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    Astronomy, science, philosophy and good rpg's. :)
  1. I am Rohirrim7. Not yet lvl 30 but playing since early beta. Normally I played lol, but I'm really loving the newer gods and would very much like to join.
  2. True, and therefore Witcher 3 won't be held back by consoles because the pc is there main platform. They will push everything they can to the limit graphically. Can't wait the play it. From what I saw at E3 it seems it could've been released end this year. I think they really want to leave a mark in gaming history. So hyped.
  3. I'm pretty sure Hawke and the warden will be mentioned, but I highly doubt if they will be in the game.
  4. Think again. Witcher 3 will be a TRUE next gen game wich isn't dumbed down to be on the same level of consoles (like watch dogs). A late quote from Marcin on the official witcher forums said that the ultra setting will require a very beefy pc. Were looking at a 780TI or a 770SLI. And processors don't really matter much for gaming. He mentioned some of the ultra features, but I forgot and I'm to lazy to look it up.
  5. Ow. That's the problem with typing. You don't have intonation.
  6. Well... I don't know what you source was, but it was wrong. It's february 2015 to be precise.
  7. I disagree with you Zerwolf. I think it qualifies as a moba. Just 2 elements of a moba are done differently but are still in the game. There isn't an ingame shop, but there is one outside the game. And indeed you can't level ingame. But you have your 4 special abilities wich need to charge first by killing enemies. Finally a game who dares to do some things differently than the mainstream moba's.
  8. 2014..? Hm I dunno. BUT, we all know what the best game of 2015 will be.
  9. When the exams start in june again, it won't be so hard to take a break cause i'll probably played it for thousand hours by then. ^^
  10. I'm actually happy. Now my first year at university won't be f*cked up.
  11. My dream game is coming out this year.
  12. Do you consider star wars sci-fi or fantasy? I would say they both together makes for an awesome world. So I don't really have a preference. Some fantasy worlds are better than others, and the same with sci-fi. I think the only difference between the two is that sci-fi might be possible one day. You should make a poll btw.
  13. Looking forward to it. Never played a GTA game before. (not kidding)