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Everything posted by Crazycrab

  1. Whichever one features an apology.
  2. Wake up @Doctor! Their charging money to watch what is essentially a day long stream of advertisements and lectures! That like a shopping mall charging an entrance fee!
  3. If the point is to promote the game then they shouldn't be charging money for the stream at all. What's the point in only promoting Star Citizen only to people who have already spent $1000 in the game already. I'll tell you what the point is and I've been saying it all along, it's to milk out their current fan base out of a much money as possible since that's all they care about.
  4. I feel that they are starting to improve in some areas. If I talk were to talk to my past self from 2 or 3 years ago and tell him that Nintendo were open to cross-platform play and Sony weren't he'd call total bullshit and declare I was obviously mental. That being said, the main area where they are still backwards as all hell is getting so ban happy on fan made games and remakes. The best thing to do would be to work with them or at the very least just leave them alone. Just because you can, legally DMCA someone doesn't mean you should.
  5. If it's a subjest is already being disscussed in an existing topic then its best to post on there. If there is no topic or the topics(s) that do exist are dead with the last post being many months or years ago then it's best just to start one of your own. Also a lot of the dicussion on the Discord server which you can join HERE Welcome to the Army!
  6. Well, the last resort would be a full re-format/clean re-install, which we'd obviously rather avoid.
  7. Have you tried resetting Windows? You should be able to do this and keep your files but you may have to re-install some of your apps https://www.techrepublic.com/article/reset-your-windows-10-system-with-the-keep-my-files-option/
  8. Those are all in the ballpark I was expecting, which thankfully means this isn't a hardware problem. Try re-installing the NVidea drivers and I'll keep looking into it.
  9. I'm still getting the feeling that this is a GPU problem, I want to do a test. I need you to download the Heaven Benchmark HERE and Cinebench R15 HERE. First run the CPU test on Cinebench to (hopefully) rule out any issue with the CPU. Then run Heaven with default settings (press F9 after it starts running to do the benchmark). Once your your done get back to me telling if the tests completed and what score they got.
  10. Let's try some of the simple steps first (if you haven't already) Make sure you have the latest GPU drivers installed and that the GPU itself is properly connected the the motherbored and power connectors. If you have a restore point from before you did the hard reset then use system restore to go back to that point. Try clearing the CMOS to restore the hardware factory settings, depnding on your motherboard this can be done woth a button, a jumper or by phycally removing te CMOS battery: Also can you post your specs?
  11. Try some other games, if they are affected it's probably GPU issue.
  12. It's definitely got a lot of potential but I always get worried when smaller studios try to make games on the same scale as the big players like UbiSoft.... It rarely turns out well... Here's hoping for the best though.
  13. @davidsmith3988 Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, here is my list. The total comes to around £3000 but it includes everything including some items that other part list would leave out such as Desk, chair, monitors, speakers and peripherals. The tower itself is around £2000. https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Crazycrab/saved/TTHNQ7 I've gone for an MSI Graphics card, ASUS ROG motherboard plus NZXT case along with other parts and peripherals that match your Black/Red aesthetic. Your CPU is an I7 8700K, for gaming alone this is pretty much the fastest CPU you can buy right now. For the GPU we've gone top dog with a 1080Ti, I have one of these myself and can max out pretty much everything. For storage I've got one 240GB SSD for your boot drive, I think it's good practice to have one drive for your OS and core programs and nothing else. A high-speed 1TB NVMe SSD for faster load time on games when you need them and a regular 2TB Hard Drive for general storage. I've included a Wi-Fi card just in case you need one, if you don't I can just remove it (Ethernet is preferable). I've added 2 4K 60Hz IPS monitors, In my experince it's useful to have a second monitor but If you don't feel it's necessary I can remove one of them. I've also added a couple of possibilities for your desk and a chair but obviously, you'll know what will be the best fit for your space. I think that about does it, if you have any questions or comments please let me know.
  14. £3000 is plenty for just about any configuration without compromise. I can put together a provisional list but first I just want to ask a few questions first so I can give my most honest and objective opinion on what would be best for you. Is this system just for gaming and entertainment or do you intend to use it for any other productivity work or hobby (video capuring/editing, music, photoshop or 3D modeling/printing, ect)? Do you require any extra peripherils or furniture such as a desk, monitor(s), chair, VR, Headset, Gaming Keyboard/mouse and are any of these included in the budget? What kind of gaming expeince do you preffer, higher resolution and settings or framerate? Is noise a concern, like if your steaming or playing late at night? How much space to you have for your set up? Do you have any prefernces in terms of asthetics like case design, colour, lighting and so on? You dont have to answer all of these right away if your not sure. I look forward to hearing from you.
  15. I've been playing a bit in recent weeks and it has improved by leaps and bounds since launch.
  16. What an awesome fan film! Perfectly cast, it's got all the witty dialogue, sense of adventure, the cinematography is perfect and it has such a level of polish that you don't see in most fan films. I hope that Sony is taking notice and do a Deadpool by just giving the makers of this a budget and then staying out of it. That quality for 2 hours and you have best video game adaptation of all time!
  17. We can pretty much sum up their attitude like this:
  18. I Like Bethesda's open world RPG's and usually get very excited when a new one is announced, but I share the same concerns that @PlasticFrogCGhas with this one. In particular this whole Nuclear Weapons aspect, I don't want to gather the resources and spend the hours required to build my base just to have some dickhole nuke the fucking thing! They need separate and/or private servers where people can disable that shit. If they don't then that might just be the dumbest idea they have ever had. I feel the information we are getting is a bit conflicted. They say they have quests yet there are no NPC's. They say you can play the game on your own yet it seems like you can be harassed and your base robbed/destroyed at any time even if you aren't there. They say it's an RPG but it sounds like it has way more in common with an online survival game like RUST or something. What is this game! I much prefer the traditional single-player RPG experience in that I can play at my own pace in my own time and so far Bethesda has done a piss poor job of convincing people like me that this is the type of Fallout experience that we want.
  19. AJ himself has now made a video responding to the situation: Essentially I agree with him here. In my opinion, the mentality that he HAS to play the other games in order to review this one is utterly ridiculous and he was winding people up on Twitter because of how silly that is. Whether you have played the earlier games or not their absolutely no need for anyone to insist that anyone should have to potentially spend a significant about of money and hundreds of hours to on these earlier games when they can just watch story summaries and get at least a basic idea. Is Joe or anyone else who hasn't played the earlier games going to have less of an understanding and enjoyment out of the game by not playing the other games first? Possibly yes but nobody knows for sure, Kingdom Hearts 3 might turn out to be a bust that's dumbed down for old players or unkind to new ones. Fans keep saying "New players won't understand the context of the story if you don't play the earlier ones" but they don't even know if that's true! They haven't played the game yet either! He's making it clear that he is reviewing the game from the perspective of a new player of which there will be many so that perspective is not only relevant but I'd agree actually necessary for some people.
  20. Seriously, if you are just going to just copy and paste without even bothering to give any of your own input or even remove the god damn formatting you could at least give credit to the source. Guess I'll do it for you: http://uk.ign.com/articles/2018/06/18/how-the-last-of-us-remains-a-masterpiece-5-years-later
  21. I look forward to seeing how a mountain can start the game as a prisoner!
  22. Oh please! This obviously isn't going to persuade Joe to spend the dozens of hours required to play the previous games before he plays the new one. So what if he hasn't played them, he hadn't played any of the old God Of War or Killzone games and he still got through those reviews just fine. This is pathetic!
  23. There has been a lot of new information coming out about the long-anticipated title from Witcher 3 Developer CD Projekt Red over the past few days like the trailer above premiering at the Microsoft E3 Conference, a 45-minute closed door demo for the press that they have been reporting on and some other information coming out in interviews. IGN gave their report on the 45-minute closed door presentation. We know the game is an open world RPG in a gritty futuristic setting like the Fith Element called Night City. There is drivable (and hopefully customizable) vehicles in the game. We also know there are augmented people in the world which I'm sure will play into customization. That's a good thing since, unlike the Witcher series you play as your own custom character, a mercenary called "V". Much like Witcher 3 it's going to be a Mature game for grown-ups so expect all the bells and whistles of violence, nudity and it seems like romancing is in it as well. There is one thing that has been bothering some gamers, that being the game is all but confirmed now to be a mostly first person game. I can understand why some people are disappointed by this since we're used to seeing games from this developer in 3rd person and in a game where you create your own character you obviously want to be able to see him/her. It doesn't bother me too much personally although I prefer to be able to look at my character as I play. I'm guessing they felt that first person worked better with the gunplay or something. I first heard from Yong Yeah, who himself will be in the 45-minute presentation on Thursday (tomorrow at the time of this post) so I look forward to hearing his thoughts. Hopefully Joe will get to see it as well. So what are your thoughts? Does the perspective bother you?
  24. Angry Joe, Other Joe and Delrith do their own analysis of Bethesda's E3 performance: Rage 2 looks awesome! Joe described it as "Pink DOOM" and I'm totally down for that shit! DOOM Eternal is DOOM and DOOM is badass! What more is there to say? ....... DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! I'm open to Wolfenstein: Youngblood and these two daughter characters as long as they are interesting and more importantly different from each other. Like if one is sensible and likes to plan ahead and the other is unstable and has short temper I think that could be fun but we'll have to wait and see. Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield are both WAY to far in the future right now, moving on. I've been feeling uneasy about Fallout 76, I might change my mind by this time tomorrow several times but right now I'm agree with Del and the #NotMyFallout crowd. Unless they announce something that will alleviate the concerns about grieving other players like private servers then this could be a trolls paradise. I REALLY hate the idea that other players can send nukes on the map and their have been some suggestions that there is no NPC's on the map at all. Despite the insistence that you can play this game on your own and that their is quests and a story line? Is it an RPG? Is it co-op? Is it dynamic quests that appear randomly on the Map? It's all very confusing.
  25. Angry Joe, Other Joe and Delrith share their thoughts on the Microsoft E3 Conference: I agree for the most part but I've got to say Del was SO FUCKING ANNOYING in this video! Every few minutes he couldn't help himself to scratch his PC-Elitist itch and constantly re-state *XBox Exclusive games are on PC", "I'm gonna play this on PC", "This game is gonna play better on PC", "We have $1000 Systems so why would I buy an XBox?".......... You know what, play on your PC and just let people who wanna play on XBox play on their damn XBox's and shut the fuck up! You only need to make that point once! Not to mention he stated that XBox Game pass carries over to Windows 10 but he (typical of PC elitists) was being rather selective in his use of the facts. The XBox Game Pass library on Windows 10 only covers some of the Microsoft published Play Anywhere titles, 10 games total as far as I can tell at the time of this post (LINK). That is only about 5% of the full library available on the console. I'm not trying to shit over Del here but people need to be aware of the facts.