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  1. I've never played much of the series (several reasons) but i will say i enjoyed the series overall, mostly for the lore and the atmosphere each game has.
  2. 1.honestly i play whenever im in the mood for it 2.no idea 3.sadly im unsure about that myself 4.yes sadly it is
  3. IGN: Carlos Feliciano (yes i stupidly used my real name)
  4. well not exactly crash but i did hear something about Koei PC ports being weird if you try removing the FPS lock or something like that but yeah good point my earlier post didn't make much sense sorry about that. dont get me i would rather the game run at 60 FPS and i do feel the games should be made with 60 FPS in mind however to me personally FPS isnt the most important thing as long as it runs well enough, though i understand why people really do care about FPS a lot.
  5. imo i rather have a game that runs at 30 FPS than a game that runs at 60 FPS but crashes frequently or has other game breaking problems, but i agree that games should focus more on running well as opposed to looking pretty.
  6. ok first Banned because you cant even see my face i'm wearing armor also banned because because all i need is a slingshot to take down your giant
  7. Banned because just like communism your ban makes no sense
  8. Banned for piss poor aiming
  9. the second i saw "interview" i knew this was going to be....special. *offers popcorn and nachos to everyone*
  10. what disappoints me more is that it came from a company i had a lot of respect for.
  11. banned for being unable to time travel, just think of all the awesome things you can do while you horrifically destroy the space time continuum.
  12. Banned for agreeing with a mongrel
  13. Banned for not begin unable to see my avatar very well on the mobile version as it is very yellow