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  1. Paid Early Access is the new plague on gaming. Making people pay to be beta testers (something a lot of gamers are unqualified for) and making them pay for a game long before it's ready. Angry Joe is 100% correct in what he said in his video. It's catching on with Indy-level developers that they can get money now and maybe finish later, and once the bigger studios see this making money hand over fist, they'll jump in too. Soon enough we will be paying for the game, at full price, long before the first trailer hits the internet with the developers giving no guarantee that you'll see a finished product. (Read info about Early Access, developers are under no obligation to deliver a finished product to the end user)
  2. I know this is slightly off-topic but does anyone else miss the days of actual cheats (Things like level select, infinite ammo, konami 30/50 lives code, etc) and when you actually unlocked rewards for finishing the game (unlike today where you drop $2 for a special item or pre-order for bonus)
  3. Did I say it was right? No. I agree with what Joe said, it's not right to threaten life or rape upon anyone. However, you asked for my opinion on her thus I gave it. She is a truth bender with a female dominance/male oppression agenda.
  4. She distorts truth in order to make her personal agenda seem like the gospel truth. She's all for female domination and male oppression. She is the on the worst end of the feminism scale. Feminism is meant to be about equality for both sexes, and a lot of today's Feminists, Anita included, do not understand that. She is just as bad as all those "RadFems" (Yes, this is the term for these types of feminists, created by them too) who wrap the minds of collage students with Women's Studies courses.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHUi90ouqmU&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  6. Edit: bad post
  7. Amazing Atheist - Makes good points a lot of the time Boogie2988 - Because this guy is smart TJOmega - Fellow podcast co-host, reviewer of toys from Transformers to Kamen Rider and everything in between TotalMK - Friend in the gaming media, provides a lot of good Mortal Kombat content
  8. It's a scam. You are paying full price for something that is unfinished. Basically you are paying to be a alpha/beta tester. Companies/Developers get to make money on something that once upon a time was done by professionals. You, the consumer, are paying a company to put a professional out of work.
  9. His complete and utter disrespect for the guys and girls who trained long and hard to deliver a product that he then treats like trash and pretends he is a "fan". Basically, for a guy who pisses on the careers of others, he does not like people telling him that his product is shit.
  10. Happily I'm banned from following his twitter feeds. Got into an argument about his views on wrestling when he was doing his stupid vlog things.
  11. Best - The Last of Us. I've never played it, but you're not allowed to say anything else on the internet; and if you do, then you must defend your choice forever and you're still wrong. Worst - Sim City Do i need to explain? Cos EA
  12. Nicoleson has the perfect look Hamell has the perfect voice Ledger was a nice combo but over-rated due to death
  13. Gundam (anythig but Seed) Jojo's Bizzar Adventure Highschool DxD Panty & Stockng with Garterbelt
  14. It's funny, as kids we got so sick of these (or at least I did) and now that I'm an adult, I miss them so much.
  15. 1. How do you rate the episode overall? 8/10. Enough fanservice for the anniversary while setting up a storyline for the next season 2. How did you like the John Hurt Story Arch? I enjoyed it. Thought I'd hate him, but the story made him up to be worth of the title The Doctor 3. Is there anything that could have been added to the episode to make it better? The 4th at the end should have offered Smith a Jelly Baby damn it! One last fanservice joke would have been awesome! 4. Is there anything that could have been omitted to make the episode better? The whole thing of "the timeline is in flux, so you won't remember this at all". I'm sorry, but he should remember. The story was one of redemption, but it get's screwed over for the sake of the past characters keeping their issues with that originally happened.