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    San Diego, CA
  1. Hey Angry Army, Joe wont ask you guys to donate or to subscribe as members, but I will! Help Joe out everyone. The youtube disaster is going to effect our beloved community and our favorite game reviewer. Joe isnt recieving money for his videos that got claimed. Do your part if you care enough to support him through this. Soon as I found out, I became a monthly subscriber so that Joe can continue his great work. I know how much I enjoy the show but thats not all that has been comprimised, our community has as well. I'm talking game servers, teamspeak, giveaways and future reviews. So I beg you, please help if you can. If there is already a post like this, which I'm certain there is (I'm too lazy to look haha) link it here so that we can all read what everyone has to say. Thanks Again AJSA. Victory or Death!!!!!!!
  2. I think we can all agree that winning is the goal, I just wish that more people were willing to try thier hardest and not give up, but if we were able to control them then this wouldnt be an issue haha. Thats all I have to wiegh in on. Enjoy that new hero guys, he looks badass!
  3. Going to have to agree with this explaination the most so far. There should never be a moment that you "know" your going to lose. At that point I feel like your cheating yourself, and your teamates for not belieiving in your teams ability to win, even if you have 4 noobs or 4 decent players and your having an off game. Keep trying because you may be surprised to see a teamate pick up the slack or land that perfect combo you needed to turn the tide.
  4. Hey there my fellow Dota 2 players, This is Owosso, I have a quarrel with a few of the players that join us on random matchmaking games. If you find yourself down and losing in a match but you still have your RAX, DONT GIVE UP!!! Sitting in the pool while the rest of the team tries everything they can to defend while you lollygag in the pool because your buthurt or feel like its a wasted effort, is just rude and unfair to your guildmates, and it ruins the game along with the community that supports it. My question is: When is it ok to just "Give Up"? I'll let you guys wheigh in on this with your own explination but here are a few examples. 1. Before any of your base is detroyed....... 2. After 1 rax 3. After 2 rax 4. After all 3 rax 5 Never? I like this one the best, I mean we are the angry army right? Never Give Up, Never Surrender? am I right? Thanks again guys. Owosso.
  5. thank you for trying to help, but unfortunatly it couldn't find the AJSA forums. I searched Angry Joe Show and AJSA but no luck. Guess I'll have to wait haha
  6. very epic. thank you for showing me its actually possible to win with that haha
  7. Hey everyone, I noticed that there isnt an App for my mobile device for the forums and I have to rely on the browser on my phone instead. I was wondering if there was an APP for our beloved forums in the works? There may be days at a time where I'm at work and I can only use my phone to read the forums. I know its in a mobile mode and all that but having an APP to sign into and stay logged into, would make being active on the forums that much easier. Thanks for listening everyone and let me know what you think. Owosso
  8. Kunkka- Talk about putting the opposition in a dire situation, his whip is just to much for ppl to handle. Go mid and get a first blood starts your snowball of the game, ghost marchers, shadowblade, cleave, Vlad, deadalis, watch their whole team die with a single whip. Lol too funny.
  9. Dota 2 Angry Army Guild? Pfft yes please haha. I'll join up soon as I'm home.