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The Chazz

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  1. Thanks.
  2. What's an OC?
  3. So, is Rainbow Rocks online anywhere? Because they didn't show it here...
  4. This is amazing.
  5. Good News: The finale was fantastic. Bad News: And so the pain begins.
  6. Indeed. I am being truthful with my opinion, as in I'm not lying to make anyone feel better.
  7. I''m gonna have to tell the truth, this was an average episode at best.
  8. The build-up to WrestleMania XXX is the worst I've seen in years, and that's saying something. I really thought they'd go all out for the milestone but no. Three great talents like The Shield facing some guys who shouldn't be in the ring anymore? Triple H in the main event scene? Randy Orton stopped being entertaining and became the World Arsekissing Champion. I really don't care for Undertaker's match this year either, and I always look forward to those. The only thing that saved the build-up there is Paul Heyman. And if Batista wins the title...
  9. I think you have to watch the AngryJoeShow to be a true member of the AJSA, personally.
  10. Anyone else here watch joshscorcher's MLP reviews? The Bridle Gossip review is finally out! Been waiting for at least a year.
  11. Bioshock Infinite. I couldn't stand that game.
  12. I think you mean Derpy.
  13. I knew that. What I meant was that when you said the "Poison Joke episode" did you mean Bridle Gossip (season 1 episode 9) and I was saying that they did say Flutterguy in that episode. Sorry if I wasn't being clear.
  14. This is starting to sound like a combination of the Adventure games and Heroes.
  15. Now it all makes so much more sense.
  16. Isn't it a reference to some controversial R&B group?
  17. Thanks, can't believe I made such a stupid mistake. You mean Bridle Gossip? Yeah, they did.
  18. This episode was surprisingly good. Then again, it was a Fluttershy episode so...
  19. What episode is that from?
  20. OK, in all seriousness I just hope this movie is better than the first one. Equestria Girls wasn't bad but it wasn't exactly amazing.
  21. Agreed. Also, Solidus Snake from MGS2, because I disagree with how The Patriots work.
  22. Truly terrifying!