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    Hey my name is Christen I play the Playstation, so if you wanting to game with me shoot me a friend request [ stilh ] I'm usually on I have a mic and what not so I'm not a boring gamer haha I'm pretty nice guy I don't rage or get mad I guess I consider myself a pretty good gamer but yeah if you want to know more just HMU! Angry Military OUT!
  1. This is all fine and dandy, but when are we going to actually start on something. Although, I have to give my completes to you Jinzuro, you've made great progress in this forum topic, I mean to figure out that all these people are willing to chime in on this project. What we should do to get the higher ups attention even more is to make a petition, if you are willing to do this we should do it soon, I mean wouldn't you want to get this all out the way before the next year so when we do start a new year we have a set base in what we have plan for the future!?
  2. Like JInzuro said there just isn't enough people, I'm looking at the post and it's the same few people that's been really posting I mean there have been exceptionally new people today but we need more than 2 or 3 people to participate.
  3. @JInzuro I get what you are saying you initially made this topic so the Council could consider in making the Dev team and when it actually becomes official then we start talking about coding games and other things! Well see my point is that he is probably thinking there is no use of a Dev team, that's why I propose to show him something that we can do as a group. Everything starts unofficial at first, but then it builds up and as time progress and we've actually done something to show for maybe he might in considering making it official for the Angry Joe Show. To be honest, he already has a "Dev" team how do you think he does all the things he do, we just don't know it or he doesn't announce it! So, if you really want this to become official you have to show in what this "Dev" team will benefit for him, see this is his Company he is making money off of everything here and basically we got to get with the program and show our stuff!
  4. Apparently we are all down to do this, but for us to really get recognize by the Angry Officials we have to show something, so I feel like we should start small so we can get used to working together, I imagine we will need to communicate and we can do that over TeamSpeak and actually get a list of people who are participating, so since we are considered the "Dev" team I feel we should start off with making a Angry Joe App The Angry Joe App, will include - Videos - Art Work - Updates on forum - Event dates Etc. And then after that if we really are interested in making games we should start off with Flash Games! With that we would probably need a story, voice actors if needed, and so on.
  5. I would love to assist in something like this but I am still working on the basics! I just recently bought a Visual Basic 2012 Beginners book!
  6. Oh, I wasn't aware that you had to pay for all that jeez, well that's a bummer.
  7. Okay, I was wondering if anyone is down to go onto Runescape start all over from LVL 1 and work our way up as a team!? I think it would be pretty awesome we would train together, roleplay, make videos hints and tips and learn the aspects of the game entirely! Stream Videos do events and contest and what not I think it would be pretty beast! ADD: Also we can like roleplay the Angry ARMY on there I mean we would have set ranks, uh positions, our hangout spots and stations our training grounds and so forth!
  8. Don't know why none of the Xbox players haven't answered you yet, but I'm not quite sure sorry to say I'm a Playstation guy I don't own a xbox but as far as I know I don't think so man!
  9. Okay well when that comes around shoot me a friend request we could start up a crew!
  10. Hey I have Last Of Us and COD Ghost and maybe if you want Splinter Cell Blacklist?
  11. I was hoping to get it sometime soon but there pretty much sold out everywhere maybe when the XBOX ONE comes out they will start having PS4 in stock!
  12. I don't if you guys like sports games or not but I have 2K14 and I was wondering if anyone wanted to start up a crew with me!?
  13. When I first played DD I chose the Magick Warrior vocation it's really helpful when in need of using Mage type powers and also Warrior type powers if that's what you are interested in, also remember to SELL SELL SELL and try to obtain the Gold Idol and hand it to the Weaponsmith you will get much better weapons and considering you are on the PSN getting the game for free it must be DARK ARISEN so when it comes to that don't try that quest till you are atleast level 75
  14. Well that was a nice response thanks man I understand
  15. Yeah, I can clearly see that I'm just saying that if they "Support" more PC related games then what's the point?