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  1. DestinyDecade liked a post in a topic by nickyzhere in Dragonball Xenoverse Angry Rant   
  2. Kaz32 liked a post in a topic by nickyzhere in Hotline Miami 2 is out!!!!!   
    Let me get something out of the way. Piracy is not an option.
  3. Legolas_Katarn liked a post in a topic by nickyzhere in Hotline Miami 2 is out!!!!!   
    Let's not talk about it. Okay?
  4. nickyzhere liked a post in a topic by Doshka17 in New to the army!   
  5. Kaz32 liked a post in a topic by nickyzhere in Hotline Miami 2 is out!!!!!   
    Let me get something out of the way. Piracy is not an option.
  6. Dameon21 liked a post in a topic by nickyzhere in New to the army!   
    We are pretty scattered around. The has been a lot of momentum for Mount and Blade recently. I play Planetside 2 every now and again and there's usually at least a couple of guys playing that. I'd recommend jumping on TeamSpeak and seeing who's playing what. 
  7. Dameon21 liked a post in a topic by nickyzhere in New to the army!   
    Thanks for joining the AJSA! Feel free to ask me any questions if you have any!
  8. nickyzhere liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Could use some knowledge!   
    However the game gets boring after 1st or 2nd playthrough so if you got a PC, start modding.
    Here is my list of favorite games, it includes MP and SP games.
    1. Skyrim (Open world game with tons of content and things to do set in a fantasy universe)
    2. Fallout New Vegas (Same like Skyrim just set in a post apocalyptic universe)
    3. Crysis games (First person shooters, very good story and really fun gameplay. 1st one personally is my best)
    4. Guild Wars 2 (MMORPG, buy 2 play and well it's one of the better MMORPGs if you dont wanna pay monthly)
    5. Battlefield 3 (Really good online first person shooter with vehicle and infantry combat)
    6. Fallout 2 (very old but gold, similar to Fallout New Vegas)
    7. Prototype 1 &  2 (extremely fun games and very underrated. Basically you are infected by a virus which gives you powerful abilities like running on buildings, gliding, shapeshiftting etc)
    8. Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light (very atmospheric FPS games with great story and gameplay)
    9. The Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us (basically it's QTE type of games with really good storylines where every decision impacts your story and gameplay)
    I don't know, I will add more games over time when  I remember some.
  9. nickyzhere liked a post in a topic by Dameon21 in New to the army!   
    I've been watching the show for years but never really considered joining the AJSA until now because i've never really spent all that much time in online gaming. I have mostly played solo story driven games that didn't really support a huge online element. I'm joining to AJSA now because i figure it would be a great way to get involved with an online gaming community and enhance the experience with enough of a social aspect to make it truly enjoyable! I've just recently returned from travelling for 3 years so i'm not really up to date on what gaming communities are playing together these days so any input on what everyone out there is playing together would be much appreciated! I do currently play a decent amount of hearthstone and heroes of the storm.. too much blizzard :/ My gaming experience pre-dating that last years includes just about a little bit of everything. Looking forward to getting involved! 
  10. Fograin92 liked a post in a topic by nickyzhere in New cannon fodder   
    Welcome to the AJSA! Feel free to ask me any questions if you have any! If your into creating stuff, I recommend you check out Community Content thread. You can post all of your videos and other projects there. Good to have you in the AJSA!
  11. nickyzhere liked a post in a topic by Fograin92 in New cannon fodder   
    Hey guys!
    You might have seen my nickname before on twitch chat, I'm often present when AJ/OJ or Bast_50 are streaming
    I have joined GW2 Angry Army guild while Bast_50 was doing mini-event (http://www.twitch.tv/bast_50/b/634064302). So I guess it's time to officially join AJSA
    I don't like to talk about myself, so let keep it short and simple 
    Real-life part:
    - I'm currently 22 years old, with sick (and often childish) sense of humor
    - I'm studying Computer Programming and Web Database Development (Engineer's degree) *not my preferred choice
    - I'm interested in 3D related stuff, creating 3D models for video games and level design, unfortunately in my local region I could only find university with programming/web development stuff, and I don't want to move like 50KM (31 miles) just to study 3D stuff, so I'm mostly learning that stuff using online tutorials and work-and-learn methods 
    My free-time / online life:
    - I record walkthrough movies (no commentary, full 100%, every mission, side-quest, all collectibles, sometimes even all achievements on single-run, on hardest or one of the hardest difficulties) and post them here: http://www.youtube.com/user/FograinDaNoob
    - I'm also modding stuff, example here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/half-life-subtitles-mod
    - You don't want to hear my lifeless zombie-like voice. (if you still think you want to hear my voice, check this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmOdL3zAALw&feature=youtu.be&t=12m30s after that; you will change your decision xD )
    I will try to stay as much active (forums, events, stream chats) as possible, but I can't guarantee 100% up-time
  12. nickyzhere liked a post in a topic by AbsoluteZero in New recruit!   
    I've watched the show for a couple years and I like everything Joe stands for. I'll watch streams of the Angry Army members and I want to be apart of that. I primarily play ps4. Usually Evolve and Madden. I'm getting back into A Realm Reborn with the expansion nearing release to get caught up on the main story. I also starting playing Smite on PC (noob). Feel free to add my psn. Nice to meet you all and hope I can game with some of you soon!
  13. nickyzhere liked a post in a topic by kstreeter4444 in New to The Community   
    Hi, its kstreeter
    I am new to this community and want to play with some people. My Xbox Live, Steam ,and Origin names are below. Thank you and have a good day
    XBL - halokiller4444
    Steam - kstreeter4444
    Origin - kstreeter4444
  14. ViralBunny liked a post in a topic by nickyzhere in Fable Legends?   
    If they ruin my Fable again, I'm going to freaking lose it. 
  15. undeadslayer4 liked a post in a topic by nickyzhere in Request for Angry Joe.   
    You know you didn't have to quote each person individually? Just respond to the topic normally if you're going to say something that's not directed to only one person.
  16. Eiousx liked a post in a topic by nickyzhere in Strategy TS Area   
    Locked due to no longer being relevant.
  17. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by nickyzhere in So I'm thinking of getting into Wrestling...   
    I'm a huge wrestling fan, and if I were you I'd say that now it a great time to jump in. Wrestlemania (the biggest show) is the next PPV and after that most of the story lines get reset basically. I will warn that you can't like wrestling for the realism, but for the entertainment. You don't watch a movie because it's real, but because it's entertaining. I highly recommended getting into wrestling!
  18. nickyzhere liked a post in a topic by Sonny in Made a AJSA Gaming Channel intro   
    I couldnt message you all so i had to split it up into to replys XD

  19. nickyzhere liked a post in a topic by Sonny in Made a AJSA Gaming Channel intro   
    So i made a AJSA Public intro for all you ajsa gamers our there that need a intro
    Feel free to tell me what you guys think
    ALSO if anyone wants this  can change it to your name render it and give you a download link to dl it from just pm me or message me on this post fyi i might make more in the future

  20. Kanonite liked a post in a topic by nickyzhere in Evolve Angry Review   
    Angry Joe is Angry...
  21. nickyzhere liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in The Order 1886 review. Very pretty game, but a complete waste of potential.   
    Let's get the review over with.

    This game is made by the creator of God of War. It takes place in an alternate universe where thousands of years ago king Arthur exists and he made this "Order" who protects England from werewolves. You play as Grayson, one of the high Order elites, and this game tells his story of his life in the order against werewolves and rebels that fights against his organisation.
    Now I'll say what the positives of this games are first. The graphic is outstanding. It's like Wolfenstein the New Order's cutscenes, but a lot better and it's like that the entire game. The gameplay is pretty solid too. It's made by the same guys behind God of War, so you'll know there's going to be tons of QTEs. I don't mind that because it's been months since I saw a game which has QTE except Walking Dead and I kind of missed it. It's a third person shooter game similar to Uncharted, but with less jumping around building walls, and you have this "dead eye Call of Juarez/ Red Dead Revolver" ability that lets you slow down time and just waste enemies. The setting of the game and the story is also pretty cool. The Order has a "knights of the roundtable" meeting, they have the elixir of youth which gives them long lasting lives, in fact several casts including Grayson are 100+ years old, and Nikolai Tesla's actually the creator of cool weapons like the Tesla electricity gun and thermite gun which burns enemies to death.

    Unfortunately, the game's story and pacing is only good for the first half. The second half? Completely fucking lazy. The first half of the game gets you used to the setting of the game. The characters, the environment, the timeline, all of these are pretty interesting and cool. You get to fight mostly people, and some werewolves including this one werewolf boss which is kind of like fighting enemies in Infinity Blade for the iPhone. The second half however, have potentially interesting twists, but in the end it's all just ignored!! Here's one of the twist if you're interested:
    Another thing that boggles my mind is how the chapters in this game are handled. There's 16 chapters of the game in total. Sounds good right? Maybe it'll be like Uncharted where 1 chapter is 30 minutes long with lots of gameplay? HIhehahahahahaha! 

    Get this. Only some chapters are 30 minutes long. Some chapters are 15 minutes, and 4 OF THOSE CHAPTERS ARE JUST 5 - 7 MINUTES CUTSCENES!!! WHAT???? Are you fucking shitting me??? Why not just make those chapters that are just cutscenes ALSO HAVE GAMEPLAY???? How about making those chapters entirely about hunting monsters?? How about making it like the Last of Us where you roam around London and collect stuff?? The entire game is just a linear third person shooter with no interesting mechanic like leveling up weapons or characters!! How can you be sooo fucking lazy and MAKE CHAPTERS CONSISTS OF CUTSCENES????
    And the nail that seals the fucking coffin of this game? It ends on a fucking cliffhanger. Almost NOTHING is resolved!!! The main villain escapes, some characters that you met are never seen again, and it ends on a possible sequel or DLC hook that's going to resolve everything. WHY NOT HAVE 3 MORE CHAPTERS THAT RESOLVES EVERYTHING YOU STUPID LAZY FUCKING MORONS???? ARRRRRGHHHHHHH!!!!!

    What a fucking waste of potential. All that interesting settings, characters, weapons, ALL for FUCKING NOTHING! This game's ending is as bad as Mass Effect 3, cough3, which just makes everything before it completely worthless. Don't buy this damn game. Just watch someone's playthrough on youtube to see the first good cool parts. My rating for this game: "Finished it, don't want to ever touch it again". 
  22. nickyzhere liked a post in a topic by Alexander452 in Hardest Video Game Decision?   
    choosing between Blue,Green or red ending in Mass effect 3 

  23. nickyzhere liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in Sad Destiny griefing   
    Young Destiny Player Whose Data Was Deleted Shares Mature Response To The Situation
  24. anubist800 liked a post in a topic by nickyzhere in what is your must greatest proud achivements in your gaming careers ?   
    I didn't cry at the end of Season 1 of The Walking Dead by Telltale! I just had somethin.... fine, I cried. Happy?
  25. nickyzhere liked a post in a topic by Ghaleon in Sad Destiny griefing   
    Using a feature built into the controller with a 'friend' WHILE STREAMING isnt quite the same level of derp as sharing a password IMO. Honestly