high quality and even better.
    If you are nervous, my little tip would be to type a sentence and then read it. Don't make it too obvious, just use the sentence as a guide so you know what you will say so that you don't get mixed up in middle of your commentary. 
    For example like this, "Hey guys, my name is blabla and today I'l will talk about a specific topic" *END  RECORDING* 
    Add that into the video editor or rename it to "recording 1" and then make next recording, "The topic is about making commentaries for video games I love and I would love it if you could give me some feedback" *END RECORDING* or keep on talking if you can. Then save the recording as "recording 2" and keep on doing it till you finish the commentary and then just place the recordings in order and make sure you cut out the silent part at the start of the recording so that when you play the video, people don't notice the pauses. Lots of people use this technique if you aren't good enough when talking for too long without too much "ummm" and stuff like that.
    I used to do Battlefield Commentaries before and starting them was really hard, but later it's pretty natural.
    This is one of my first videos where I used the tehcnique of making a commentary in cuts, so by recording several recordings and then putting them together
    DW I'm not advertising lol, I dont make videos anymore and stopped 2 years ago. Just wanna show you what it sounds like
    Anyway it will make the commentary sound better if you are too nervous to talk for too long all in one go.
  6. otrg13 liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in New to Editing and YouTube. Need Feedback   
    Getting good at editing man.
  7. otrg13 liked a post in a topic by Alexander452 in Highly illogical   
  8. otrg13 liked a post in a topic by Agent of Darkness in Doom | RIP AND TEAR!!   
    hey i hope you guys like it
    the second one
  9. otrg13 liked a post in a topic by QwiK in Hello all!!   
    Welcome Bud!
  10. otrg13 liked a post in a topic by MeatShieldM249 in Hello all!!   
    Hello Angry Army!!  My name is MeatShieldM249 and I just applied for be part of the AJSA platoon for Xbox One. Not sure what happens next, first time applying to a platoon really.
    Hoping that I get accepted and link up with you all. I am a casual gamer put really enjoy playing as an actual squad and communicating and all in BF4. 
    Hope to see you all on the battle field soon!!
  11. otrg13 liked a post in a topic by Skyver in Glad I Joined   
    I am very glad that i joined this website because i have met a lot of good, decent people. Everyone is friendly and willing to help out. Most of all, i am also happy that there are no 12 year old squeakers telling me that they fucked my mum or saying that they'll hack me (no offense if you are 12 years old and do not do this, anyone who squeaks down the mic telling me this and that are automatically 12 to me XD) So far the experiences i've had on this website have been positive and would like to keep it that way.
    Thank you
  12. otrg13 liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in New to Editing and YouTube. Need Feedback   
    That actually looked pretty good.
  13. otrg13 liked a post in a topic by lizardking89 in The Official AJSA GTA V (Xbox 360 & PS3) Crew   
    Anyone even running this anymore? I posted a request weeks ago no response at all.
  14. otrg13 liked a post in a topic by abilly85 in Saints Row or GTA   
    I love them both. really. It really depends what I'm in the mood to play. GTA is realistic (to an extent, of course). I mean, obviously police don't actually disappear after 1 minute of hiding, but I mean in comparison to Saints Row. If I'm in the mood to be immersed and wowed by visuals and story, I pop GTA V into my PS3. If I'm in the mood to have insane fun and blow shit up for an hour or two without being inhibited by "realistic" police chases, I load up Saints Row 4 on my PC. 
    I actually fail to see where either game had declared "war" on the other. Saints Row never claimed to be a GTA contender, and GTA never claimed to be superior to Saints Row. I think they can coexist peacefully.
  15. otrg13 liked a post in a topic by Geist in Saints Row or GTA   
    I love the levity of Saint's Row 3 and 4. SR doesn't take itself seriously and plays off of that, and it works incredibly well. It helps that the voice acting is done very well and is pretty damn funny.
  16. Sigma081 liked a post in a topic by otrg13 in Hey Ash, watcha playin'   
    If any of you don't know. Hey Ash, whatcha playin' is a comedy web series created by Anthony and Ashly Burch. As a result of having made the show, Anthony was given a job at Gearbox Software as Lead Writer for Borderlands 2. His sister, Ashley did voice acting for the game including fan favorite, Tiny Tina. They also do the show with their father, friends, and Anthony's wife, Ashley Davis. 
    If there are any HAWP fans out there, what are some of your favorite moments and episode from the series? Mine is favorite moment is the Lil' T reenactment from the Dance Central 2 video. My favorite video is defiantly the Infinity Ward parody.
    Link for the curious. 
  17. otrg13 liked a post in a topic by Gone the Third in Saints Row or GTA   
    I don't really prefer one over the other- I like GTA for the social satire, and I like Saints Row for the balls-out insanity.
    Great for them. Rockstar, meanwhile, has NEVER had a GTA game available on PC at release. Ever since GTA III, every game was console only for about six or so months, at which point the PC version came out. So, in your opinion, why are they telling PC gamers to fuck themselves now, and not back in 2001?
  18. otrg13 liked a post in a topic by Orpo in Saints Row or GTA   
    Vice City was kind of fun but in the end i don't like GTA nor Saints Row.
  19. otrg13 liked a post in a topic by Emphase in Saints Row or GTA   
    For me it's Saints Row. Admittedly I've played only 3 and 4, but I still found the more fun than any of the latest gta games. Okay, Ballad of Gay Tony was alright.
  20. GUUUUU2099 liked a post in a topic by otrg13 in Best Angry Joe Show Review   
    I still sing " Drop that Dookie " almost everyday. I've also gotten others to sing it.
  21. Animatic121 liked a post in a topic by otrg13 in GTAO stories   
    Post stories of some of your favorite moments you've had while playing GTAO. 
    Alright, after having a good amount of with the game. I have to say, this is one of the best online experiences i have ever had. I'm going to post a couple of my stories. Not all of them right now seeing that it is pretty late, after i read anything i type especially when it's late. It sounds kind of dumb. Let's hope i can keep it together . 
    Story time: This is the first week of me playing online. I had already made a couple of friends just through socializing and helping people out. I got kind of bored and decided that i would go around killing people. I had already killed a couple of random people who tried to ambush me. They mostly drove up in cars (They're sitting ducks in cars, shotguns are most effective when people are trying to run you over.) I drove next to a gas station where there were two players fighting each other. One of them had a bounty. Me and the other guy ganged up on him and kept murdering the guy. After he kept blowing us up with C4 we left. (Not very honorably, i know.) We started hanging out and i asked him to help me with getting some of Simion's cars back. I declared this player my son in a humorous-non-serious way. The guy went along with it and started talking with a high pitched voice, saying, "Yes, daddy." This was going to be the start of a beautiful relationship. ( I credit Jim Carey for the one who taught me how to spell that word.)
     We delivered the car still in our role. Our titles are: Billy and Dad. We kept at it and had everyone in the server laughing. We decided that we would be a father-son bounty hunting team. We were unsuccessful. After plenty of failures and getting murder by the bounties, we almost gave up. Until something awesome happened. A mysterious player in a helicopter landed on the freeway and picked us up. He led us to take plentiful bounties. That was the introduction of our third. Mr. Helicopter-Man. Me, Billy, and Mr. Helicopter-Man. Kept killing bounties like there was not tomorrow. We had killed so many bounties and cops that we had acquired a three star wanted level. In GTAO, a three star wanted level might as well be a death sentence. We took of in our helicopter and made it out just in the nick of time, but there was not celebrating. The cops were still after us. I was shot mid-air in the Heli. After i spawned i received a massage that the cops had impounded my vehicle. My new companion and my son made haste to my position. They managed to pick me up without anyone getting killed, but our heli was badly damaged. They must have been doing some real damage too, hence our newly acquired four star wanted level. We had prolonged the inevitable.
    My partners in crime insisted that we retrieve my impounded vehicle. Our helicopter was clinging to its functionality, but we decided to give it a shot anyway. We hovered high above the impound lot with several police helicopters firing on us. Then something completely crazy happened.    Our helicopter gave out. No one was shot in the helicopter, they helicopter was pretty much destroyed. We all jumped out. The helicopter, The pilot, my son, and my virtual counterpart were all hurdling toward earth. A few seconds later, i was gliding. I opened my parachute and breathed a sigh of relief. I looked down to see my allies still free falling. Them making deathly screams over there microphones. I was the highest level in the group, so i automatically receive a  every time i enter an aircraft. But they weren't. They kept falling until they're bodies slammed to the ground. I couldn't grieve for my friend nor my son. I still had a mission to accomplish. I landed in the impound lot taking out a few cops as i got there. I hoped in my Elgy and was out of there, I felt like a total bad ass.   I went to swoop up my freshly re spawned pals and  we continue our adventures to this day. 
    The End
    for now
  22. otrg13 liked a post in a topic by Katsumi in Hello Everyone - My Introduction   
    Hello everyone, My name is Ian Taylor and i have come to this site in order to make some friends and share my knowledge with the community. I am 17 years old and currently living in Sydney, Australia. I have been actively posting on the tech game forums for around 2 years yet am always willing to take part in a new gaming community, hopefully i made the correct choice and will be able to meet some great people over the time i spend here.   My current hobbies are Anime and Video Games. My favorite genre of game is Role Playing, preferably in the fantasy setting followed by open world sandbox while my favorite genre of anime has to be mecha. I am currently attending my final year of school so my recreation time is limited due to study, but i try to make the most out of what have. While i used to be a pretty big FPS a few years ago i now only play the genre casually, jumping on a few times each month, usually for a short period of time.   I have been watching Angry Joes videos on YouTube for around a year now and his videos really never seem to get boring, i like how he can create an honest game review while incorporating a comedic aspect. As for my favorite video of his... the sonic free riders review by a long shot    Well.. I hope that this thread has allowed you guys to learn a little bit about me and who i am as a person. I hope i can become an active member in this community and learn a lot about you guys as well. 

    Some General Links
    http://myanimelist.net/profile/katsumi96 http://raptr.com/iantaylor/wall

    Thanks for reading