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  1. As tempting as it is to join a AJSA wow guild.I can't play an Alliance toon.Loktar o'gar.For the Horde! H.F.L.
  2. it's gonna be years before 4k tvs become a thing worth giving a crap about.Plus they are imho way too exspensive.
  3. yeah risen 2 was poorly done.But if they drop the pirate theme and return to what made the first one good.Then 3 will be great.
  4. Yep Ebonheart pact all the way! @Orpo in regards to you always playing khahit,if you preorder you could play one with any faction.
  5. While the OP might not have liked the ship battles.The majority of gamers that played AC4 thought that was the best part of the game.Imho I prefered the ship battles over the content tthat took place on land.But to each his own.
  6. OMG!I am a huge fan of the show.I Still watch it on netflix since it hasn't been on tv at least on any channels carried by my cable provider.So no your not the only that's a fan.
  7. Actually it is their legal right to censor and supress.The first amendment only applies to the goverment suppressing /censoring the press and free speech.It sucks but youtube is owned by google and they have full rights to dictate what can be uploaded to the site.If people want the game developers and publishers to stop with pressuring youtube to take these kinds of actions.Then people have to stop being drones and refuse to buy the games unless it's makers ease up.But that won't happen cause as much as people claim they will boycott a company,they never do.Take EA and the crap it has pulled in the past.You see people say all the time how they are gonna stop buying EA published games.Yet those very same people are in line at a midnight launch to buy the next battlefield,madden,fifa or whatever.Until the hypocrisy ends and people start putting their money where their mouth is,nothing is gonna change.We will rage,we will complain and post all over the internet.But few of us will actually do what we say we are gonna do to cause change. And yes even I'm as guilty of this hypocrisy as the next guy.We all are and unless we gamers stick to our guns and really vote with our wallets this crap is gonna continue.
  8. Just goes to show you be a dumbass and use the fact you have a kid to get sympathy and be rewarded.No wonder western society is spiraling into the drain.
  9. I honestly don't pay eurogamer any mind.Most reviewers play a game for a half hour to an hour.Never even finish the game but decide to review it anyway.But that's why most of us look at Joe's reviews at least he plays the games fully and then developes an opinion.
  10. Crap like this is what gives fuel to the anti-video game drones for their crusades against violent games.Watch some idiot is gonna go and say some stupid stuff like the killer played violent games or some such bs.It's a gd gaming console that will be in abundance in a couple months.I don't care how much you like the PS4 or xb1,neither are worth killing or being killed over.
  11. Hoe the hell did Kieth Richards survive all the drugs he took during the 60's,70's and 80's?the world will never know.Lohan is the Kieth Richards of the current generation but with none of the talent.
  12. You mean how Lucas stayed true to his own cannon,like when he released the special editions of the original trilogy.Or how he stuck with the canon in the prequals when he put all that scientology bs in the plot(yeah midichlorines was based off scientology crap).And lets not forget about the travesty that is jar jar.Personaly George Lucas should not be any where near this film,he lost his soul to the corprate hollywood machine and is no longer the man that made episode IV in the 70's.
  13. I enjoy the VGAs and my reasons are partly the trailers.But most importantly I find it funny to watch the celebs look like fools trying to sound like they know anything about gaming.It's like watching a stupid person trying to give a lecture on quantum physics.Me and my friends just laugh and rip on them for not being gamers.
  14. Interestingly enough the majority of these hacking inccidents are hackers in China followed by Russsia then the rest of the world.Mostly because athourities in those countries are a complete joke.
  15. This story reminds me of an old saying my grandpa used to tell me,"A fool and his money are soon departed."And this guy is a fool in every sense of the word.