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  1. Bamagiotis liked a post in a topic by Explosiveb0b in Crash Bandicoot coming back to Sony?   
    I want Another CTR!
  2. BrennenDieHerzen liked a post in a topic by Bamagiotis in Is the PS4 so good that....   
    This.Personal preference is what i would say as well.It's not about what is the best but what you really want/like/etc
  3. Bamagiotis liked a post in a topic by ItsSerranoHD in SONY charges online on PS4?   
    I'm actually in favor of the PS+ requirement for multiplayer. More $$=Better Servers. You still get all of the benefits, such as free games and discounts.
    Also, PS+ isn't required for F2P games, such as DC Universe Online and Planetside 2, so you can hop right on and play without a PS+, unlike Xbox Live, which forces you to have a Gold membership to even play "Free"-to-Play games (I use quotations because you're still paying for Gold in order to play something like Happy Wars or World of Tanks, so technically, it's not F2P.)
    Overall, I believe that PS+ has more value than Xbox Live, imo. It's also cheaper than Xbox Live, at US$49.99 for 12 months, compared to US$59.99 for a 12 month Xbox Live membership.