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  1. Unlimited liked a post in a topic by Reyas Khaal in RuneScape   
    That would be pretty freaking sweet actually. Sounds like fun hahaha. I'd be up for that! Maybe make an Angry Army in the game.

    I do have an account already, where I'm rich, and I just got bored. If anything, we can use some of that money, if needed.
    If I can remember my login, atleast.
  2. Unlimited liked a post in a topic by Twisted Chi in Quick Question!   
    Give it a chance and linger around. I'm also "fresh" but there are always topics to discuss and information to gather. Just look around and go into the subforums that are for you
  3. Unlimited liked a post in a topic by Twisted Chi in Quick Question!   
    Well it's always up to you to post information and otherweise I think it's pretty even
  4. Unlimited liked a post in a topic by AJW in Chat Box   
    Well, with over 15k members and growing at a fast rate, I think the chatbox would be too fast. We have the forums, whats wrong with that. Also teamspeak.
    Edit: 100th Post!!

  5. Unlimited liked a post in a topic by serious_cyrus in PS4 and your Vita!   
    Remote Play works very well. Connected directly to the PS4 (there's a checkbox to enable this in the settings), the picture is clear and there is no lag. Or if there is lag, it's such a small amount that it's not noticeable.
    I've also tried it over the internet, and it seems to work good that way as well. The picture isn't as clear, and there is slight lag. (Compared to clear image with no lag)
    If you pay close attention you might notice that that there is some compression, but it isn't very noticeable during normal game play and overall looks very good.
    I've not used "second screen" function very much, but I see there's the option to use your Vita's touch screen keyboard to type things on the PS4, so that could come in handy. I'm not a fan of on screen keyboards, but an OSK on a touch screen is not nearly as bad as one on a tv.
    EDIT: When using remote play over the internet, picture quality and responce time depend greatly on both the internet connection speed at home, and the connection speed which your Vita is connected through. When I tried it, both connections were fast which is why it worked surprisingly good. I wouldn't expect greatness doing it through a slow connection.
  6. Unlimited liked a post in a topic by mouseno4 in PS4 and your Vita!   
    No. Not really. Both yes and no. The Vita itself must be connected to a wifi source yes, but that source can be anything - a fixed wifi router... or a smart phone with personal hotspot enabled as has been proven. You have to have really good signal to be able to do it soomthly, but it is possible and works reasonably well. Just dont think about playing Ghosts on it, since the extra lag on top of normal might get you killed.
  7. Unlimited liked a post in a topic by croxeye in PS4 and your Vita!   
    OK after the initial test I learned a few things, the initial home screen has a bit of lag to it, but not to bad, I was worried the lag would carry over into the game I was playing (AC4) however as soon as I booted up the game, it was as smooth as if I was playing it on the big screen, I was around 20 feet away in a different room and everything was very responsive and nice, the game looked beautiful on the OLED screen of my vita and I am excited to see this feature expand!
  8. Unlimited liked a post in a topic by Jidyfly in Hello fellow Frustrated Soldiers   
    Welcome to the AJSA! Hope you enjoy it around here