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  1. LexDumitru liked a post in a topic by SHIMOSA in Lex Dumitru - Soundtrack Composer   
    Honestly if you had a cd of your music, i would buy it. Nice work!
  2. SHIMOSA liked a post in a topic by LexDumitru in Lex Dumitru - Soundtrack Composer   
    Here comes another one!
  3. SHIMOSA liked a post in a topic by LexDumitru in Lex Dumitru - Soundtrack Composer   
    Hello guys. Since I am a composer/music producer, I thought it would be a good idea to present some of my music over here.
    I will post from time to time new music in order to keep this thread alive.
    First track is made to awaken the warrior spirit within, entitled "Sharpening the Blades".
  4. cool breeze liked a post in a topic by SHIMOSA in Over all hype for Titan Fall   
    5/10, because of finding out about no story. I love the story in the games. That is why i buy them.
  5. ukzzelitezz liked a post in a topic by SHIMOSA in Hello fellow members   
    Hello and welcome to The AJSA
  6. Conor liked a post in a topic by SHIMOSA in PlayStation 4 PSN ID List   
    it would be great, I dont have a ps4 yet.
                       Forum Name - PSN Name
                        SHIMOSA  -  Shimosa1
  7. SHIMOSA liked a post in a topic by DirtyDMan in From NES to Xbox One: A look back at the biggest and best console launches   
    Just read this article and thought it was a good read. http://n4g.com/news/1415608/from-nes-to-xbox-one-a-look-back-at-the-biggest-and-best-console-launches     Mike Minotti   We’ve just experienced a couple of big console launches this year with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A lot goes into releasing a major system; you have to pick the right price, the perfect date, and a lineup of attractive launch titles.   Of course, Sony and Microsoft have a lot of history they can look back on for a little guidance. They and other companies, notably Sega and Nintendo, have worked on the art of the console launch for almost 30 years, and we’ve come a long way from limited-market releases that always came with at least one free game.   You can see this evolution for yourself. Below, we’ve looked back at every major console release, starting with the Nintendo Entertainment System and working all the way up to the recent Xbox One. Note that all of our data is from the U.S. launches, and we’re only including systems that saw a degree of success in that territory (sorry, 3DO fans).   At the end, you’ll find a poll listing each console detailed in the story, so you can vote for the one that you think had the best launch.   Now, let’s get started. We have a long trip through history ahead of us.      
    Launch date: October 18, 1985   Launch price: $199 for the Control Deck (contained the system, two controllers, and Super Mario Bros.) and $249 for the Deluxe Set (contained the system, two controllers, the R.O.B. accessory, the gun-like Zapper controller, Duck Hunt, and Gyroscope)   The story: Despite first showing up in Japan on July 15, 1983, the U.S. didn’t see the Nintendo Entertainment system until late into 1985, and even then, only a fraction of the country actually got its hands on one. That’s because Nintendo originally only released about 100,000 units of the console in New York City as a test market. Nintendo added more test markets throughout 1987, including Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco. The NES finally launched nationally that September.   Notable launch games:   Super Mario Bros.: Easily one of the most famous launch games ever, Super Mario Bros. sold over 40 million copies, making it one of the most successful titles in the history of the industry. Not bad for a little adventure starring two portly plumbers jumping on turtles and sliding down pipes. Duck Hunt: Duck Hunt was a showpiece for the NES’ Zapper accessory, a gun-shaped controller that allowed players to aim and shoot at their TV. The name pretty much says it all; you hunted ducks as they flew around the screen in unpredictable, erratic patterns. However, most players better remember the dog who mercilessly mocked your misses than the scores of ducks they shot down.   Did you know?   Atari, the manufacturer best known for the Atari 2600 console that was famous in the late ’70s and early ’80s, negotiated with Nintendo to release the Famicom (the Japanese name of the Nintendo Entertainment System) in the U.S. in 1983. That deal never came to fruition, causing Nintendo to release and market the NES on its own.     Launch date: August 14, 1989   Launch price: $189 (came with system, a controller, and Altered Beast)   The story: Sega originally launched the Genesis in Japan in late 1988 (named the Mega Drive there), where the 16-bit system was having a hard time competing with the popular Famicom and PC-Engine (known as the TurboGrafx-16 in the U.S., where it never saw much success). Similar to the NES, the U.S. launch of the Genesis originally started in New York City on August 14, 1989, with a national release on September 15.   The Genesis originally had trouble making an impact in a U.S. market dominated by the Nintendo Entertainment System. Things turned around when Sega replaced the original pack-in game, Altered Beast, with a new mascot-based platformer, Sonic the Hedgehog, in 1991.   Notable launch games:   Altered Beast: Altered Beast was already a popular beat-em up arcade game before the Genesis’ launch, so Sega packaged this console port with the original bundle of its new system to show off its ability to replicate arcade-style graphics. The game featured a beefy fighter punching and kicking monsters in ancient Greece while collecting power-ups that eventually turn him into a powerful werewolf. Golden Axe: Golden Axe was another arcade beat-em up ported for the Genesis’ launch. Two players could fight monsters across a fantasy setting while occasionally riding beasts like dragons. Players could also fill the screen with powerful, magical attacks that got stronger depending on how many potions you had saved.   Did you know?   Just like Nintendo, Sega reached out to Atari to see if it would market its 16-bit system. Negotiations never got as far as Nintendo’s, though. Atari decided to focus its attention on its own Atari ST computer system. Again, like Nintendo, Sega decided to market the U.S. release of the Genesis itself.     Launch date: August 23, 1991   Launch price: $199 (came with two controllers and Super Mario World)   The story: Sega had successfully marketed its Genesis system as the hipper alteamously stating in ads that “Genesis does what Nintendon’t.” Nintendo quickly countered with a 16-bit system of its own, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (most often simply called the Super Nintendo or SNES). Remembering how successful the Control Deck bundle of the NES was, which came with Super Mario Bros., Nintendo packaged a copy of Mario’s newest platformer, Super Mario World, with every console at launch.   Notable launch games:   Super Mario World: Super Mario World proved a perfect showcase for the Super Nintendo’s ability to run colorful, detailed games (at least when compared to the simplistic NES). It also featured the first appearance of Yoshi, Mario’s famous dinosaur steed with an appetite for just about anything. Super Mario World has an average review score of 94.44% according to aggregate site GameRankings. F-Zero: It’s hard to imagine a time when Nintendo didn’t have Mario Kart around to tout as its premier racing series, but the genre was relatively new to the Japanese gaming giant in 1991. F-Zero featured a futuristic setting that showed off the Super Nintendo’s Mode 7 graphical capabilities, which allowed a flat background layer to quickly scroll across the screen and simulate depth. F-Zero has an average score of 82.83% on GameRankings.   Did you know?   Wonder why the SNES had such a curved top, especially when compared to the flat surface of the NES? That’s because Nintendo was sick of gamers resting their drinks on the system, which often led to spilling and damage of the console.         Launch date: May 11, 1995   Launch price: $399   The story: Sega tried to prolong the life of the Genesis as long as it could with add-on hardware like the disk-based Sega CD and top-loaded 32X, but neither really caught on. The Saturn was finally set to succeed the aging Genesis on September 2, 1995. However, Sega surprised everyone when they announced at the first Electronic Entertainment Expo on May 11, 1995 that its new system was available immediately, but only at Toys “R” Us, Babbage’s, Software Etc., and Electronics Boutique.   Notable launch games:   Panzer Dragoon: Panzer Dragoon dazzled gamers back in 1995 with its 3D graphics and epic levels experienced on the back of a flying dragon. It even spawned two sequels on the Saturn, Panzer Dragoon II Zwei in 1996 and Panzer Dragoon Saga in 1998. The original has an average review score of 90.92% according to GameRankings. Virtua Fighter: Just like Altered Beast showed consumers the Genesis’ ability to play arcade-quality titles, Virtua Fighter replicated the then state-of-the-art 3D graphics of Sega’s popular fighter from the arcades. An updated version of the game, Virtua Fighter Remix, featured a higher polygon count and was later mailed to every registered Saturn owner in the U.S. for free.  The original Saturn release of Virtua Fighter has an average review score of 89.57% according to GameRankings.   Did you know?   Sega started to publicly talk about its next system, eventually known as the Dreamcast, just two years after the struggling Saturn debuted. This early reveal of a successor caused bad Saturn sales to get even worse.     Launch date: September 9, 1995   Launch price: $299 (came with a demo disk)   The story: Sega released the Saturn early in hopes of getting a head start on its new competition, Sony. The electronics giant was about to release its first system, the PlayStation. At the same Electronic Entertainment Expo where Sega announced that the Saturn was out months before its planned September 2, 1995 release date, Sony unveiled that the PlayStation would be $100 cheaper than Sega’s console. It didn’t take the PlayStation too long after its September 9, 1995 release date to overcome the Saturn’s lifetime sales.   Notable launch games:   Battle Arena Toshinden: The Saturn may have had Virtua Fighter, but the PlayStation had Battle Arena Toshinden. The 3D fighter featured weapons-based battles before the Soul Edge/Calibur series ever debuted. Battle Arena Toshinden has an average review score of 85% according to GameRankings. Ridge Racer: It’s Ridge Racer! Ridgeeeee Racerrrrrr. Long before the series became a meme, Ridge Racer was the premier racing franchise on the PlayStation. The first one debuted with Sony’s first system and showed off the PlayStation’s ability to render 3D environments. Ridge Racer has an average review score of 81% according to GameRankings.   Did you know?   Sony was originally helping Nintendo make a CD add-on for the Super Nintendo. Nintendo eventually backed out of the project, but Sony decided to release the device as a standalone system anyway, giving birth to the original PlayStation.       Launch date: September 29, 1996   Launch price: $199   The story: With Sony and Sega releasing new systems, Nintendo knew it had to make a successor to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The new console featured a 64-bit central processing unit, compared to the 32-bits the Saturn and PlayStation boasted. Nintendo touted this feature so much, it named the new console the Nintendo 64. And while Sega and Sony’s machines ran games off of CDs, Nintendo was sticking with cartridges. The Nintendo 64 launched a year after the PlayStation on September 29, 1996.   Notable launch games:   Super Mario 64: At this point, Nintendo knew that good things happened when it launched a new Mario game with new hardware. Super Mario 64 was one of the first 3D platformers, allowing players to explore large, non-linear levels with 360 degrees of movement control. Fans and critics consider Super Mario 64 a classic and one of the best games to ever launch with a system. It has an average review score of 96.42 on GameRankings to back that claim up. Pilotwings 64: OK, so maybe Pilotwings 64 is on here by default. It was the only other game to launch with the Nintendo 64 besides Super Mario 64. Still, it was a great title in its own right. A followup to Pilotwings on the Super Nintendo, the sequel also had players fly jet packs, gliders, and airplanes through a series of obstacles. You could also freely explore the island where all of this action took place. Pilotwings 64 has an average review score of  87.52% according to GameRankings.   Did you know?   Nintendo was originally going to name the Nintendo 64 the Ultra 64, and two arcade games planned for eventual release on the system, Killer Instinct and Cruis’n USA, actually showed Ultra 64 logos during their idle screens.     Launch date: September 9, 1999   Launch price: $199   The story: After a string of disappointing hardware, Sega was hoping to make a comeback with the Dreamcast. The new system boasted noticeably better graphics than the PlayStation and Nintendo 64, and cost a reasonable $199 on its September 1999 launch. Sadly, despite an initially strong launch, the Dreamcast could not compete with the PlayStation 2 once it came out in 2000. Sega later became a 3rd-party developer, making the Dreamcast the last Sega system you’ll see on this list.   Notable launch games:   Sonic Adventure: Despite the success and popularity of Super Mario 64, the plumber’s greatest rival, Sonic, never had a 3D adventure of his own on the Saturn. Sega made an attempt with Sonic X-treme, but that project was eventually cancelled. Sonic instead made his 3D debut alongside the Dreamcast with Sonic Adventure, a speedy platformer that featured Sonic and friends battling Dr. Eggman in a more realistic setting. Sonic Adventure has an average review rating of 86.51 according toGameRankings. Soulcalibur: A port of the 3D, weapons-based fighter originally released in arcades, Soulcalibur on the Dreamcast actually featured graphics better than the original arcade version. It’s not just considered one of the greatest fighters of all time; with a Metacritic score of 98, Soulcalibur is one of the best-reviewed video games ever.   Did you know?   One of the Dreamcast’s biggest games, the open-world Shenmue, was the most expensive game ever made for its time, with a budget of $47 million. Today, Grand Theft Auto V holds that title with a production budget of $265 million. For the rest go to the link I posted above all this.
  8. LexDumitru liked a post in a topic by SHIMOSA in Lex Dumitru - Soundtrack Composer   
    This is wonderful, I enjoy it.
  9. smellyradish68 liked a post in a topic by SHIMOSA in F.N.G   
    Hello and welcome to the Angry Army. Nice to meet you.
  10. SpaceBrain liked a post in a topic by SHIMOSA in Gran Turismo 6 microtransactions revealed.   
    what happened to just be able to unlock cars? I miss that the most.
  11. Xerion liked a post in a topic by SHIMOSA in ezekiel_49 reporting for duty.   
    Hello and Welcome to the Angry Army. Nice to meet you.
  12. Xerion liked a post in a topic by SHIMOSA in ezekiel_49 reporting for duty.   
    Hello and Welcome to the Angry Army. Nice to meet you.
  13. CHERNO ALPHA liked a post in a topic by SHIMOSA in GEARS OF WAR 4!?!?!? WHAT DO U THINK!!!   
    I think they will, just not sure where they will go with the story.
  14. SHIMOSA liked a post in a topic by Cometalian in PLZ DON'TZ BANZ ME   
    I'll just leave this here. (NSFW) 18+

    All credit goes to milata for linking me this.
  15. RetroRanter liked a post in a topic by SHIMOSA in Best anime based games?   
    i personally love the .hack Series, anime and games. Another one is Accel World (Japan only PSP)
  16. Carta liked a post in a topic by SHIMOSA in the names Carta   
    Hello, welcome to the Angry Army. Nice to meet you?
  17. Zevae liked a post in a topic by SHIMOSA in Zevae's introduction~   
    Hello and welcome to the Army. it is nice to meet you. Enjoy!
  18. Black_Oak liked a post in a topic by SHIMOSA in What have they done to our side scrollers?   
    i would buy it.
  19. Game liked a post in a topic by SHIMOSA in PS4 folks will be happy - Planetside 2 PS4 trailer   
    it looks good, can't wait to play it.
  20. DylanTheKillerHD liked a post in a topic by SHIMOSA in Hey guys, im new.   
    Hello Dylan, Welcome to the Angry Army, nice to you meet you
  21. AverageSpacePope liked a post in a topic by SHIMOSA in Favorite Moment on Multiplayer or Singleplayer?   
    I have two favorite gaming moments. My son was 3 and I starting to teaching him to start playing games, so I decided to start him right. I pulled out my NES and i put in Mario Bros and we played together for about 2 hours. It was awesome feeling. My second memory is with my daughter, I was playing Dragonball Z Raging Blast and i walked away and when i came back she had the headset around her neck and controller in her hand. She looked at and she gave me a huge smile. I ending up able to take a picture. I love sharing my experiences as gamer with my children.
  22. LegendxKiller28 liked a post in a topic by SHIMOSA in Microsoft paid for smashed PS4s on Launch day.   
    Are you fucking kidding me!? Why the hell would you do that at all. Paid or not! If MIcrosoft did, we will find out. Hopefully not. I still have respect for MS. I have 5 other people living with me. (my parents, my wife and my 2 kids and my mom is disabled) Im the only one working at the moment. I can't get mine til the beginning of the year. I think Joe needs to say something about this. Very disappointed about this situation.
  23. EireKHAOTIX The R-P Gamer liked a post in a topic by SHIMOSA in Hail to all Angry Gamers!!   
    Nice to meet you!
  24. nate252 liked a post in a topic by SHIMOSA in New Xbox One Twitch Info   
    i will be getting both consoles at the beginning of year, if my wife lets me. lol
  25. SHIMOSA liked a post in a topic by thomaslund92 in We are Awesome!   
    I am the angry army, You are the angry army, Joe are the angry army, WE ARE THE ANGRY ARMY.
    All of one and one for all, in the angry army we serve with pride:)