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  1. Fable: The Lost Chapters was by far my favorite Xbox game, and is still one of my all time favorite games. The Battlefront games were really fun as well, another really great game was Republic Commando.
  2. I really love this game, I really enjoy everything Lovecraft based. I actually have it on Steam, however it was a really bad port, and doesn't work so well, so I was never able to beat the game sadly :\
  3. Out of those three, I would go with GTAV, as I've never played The Last of Us, and I didn't care for Bioshock Infinite.
  4. I really enjoy Resident Evil 6, and I've enjoyed the the series since the first game. With that in mind you might feel differently if you're a big fan of the past entries in the series.
  5. I voted for both. To me a great RPG has a lot of character interaction, and development, not just of the main character, but of the entire cast. I think the Mass Effect series did this particular aspect really well. However, I also really enjoy being able to increase my stats, differetn armor and weapons. Being able to creaft things is also always a plus for me, but I never consider it a must have for any RPG. I really enjoy leveling up, and in certain sisutations I do not mind grinding. Comat tends to be hit or miss with me though, while I don't mind turned based, or auto attack style systems, I really prefer more involved systems like Dragon Age II.
  6. Walking Dead: Survival Insticnt, it was such a bad game, which is quite a shame because it had a lot of potential. I feel if they were given a decent amount of time to work on it, that it could have been something pretty decent. The voice acting is probabyl the best part about the entire thing. Bioshock Infinite, I couldn't stand how generic it felt, aside from the story and the setting. In comparion to the other two Bioshock games it felt like a corridor shooter, only being able to use two guns was annoying, and the plasmids felt much more useless in this game. Also, the story didn't really support the type of gameplay that this installment has. I think it would have worked much better if it had more stealth elements or something. Overall, just a huge disappointment to me.
  7. I feel that as long as they sell in that state, they will continue to make them like that. Personally, I'd prefer to pay full price for a game that has everything in one package, than pay a small, or no amount, and have the option of buying everything else for additional costs. I can see how some people may like this, I would just prefer to have the entire thing in one package. But I do believe that as long as money is being made on games like that, they will continue to build them in that fashion. It's just the nature of the business sadly.
  8. Hey TreeManager, and welcome to the Army.
  9. Hey everyone, I just signed up here and looking forward to being part of the Angry Army. I play all kinds of games, I have a decent pc, and a 360. I have a decent amount of games on Steam, Team Fortress 2, and Left 4 Dead 2 being some of my favorites, although my 360 collection is a bit lacking. At the moment I have a lot of free time so feel free to add me on Steam, or Xbox LIVE(I'm not on Origin too much, but I'd be down to play Battlefield 3 if anyone ever wanted too.) I prefer mostly co op games, but I'd be down to play anything. My LIVE expires soon, but right now I'm trying to rank up in Arkham Origins multiplayer to get that Blackest Night skin, if anyone is interested in that. Anyway, I look forward to meeting some new people here, and making some friends. Stay Classy Angry Army.
  10. Hey Bats, welcome to the Army, glad to have you on board.