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  1. PineappleRocket liked a post in a topic by Berserker in "Xbox Ones breaking worldwide"   
    Is there a source for this I'm not seeing? It's a pretty vague statement, and PS4s are breaking worldwide too.
  2. blackbird liked a post in a topic by PineappleRocket in Battlefield 4- PC or Console   
    I've always seen the Battlefield games as a game more for the PC population, just look at the advantages the PC version of BF3 had over console versions. So I would definitely choose PC.
  3. PineappleRocket liked a post in a topic by Luffwaffle in Xbox 360 Angryfield 4 Community Event Sign Up!   
    Hello Angry men and women. I am pleased to announce my weekly Xbox 360 Battlefield 4 Community Events. My goal is to have weekly scheduled events for the Angry Army to participate in and get some game time together. If you are tired of playing Battlefield 4 alone with randoms causing you to lose or just want to get more involved within the AJSA while playing Battlefield 4,  this event is for you. 
    I will be hosting my first event this Saturday (11/16/13) at 6:00 PM Central Standard Time.  While this date is set, I am willing to change future dates with feedback.
    If you would like to attend all you have to do is leave a post saying you would like to attend and your Gamertag below and I will get a friend request to you. Then just be online on Saturday (11/16/13) at 6:00 PM Central Standard Time and I will get you into a party and squad with fellow AJSA members. Hope to see you on the Battlefield.
    Note: If you plan to attend make sure you have the AJSA clan tag and preferably emblem set up. We may not be official but I still want us to support the AJSA. If you are unaware how to set your clan tag or need help uploading the premade AJSA emblems, send me a private message and I'll walk you through it.
    Ozzy Ozborne:Ozzy Ozborne
    tonygold:Mo Madnneess
    For those who would like to play with other AJSA members, but can't commint to a date and time, feel free to post in Ozzy Ozbourne's thread to meet others on the 360. http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/4363-wanna-play-video-games/
    Also, for those of you in the EU OMEGAWarrior97 has been kind enough to put together a EU event linked here with a time that might be more convinient. Feel free to participate in both events though.
  4. PineappleRocket liked a post in a topic by Welfare in COD: Ghosts - Worst cod yet?   
    But console wise, I still say CoD 3 is the worst.
  5. PineappleRocket liked a post in a topic by Cpudude30k in Awesomnauts   
    It actually has a competitive scene, there is a tournament happening now actually, and they are currently working on a spectator mode for the game
  6. Wesker Reborn liked a post in a topic by PineappleRocket in The Zombie Apocalypse... Whats your weapon?   
    ..... My phone charger, I'm screwed :c
  7. PineappleRocket liked a post in a topic by Annotrone in The Zombie Apocalypse... Whats your weapon?   
    Post-it notes. i think i got this
  8. PineappleRocket liked a post in a topic by Jeehao in What kind of players piss you the hell off?   
    I get really annoyed by people who can't show respect to teamates who are having a bad game..
  9. PineappleRocket liked a post in a topic by IcedAjack in What kind of players piss you the hell off?   
    Players who beat me.
  10. PineappleRocket liked a post in a topic by iRocket in What kind of players piss you the hell off?   
    The douches, who take the game way too seriously. Dude, you're playing a public game. Don't get mad when people won't follow your orders just because you think you're some hot shit just because you played one or two competitive matches. Sometimes were just here to have fun, not to take the game seriously.
    The spammers and griefers, who blow shit up, and those people who just don't have a general knowledge about what to do (well, obviously newbies get a free pass here, but if you have played over 20+ hours, you really should know to PTFO and not just chase after you K/D ratio.)
  11. PineappleRocket liked a post in a topic by Kzero in Did Angry Joe make the right choice on PS4 Over XBOX 1?   
    He's getting both isn't he? If not, I think either console is great. Both have their strengths and weaknesses.