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  1. I don't know why they ditched it for MKX. The game is still going to be cool, but it has already lost some points by removing tag battles. Disappointing.
  2. I can't wait to see what happens next.
  3. It looks like a lot of fun, I can't wait.
  4. XP up to SP 2, SP 3 had a lot of direct x issues, for me at least. Then Win 7, very nice and stable. Win 8 I have no choice in using and I HATE it.
  5. First and foremost Pokemon. Then Dragons. Then Magic.
  6. I was just answering the question, whether AC4 was worth buying. I actually did play it, I bought it the day it came out with the dumb $20 passport. I played single-player to about 80% and reached lvl. 50 online. The single-player story was pointless. They entered whatever generic idea that came to mind to try and mesh Desmond's story with the new direction they want to go. I don't think they have any idea what to do, this game didn't help at all. The gameplay took large steps back as far as player control and command responses. To me it felt like they mixed too much of the Prince of Persia player control with the already existing AC template. None of the swords do anymore damage than the other. It still takes Edward 10 stabs and slashes to kill some enemy. The melee system has stayed the same, but somehow feels no better than AC3. They made large improvements with the open sea and ship combat. But the seas kept bringing monotonous tasks and repetitive action. All this game is good for is the awesome ship play, but like I said, it got way to repetitive and the game offered nothing else. Sure there is enough to do to keep you busy, but after a while it felt like I was forcing myself to play the game. The missions were the most frustrating part of the game. There were constant tailing and eavesdropping missions that were forever frustrating. There were TOO MANY of these missions. They are tiresome, pointless, and annoying. There is a great cast of supporting characters, but the story finds a way to take them out completely. Edward never wears his hood when he takes over the ships like the trailers show. You have to equip either Altair's, Ezio's, or Connor's outfits for his hood to stay up all the time. He takes it off way too much. Oh, (SPOILER!) Edward is not an Assassin. The game is called Assassin's Creed for the purpose of being a badass Assassin, not a pirate with a set of morals that are questioned up until the very end, which then are forced upon him by the responsibility of being a (SPOILER!) father. Way to rush things Ubisoft. I really wanted this game to be great. I wanted the sour taste of AC3 out of my mind and enjoy the kickass pirate assassin, with Black Beard and Capt. Kidd by my side, killing all sorts of evil templars, and progressing through the Creed. Instead, the Templars you have to kill, their stories, and their relation to Edward were non-existent. I had to ask myself why am I killing these Templars? Instead of knowing that the Templars you encounter, no matter what, are evil to the Assassins, like the first 3 games showed. I can go on, but I would rather not. I love this franchise and that is why I am being so critical. I don't hate any of the AC titles, but I do know that I have a strong disposition towards both AC3 and AC4. Play the game for yourself, obviously people are going to defend this game and others will hate it.
  7. I have been: Nord, Breton, Dark Elf, Wood Elf, and a Kahajiit. They were all fun to play as, and I loved all of my characters. I felf that the Argonian race was better in Oblivion. I never really liked the High Elves or the Orc. What about Shadowmere? I loved this horse ever since Oblivion. It is so cool.
  8. Dumb idea. Not every game made for the PS3 or 360 has to be remade for this new gen. It is ridiculous and a waste of time. It just shows the lack of faith Sony and MS have for the titles that are already out... that they need and ask the devs to make it look new so players can jack it to Lara in native 1080p. Stop this idiocy and just focus on the sequel. For the record, I believe Tomb Raider is GOTY. Just saying, because I am not trolling this game, just the money hungry queefs in charge.
  9. Dark, Dragon, Fire Gen. 2 b/c it has both Kanto and Jhoto Charmander/Cyndiquil
  10. I think the game is terrible. My advice is to buy it used from Gamestop, play it for a week, and then return it to get your money back. It will never be worth the money you spent. After playing it for a week, you will understand. I love the first four games of the series, and up until AC3, it was one of my all time favorite series. AC3 was a disgrace, and AC4 is a disappointment. Not a game for your archives.
  11. Let's just assume that any era is possible (past, present, future) whatever. I would like to see an assassin in the army of Ghengis Khan going through Asia and Europe (there has to be some lame story filled with plot holes Ubisoft can milk). Ancient Greek - Just read Herodotus to get your story. The French Revolution - This game should have been AC4. With Black Flag being AC3, since that is what makes sense. There is just so much hear that could have been worked into a really good story. Then in the same game you could fight with and then against Napoleon during the Napoleonic Wars after the French Revolution. That would of been great, but instead we got plagued with two farces. Ninja eras - I don't know a lot about Ninjas or Samurais, but I do like the Orient, and I know their are so many inspirations people can find in Asia to make a good story. Rome v Carthage - The Punic Wars. Be witness to an entire army with 40 elephants trying to cross the Alps into Italy. Be along side Hannibal as he slaughters the Romans throughout Italy, just embarrassing them.
  12. I don't want the AC Franchise to die, but I don't want them (to insist upon) making garbage games in terms of; single-player stories, gameplay, and multiplayer. So I see why people want them to die. I was really upset with AC3, and very disappointed with AC4. They are going downhill and they are not trying to fix anything. I thought the first 3 games in the series were brilliant. Smart, a somewhat interesting story, all new characters to play as, game mechanics that made gameplay a lot more surprising. But then they just fell victim to our need for answers to a story that was (let's face it) questionable from the start, and then worsened the already pretty good gamplay. So they made crap, and it just keeps coming. A reoccurring shame.
  13. Do you have Metal Coat at least?
  14. I almost always play as the female MC if I have to choose. Games like Skyrim do have some different dialogue choices for either gender. But then again, they have a lot more when you consider the many races involved, and quests. Games like Pokemon do not really have anything special between sexes. It took them until Crystal to finally put a female heroine in the game. We need more awesome female MC's in gaming. It seems like most of the new games are sausage fests, and pissing contests.
  15. Thor is my favorite hero. Venom is my favorite Villain. Rogue is my favorite Anti Hero.