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  1. Well besides things already mentioned like death note and attack on titan I really love Ghost in the Shell, the movies and the Stand Alone Complex series. Otherwise I watch a lot of anime movies instead of shows. Like Tokyo Godfathers, Steamboy, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Akira, Grave of the Fireflies, Princess Mononoke, Blood the last vampire, Vampire Hunter D stuff like that.
  2. Pro-tip: For airline food say you are on a diet. Usually when you say you are vegetarian or sikh (also vegetarian but also has some other rules) or something else they actually have to do some work for it. It still won't be great but it will have actual taste and is at least decent enough.
  3. Wait. The launch line-up for both consoles aren't great and unless you can't wait to see what happens in Dead Rising 3 or Killzone 4 (the only ones that are, in my opinion of course, worth it. Well Forza 5 doesn't have a storyline, it is a game you can pick up at any point) I would suggest waiting those two months, see what happens with both consoles during and after launch. Take that time to see if there are any major bugs surfacing, research what the future lineup will be and which one speaks to you more and to finish games you haven't on your 360. And that is just for the launch. Besides that: There will be times you want to go back to old games. I still have my PS2 connected as well. All consoles won't be backwards compatible and you will just have to hope they release the games you would still want to play in the digital store or you are screwed. So until they have the games you want in the digital store I'd wait with doing away with your 360.
  4. Something simple, sure. Maybe do some hearthstone (and probably lose) or something slow and relaxing. But I wouldn't do shooters, rts games or stuff like that. I would just get annoyed and I game for fun. So I usually finish the round and then stop when I get annoyed. So I try to stay out of fast paced and intense games when I am tired.
  5. Worst gaming company? LJN might be up there too but they are gone. But for worst gaming company, debatable but sure. But as people said worst company ever? No. There have been financial institutes that screwed people over for thousands if not millions and got away with it. Financial crisis in the world and bankers still leave with big bonusses, or stay with said bonusses. Companies that created huge enviromental disasters (BP comes to mind), companies that fund wars, allow for (child) slavery, child labor, are in weapons trade etc etc. All much much worse than a company whose games and business practices you don't like.
  6. I really like the show. Because it is as bleak as it is, as morally ambiguous as it is and because I like that the main characters aren't paragons of virtue but have some major flaws. The only thing I wasn't a huge fan of is how one is the silent over-powered asian character, it was a bit much. Oh and the romance could have done a bit better, I am done with the "oh I am so in love with that person" while other person chooses to ignore it trope. It is really hard to train for such a thing. The only ones that really get any training and kills is the Survey Corps because they go outside the wall. All the training they can give inside the walls is how to use the 3D maneuvre gear and where to hit and maybe make some targets for them to hit. Which is nothing like actually facing them, as shown in the anime/manga. So basically they are giving all the training they could unless they want to start unleashing titans on them from time to time. Plus the walls are considered safe and by some god send, so why would they lose countless people by sending them outside with the Survey Corps just so they can train? And that is besides that people tend to get complacent when they think they are safe. Titans hadn't breached the walls in forever and most people were getting on with their lives. I have not read the manga but I wouldn't be too surprised that being complacent is on of the reasons all these things happened so far in the anime. (don't want to spoil it too much) And there is already a pretty awesome flash game out there that lets you use 3D gear and you can try and see how many Titans you can kill before they get you.
  7. I have to disagree with you on that. Does it rely on RNGesus? Yes. Does this mean it requires no skill? No. Figuring out which weapons you want to use, which systems you want to attack, what to spend your points on, which systems you want to use, whether to send in your guys via transporter or hold them back and when to teleport them back, when you want to use your cloak exactly, what path to take in a solar system, etc does require some thinking and making the right choices will more often than not get you to the end. While people who make the wrong choices, get the wrong weapons, take bad paths etc will die. I think the amount of times I lost because I got screwed over and the amount of times I lost due to mistakes I made is 50/50 if not even more percentage my own fault. And I have seen people who were getting screwed by RNG manage to scrape out a win. It might not be Binding of Isaac level where you have to dodge things yourself and traverse the dungeons, but to say it requires next to zero skill and is completely luck based is untrue in my opinion.
  8. Then Valve would continue to make bundles off money off steam? They'd still have Team Fortress and Portal to work with? If it bombs, and I don't expect that at all, it might mean the end of Half Life, but Valve is such a major player on the games market that they could take it and continue. As for the game itself: Half Life set a new standard for shooters, Half Life 2 upped those standards and ensured every game everywhere started using physics. For Half Life 3 they are not gonna settle for just a continuation of the series. When the new engine is here and they feel they have a game that will set some new boundaries and has a great story Half Life 3 will come out. At the moment it is pretty much the same as when everyone was waiting for Half Life 2, it took them ages to confirm that it was coming and then even longer for it to come out. Back then everyone was also saying they could never make a game like Half Life and that you shouldn't hold your breath on Half Life 2 ever coming out. I am just gonna sit back and wait until it comes.
  9. Yeah I don't think they are rebooting the series, it was pretty obviously someone from Nathan's past. Uncharted is just a well known and big name so they just put that there. I saw absolutely no clues that they are rebooting. They just showed they were doing a new Uncharted and that is it. I am sure it will either have a number or a subtitle or both.
  10. I am happy to be given a choice really. I don't see the added value of a kinect or a PS4 camera. It will be a fun gimmick for a bit that you will rarely use afterwards. And it doesn't force game producers to shoehorn in any silly gimmicks because Sony or Microsoft wants them to. I am more a fan of the games where you have a choice to use it or just totally ignore it. And to be honest, leaving it out, giving people a choice and therefore being 100 bucks under the price point of the Xbox One was just a smart business move. Everyone was talking about how the PS4 was cheaper. So unless the kinect or playstation camera can prove me wrong and really add something to gaming I don't mind that they left it out.
  11. Will Fallout 4 come out? Yes. Will it come out soon? Who knows. Bethesda just finished with Skyrim and making DLC, Fallout is still a profitable IP for them so I wouldn't be too surprised if Bethesda is working on another game in the series. It wouldn't make sense for them to just sit on the IP and do nothing with it. They paid enough money for the license and it made them enough money so it only makes sense. But when we will be seeing it? I am not sure. We are getting to the next gen so I wouldn't be too surprised if they are working on a new engine that makes full use of the new power of PC, PS4 and 360. Skyrim still had to be playable on the current gen systems so they probably couldn't go too crazy (and it looked like a beefed up version of the Oblivion engine, with better graphics and all that), so I am hoping for a completely new engine to come out. But yeah Fallout 4 will be a reality at some point. And when they are done with Fallout 4 and the DLC for Fallout 4 they will be working on The Elder Scrolls VI (unless TES Online screws that up), etc etc.
  12. I don't hate IGN. That being said do I trust them to give me an unbiased and fair review? No. That is why I won't read the reviews of the main IGN site. I just see that their review system isn't for me and I move on to sites and magazines whose reviewers I do trust. But to say I hate them for it? Nah, just disappointed really. But otherwise I just ignore them as much as possible.
  13. And if it's not you still are very much at risk of it not letting you play until it comes out if it has any online activation. I have gotten a few games early only for them to be useless (besides pre-installing before launch) until launch time. A store sold Dead Island early, so I bought it (sadly enough) but it wouldn't budge until launch day. And I do think ubi still does their uplay stuff. So if it isn't pirated it might be pretty useless for you at the moment.
  14. I do think it is hard to make a profit with consoles. I believe that at the start if not during the whole run of the current gen (so Wii, 360 and PS3) Nintendo was the only one actually making a profit on the consoles themselves. Microsoft and Sony had to sell their consoles for under the production price and were pretty much just losing money on every console. They just hope that game sales, micro-transactions, points/wallets would make it so they would turn that console into a profit. And I think the Xbox One sales will be fine really. It will sell out when it comes out and during Christmas. They just have to go beyond the first adopters and then see what happens. I think that after the new feeling wears off and the first adopters all got their console that they might be hurting for people wanting to buy it. But I am not surprised it is a huge money sink.
  15. This sounds really cool. But I just know that I will be cursing when the enemy mind controls my crew members or messes up my med bay lol. But it is fun to be finally able to hack back. That was one of the features I wanted, that you can shut down (randomly would have been fine with me) one of their systems if you get some equipment to hack with. I will make them pay for making me lose my engines or shield!