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  1. Cosplay is awesome. Sure, making a good costume is EXPENSIVE, but so down right rewarding when someone asks for your picture and thinks your amazing for doing a cosplay they recognize. I've done the following cosplays: - Salvador the gunzerker (borderlands 2) - XCOM Squaddie (XCOM: enemy unknown) - Bobby Singer (supernatural)
  2. I've been playing on xbox, but always offline. Plus, the game gets a bit boring after a while when your digging for ores. I was hoping maybe a few recruits might be interested in making a new world. Preferably members with headsets or skype. maybe build the "Angry Joe Show Boot Camp" as a first project in game and move on from there.
  3. Took the words right out of my mouth
  4. The M1911a1 pistol. A classic design that has been improved on throughout the decades. Plus, that's a good starter pistol for new collectors. My dream-gun: AA12 shotgun. Just in case you want to absolutely, positively shred a human being into pulp.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0m27gs8-XY
  6. thanks. already starting to feel the love
  7. Buy your own horse-drawn cart, and keep all your loot in the cart. Seems like a more logical answer as to how you can carry 300 lbs of loot around the world. I like the idea of building your own kingdom. An improvement on the Hearthfire DLC. Oh, and siege weapons to protect the castle. For a story line item, you build your own Dwelmer automaton that follows you around like a companion. Or maybe if you practice blacksmithing and enchantment at a certain level, you can build 1-4 disposable companions who only attack. Advanced weapons customization. EX: You can choose the style of blade, hand-guard, and hilt for swords.
  8. Hideo Kojima, if you somehow stumble upon our humble forum, please listen to me carefully. Take as much time as you need to make this game. If you don't feel confident with its current state, push back the release date. The hype around this game is high, and you have a reputation of delivering on your promises. This game could be amazing. But that only happens if you are 100% confident in the final product.
  9. My uncle Mike is a Marine Corps Nam vet. I forget the infantry number of his unit, but there nick name was the "Blue Spaders". He carried around the M14, and used to stuff a claymore bag full of extra mags. He showed me a picture once of his unit, and I noticed one guy had an AK. When I asked how he got it, he only said "The other guy didn't need it anymore." Now that I think of it, my aunt told me he was off to a cook out today. I guess its probably some of his surviving war buddies.
  10. My PS3 dieded on me recently, so I'm stuck on xbox RIP, you magnificent fat bastard (mine was a first gen. model. The bulky one)
  11. Nice to meet a member from the Tri-State area
  12. Nothing. I haven't gotten my share yet.
  13. Still, a million strong. That's impressive.
  14. There's a small deli around the block called "Hogback Deli". They make diner quality burgers. My favorite is the Caliente Burger. The burger patty is soaked in hot sauce, and topped with fried habanero peppers, Monterey Jack Cheese and diced tomato. It burns so hot, but it burns so good.
  15. People who don't know how to hit the mute button on there headsets if they need to talk to someone else whose in the room with them. For some reason, they feel the need to SHOUT IN YOUR EAR!!!! when they use a perfectly acceptable volume when on there headset.