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    MMORPGs, grand RTS's, story-driven FPS's.
  1. it all comes down to what type of person you are :/
  2. awesome post
  3. it's good that a lot of the online features don't require PS+
  4. I think it would be interesting to get the AJSA back into Guild Wars AND be a part of it Perhaps it would be a good idea to have several guilds set up in multiple servers so that we can decide ourselves if we want to play on world that is good for PvE, PvP or WvW
  5. I can relate, but i do think that PvP and dungeon/raiding does offer large amounts of fun. I also like the skill tree in rift alot, probably the best i have seen i any MMO. but yeah if you play Rift only to do the rifts then it is going to be tiring. Rifts are however not the only type of world events that takes place in the game. alot of them are just like random boss fights or defending a location from invaders and can actually be very challenging and rewarding sometimes.
  6. I started playing it recently, it has gone free to play since release and has had 1 expansion added to it also. it is in many ways a "wow copy" but this is because it was made at a time where everyone was still trying to imitate that model. Besides it does also offer alot cool unique features that make it able to stand on its own feet. It stilll alive and has a large player base. it's my main MMO currently and im trying to get into GW2. How come you got bored with it, SteelRodent?
  7. Hey, i just joined the AJSA after being subbed to his youtube for years I was wondering how many people here play Rift?