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  1. I'd love to join! @Katojana sent
  2. Well instead of searching a side job, he could just migrate to a different video platform like blip. There are tons of alternatives and since he works with CA, I think they could help out. Or he clings to one of the big review sites like BT, Escapist and so on. So he can do what he loves and doesn't have to search a side job which would lower his reviews.
  3. Well then you should maybe fire them! Cause they obviously put too much money into their project which shortens your margin.
  4. Back in 2001 I joined a Pen and Paper RPG group of Vampire the masquerade. I was thinking about my character and had it done completely. Just the name... It took me 2 hours to come up with a name. At that time I had bought the game Daikatana freshly and it was laying in front of me. Somehow my mind took it and erased the Dai, took the Kat, put an oj in there and at the end the ana. BAM. Name done. Daikatana became to Katojana
  5. I have an Idea for a game Mister Commander Sir. At first you might find it costy BUT with a little bit of investment you can make a money printing machine. You develop a game that includes a whole bunch of fandoms to appeal to a wide demographic, make it a shooter to get all the kids and you make the first level graphically astonishing. This will be trailer and demo material. the other two levels end on a clifhanger and the story is continued in DLCs. Several of them. Each DLC concludes the previous one, but ends on another clifhanger. You do that for 12 months and end the story on a gigantic clifhanger. After the 12th DLC comes out, part 2 comes out. It's pretty much the same as the first just this time, it's even shorter and with even more DLCs. And ofcourse customizations of the character. Don't charge too much. Like a Dollar for a Skin of fan favourite characters of other games and the gamers will kill for it. With every new game that comes out (yearly, graphics pretty much stay the same) they have to buy the skins again. And again. You can hire 1 story monkey for the story and 2 for graphics. Don't put too many bugs inside otherwise people would stop buying it soon. Just give them enough reason to NEEED the next part.
  6. Usually going for the female chars.
  7. Got one too C:
  8. I am here, waiting for season 4! /)
  9. Motherboard: Biostar H55A+ (Socket 1156) CPU: Intel i5-760 GPU: Gigabyte GTX 770 RAM: 2x4GB PSU: Corsair 750 W Case: Cooler Master NVIDIA Edition HDD: - Samsung 1TB - WD 500 GB - Seagate 1TB Optical Drive: LG BD-DVD-RW Combo Burner Monitors: - BenQ E2200 HD 1080p [22" LCD] - Belinea 10 17 11 720p [17" LCD] - Blaupunkt TV 1080p [32" LED]
  10. Greetings everyone, I just noticed while browsing through the forum, that the current style kinda hurts my eyes after a while. The Black BG with white text is really awesome to look at but not for reading too long on it. I saw the other styles (the change style button) but the one which would hurt less, is kinda not working (forum button not working, no logo and so on) I really would appreciate if some brighter styles could be assembled =) Thank you
  11. Very first game? Phew.... so long ago *rubs head* uhhhhm I think it was either Super Mario Bros on NES or Duckhunt. But I think it really was the NES I played on first.
  12. I have a Key for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist (Uplay) Thanks to my recent buying of a gtx 770. I'd like to trade it for X-Com Enemy Within (Steam) If anyone is interested, write me a private message =)