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  1. The 1 character i like better than Shikamaru in Naruto is in my AV
  2. Altair is awesome but Ezio truly is one of the best video game characters of all time. At the very least the most underrated.
  3. great to see the game get so much love here..
  4. Before Red Dead KOTOR was my favorite single player game of all time. Was just so well done especially for its time. I should really play it again.
  5. oddly enough i was really digging Jack in Mass Effect 2
  6. Am i crazy for not wanting another Red Dead Game lol? Im just afraid it will be another GTA4. Although it would be interesting to follow Jack Marston. Screw it, i changed my mind mid post.
  7. I don't understand why people expect them to be competitive with Xbox/PS when their target audience is much more specific. The WiiU may be disappointing but they're fine and they'll continue to be just fine. Its kind of like saying why doesn't Disney make more Horror films. There's no reason for them to do so.
  8. I just did a play through like 2 months ago... Top Notch but i still think San Andreas is better.
  9. I saw the first Xbox One Angry Rant and was on board since. Was great to see someone so passionate and funny about the issue.
  10. i was about to and then i saw Link
  11. lol, no chance. Hendricks gonna be his toughest fight to date. If Hendricks doesn't beat him nobody will. Im banking on it happening.
  12. Ugh, i feel your pain. There was some vid of a guy who bought his PS4 and right outside the bestbuy just took a bat to it. How about do something good and donate it to someone who can't afford it.
  13. Id prob be 100% computer if not for a couple exclusives on the PS4 i really want to play. I didn't have a PS3 either so when the older games come out for PS4 i want to play those too ie: God of War, Last of Us, Uncharted, etc. I could use a blue ray player too.
  14. Figure its worth a shot to get some MMA talk going and see where this forum stands on it. Huge card tonight, pumped for it!.
  15. lol, don't do this to me man...i don't have time for another play through.