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Marrato Kensuto

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  1. Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed
  2. Behold a god, lol!
  3. This movie is gonna be hella AWESOME!!!
  4. Giratina is my favorite! ;D
  5. I only rage when a game pisses me off. >,>
  6. I got God Mode yesterday. I haven't got to play it that much yet because I been playing Castlvania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate HD.
  7. These would make awesome movies done right. God of War SplatterHouse Castlevania: Lords of Shadow DMC: Devil May Cry and Dead Space
  8. Those glowing eye's! 9/10
  9. You should have never made this topic, lol! Prepare to never be able to get this song out of your head.
  10. I just hope Pac-man and Bayonetta make it in and I'm good. Also I would like Dante from Devil May Cry to show up as well (Yes, the new one) but since he's in "Playstation All stars" it's most likely he not gonna show up, lol, same reason why Snake didn't show up in playstation all stars because he's in the SSB hood SON! Anyways, It's awesome that it's on the 3ds because now I can get it on both the Wii U and the 3ds. LE-GO! I can now play SSB when I'm not at the house. Oh... YEAH!
  11. Alright, let's do this! LE-GO! PSP - 10 PS3 - 1 - Will increase big time in the future, lol! >,> PS2 - 59 PS1 - 1 - I have more but there not with me so I can't count them. DS - 12 3DS - 3 - Will increase in the future. Gamecube - 49 Wii - 17 NES - 41 Xbox 360 - 90 - I had 8 more 360 game but they got cracked some how so I gotta get them again. <,< XBLA - 40 Indie - 37 Xbox - 3 PC - 6 Added all together that makes 359 games.
  12. One Piece is the BEST! Naruto is awesome as well. Bleach is ok... But i stopped watching it after they saved Rukia because that's where it should have ended. >,> But I have seen random episodes after that because my friend was trying get me to watch it again. But nope didn't work, but I did just watch the random episode he showed me and I also seen the final fight with Aizen.
  13. Both story and gameplay are important.
  14. Mac & Cheese & Bacon! LE-GO!