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  1. just watch this then proceed to feel better and try again
  2. Looks good, hope it lives up to the hype
  3. sounds good, will eventually get this whether on PC or PS4 remains to be seen Maybe both, my PC has an Nvidia setup and judging from another thread thats only a good thing, my brother can play the PS4 while i play on PC
  4. i like playing this game, re-skinned and repetitive it can be insanely addictive
  5. I like my PS4, play it more than my PC now don't know why Maybe its habit I seem to just gravitate towards my PS4 when i feel like gaming for long periods of time Even stopped playing my 360 and i have a lot more games on that
  6. Kratos is probably the only character that really stands out for me
  7. gotta be SAO for me, a lot of people see it as the be all end all anime, i didn't agree Then again even the highest rated anime have massive flaws
  8. Yep i built my first PC a year ago, i still game on consoles as well but i'd say my PC gets more use overall, gaming, social and video sites and what have you. Hope you enjoy all the pretty graphics.
  9. I think the best thing to do now is drastically lower your expectations and then head to the movie and be pleasantly surprised at how good it turned out to be
  10. This is me exactly, if i'm on my PC i'm usually inclined to hit social network and video sites more than firing up the games i have. Maybe that's the problem. There's so much other things to do with a PC its easy to get lost just checking social sites, forums, youtube, pornhub; that gaming can take a backseat. Even if i turn on my PC with the express intention of gaming i'll usually do the other things before starting, out of sheer habit. Where as with a console. Turn it on and all you really CAN do is game, everything else (for me anyway) is just screen filler until i load in whatever game i feel like playing. Theres no other practical use for a console other than gaming, so the mind can't wander.
  11. i have dayZ but have never played it, this might be a reason to start
  12. So are we the magic army now?
  13. I like Rap, im not sure what that garbage was. A better song choice would have made the video more enjoyable