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    JRPG, RPG, Action, Adventure, FPS, Few MOBA Styled Games, Tabletop, Anime, Running in a Marathon (My Only Sport)
  1. wait... so do we change our tags to [OJSA]?
  2. I'm a bit more into the Tales series now but like the others i enjoy the ever popular ones like chrono trigger, Xenogears, Valkyrie Profile and Final fantasy. And also Parasite Eve; StarOcean; Lunar Silver Star Story; Breath of Fire; Terranigma; and illusions of gaia
  3. zeigard#1464 mostly online just to do the daily but im up for anybody who wants to duel. Americas server
  4. When I finished all the games I want to play on my PS3 then ill upgrade to a new console. If I switched over without doing so then chances are I wont be able to play them unless they release a definitive version of it, even then i might just go for the latest games. It also helps that I tend to play mostly single player games and usually only do multiplayer on my PC
  5. Really? Well thats disappointing,,,, moving on then.. I was actually looking forward on it at one point since its never winter. Oh well
  6. Has anybody tried this MMO yet? According to Steam they just realeased it Dec 6, 2013 I wanted to get some feedback before I DL I currently lack space and dont want to Remove my other games if this isnt worth it http://store.steampowered.com/app/109600/
  7. You should go to youtube and search for screwattack They did a Bucky o hare vs Fox McCloud Deathbattle Recently
  8. Depends on your intent, is it really to show support; are you just doing it without any reason; doing it because you where told; doing it because you expect something back in form of recogniction or something else; or as a form of mockery. Again, this based on your intent and not what others think about why you do, what you do
  9. Chrono Trigger; Y's Series (All of Them); Star Ocean; Xenogears; Suikoden; Tales of... Series; Grandia Series; Thousand Arms (I dont think its good but it is entertaining), Wild Arms, Alundra (Just the 1st one), I enjoy most of the fantasy JRPG Genre's Is Zelda considered a JRPG if so... add it to my list of must have's Currently playing Ar Tonelico, have to play all JRPG's on the ps3 before i move to a different console
  10. Sorry Bro, I'm trying to understand it from your point of view but I just can't. For me the fun of the game is on playing it. If i just wanted to know the story then thats no different than watching some let's plays on youtube. If its like forever on god mode or all weapons unlock and such then wheres the challenge on that. If ever I find a game a chore then more likely that game might not be for me and move on or I would play something else and just comeback to it. Sometimes I dont buy new games till I finish the last one.. Lastly, I dont think you could do it on regedit, I could be wrong though, thats more for the system files and license. Most mods are patches or files that is added. I also wanted to mod games like add more levels to the games and such.... If I learned that I would probably be very Happy... might die alone but happy consolation prize i guess in the game of life lolz
  11. Wow!, Actually I am also trying to decide if I should get a Vita or a 3ds XL. I wanted to play the new pokemon game and monster hunter but i guess i tend to favor Vita as there is the Y's game thats coming out and I really want to play that more than the MH series. So I just dont really know what Im gonna end up getting. But I guess I could leave that decision with my friends as I play a lot of network based games with them I wont feel right if I get a different handheld..... I hope its the Vita though,,,, i dont mind 3ds ..... but damn I want to play Y's Memories of Celceta
  12. TotalBiscuit, JesseCox, Polaris, AVByte, Warpzone, AlphaOmegaSin, Cinemassacre, and Screen Junkies
  13. Yeah, I am hoping they finished the Closed Beta Soon so I can also try it out I've been dying to try it out, I have already watch a lot of Youtube videos about it from TotalBiscuit, WowCrendor and HuskyStarcraft
  14. I will also be waiting till I see more titles that I want to play. I havent even decided on a console as the games I want to play in Ps4 and/or Xbox One is just one. Titan Fall and Killzone. Im waiting for a New RPG Title. Plus wanted to make sure that I dont become a victim of console glitches like the Red Rings of death and such.
  15. Just Finished Suisei no Gargantia, Currently watching Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shurabasugiru I have very little preference towards Anime, I watch any genre and play a lot of JRPG