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  1. I think it looks awesome, I hope its not a dissapointment, as many other games. I can't wait to play as the Vampires!!! have you seen the new cinematic trailer it looks really cool.
  2. Hi, I am a fan of Kingdom, its an anime from the warring states period of China, its awesome!!! I highly recomend it!!! and I created a petition for a third season of this anime, please if you can help me signing it and sharing the petition to make it bigger, it will help me a lot, and it will just take like 5 mins, I will gladly apreciate your help!! Here is the link to the petition: https://www.change.org/p/funimation-entertainment-please-funimation-entertainment-make-a-third-season-of-kingdom?recruiter=457562514&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink
  3. Its playable now, and they are making updates.
  4. I just found an awesome mod for the Total War Rome 2, Its improving a lot with each update and they are currently accepting help in moding it and most importantly they are accepting suggestions for improving the mod!!! Here is the link of the mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=479881429 Factions and Units: House Baratheon; - King Robert Baratheon - Baratheon Footmen - Baratheon Spearman - Baratheon Archers - Baratheon Axemen House Tyrell; - Ser Loras Tyrell - Tyrell Footmen - Tyrell Spearman - Tyrell Archers House Arryn; - Ser Donnel Waynwood - Knights of the Vale - Arryn Footmen - Arryn Spearman - Arryn Archers Night's Watch; - Jon Snow - Brother's of the Nights Watch House Tully; - The Blackfish - Tully Knights - Tully Footmen - Tully Spearman - Tully Archers House Targaryen; - Daenerys Targaryen - Ser Barristan the Bold - Greyworm - Unsullied - Khal Drogo - Dothraki House Greyjoy; - Yara Greyjoy - Ironborn - Ironborn Archers House Martell; - Oberyn Martell - Dornish Footmen - Dornish Archer House Lannister; - Ser Bronn of the Blackwater - Ser Jamie Lannister - Ser Gregor Clegane - Goldcloaks - Lannister Footmen - Lannister Spearman - Lannister Archers House Stark; - Robb and Eddard Stark - Stark Footmen - Stark Spearman - Stark Archers - Stark Lancers Slaver's Bay; - Kraznys mo Nakloz - Master's Soldiers - Son's of the Harpy Free Folk; - Mance Rayder - Tormund Giantsbane - Ygritte - Thenn's - Giants - Free Folk
  5. There should be a Mobile Game section in the forum, where we can discuss only about mobile games.
  6. I am currently searching for a good free Mobile Game, anyone has a recomendation??
  7. I am not a fan of mini series, like NightFall, but I was very hyped about this one, I heard it would be a TV kind of series, with high budget and the director is Steven Spielberg, so I think this one was an exception, it would have been pretty good.
  8. I just read in an article that Microsoft has closed the series and programms that they were planing, including Halo TV Serie with Steven Spielberg Cancelled, because they will focus now only on videogames, is that true???
  9. I just signed for the guild, just accept me men.
  10. I have been waiting a lot for this game to be realesed, even if its a technical aplha stage, but its really cool and has tons of very cool things other AAA games don't have, even the grapchis as it is now is better than some AAA gamesfound this video explaining it, check it out:
  11. mmmm, thats a problem, because it could be cool to have a big fight with other clans, except that we have to own a server.
  12. If there are guilds or clans, etc... WE SHOULD SUPPORT THE GAME!!
  13. It looks really cool, and looks very nice, maybe with the time they will even add new things, and I like a lot the clan system in the game, and I hope in the future their can be an actual clan base, maybe in a future update. Count me in.
  14. It looks really cooll and funny to play, but is there a guild or a clan system??
  15. I just visited the game, and I liked it a lot, I would gladly play this game with the AJSA community, but I have a question, do the developers accept suggestions???