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  1. Likely won't make this one, looking forward to next one.
  2. Definitely understand the hesitation, a lot of game promise a lot and come up short. For me I like crafting and gathering and there is a lot out there where crafting is an after-thought. While completely subjective I have enjoyed the game a lot.
  3. This was posted about 1 hour ago. Albion Online
  4. Thought I would add a few vids for those who may be interested.
  5. For those who have been keeping their eye on Albion Online it was announced today that the release date will be July 17th. I have been playing this game off and on through the various wipes since its first alpha release 2 odd years ago. The best way to briefly describe it is a sandbox MMO with a deep resource gathering/crafting/character development element with a top-down MOBA style combat (I should add with full loot pvp in late areas of the game). Even in Alpha I had a lot of fun with it. If this remotely interests you check it out at Albion Online
  6. Skullcano down, was a close one, onto the final dungeon Swordmaiden!
  7. Currently I can make: T1 Pistol T2 Pistol T3 Pistol T4 Heavy Gun
  8. Today the AJSA got silver in the Ruins of Kel Voreth in a spectacular 28.5 mins (40 min required)! Next on the list is Skullcano which has silver medal time requirement of 45 mins.
  9. Just as a running update for those interested in the AJSA's progress, we managed to clear Ruins of Kel Voreth today after 4 hours of trying to learn the boss fights and numerous wipes (a silver medal requires it to be done in under 40 mins) In saying that overall it took less time compared to how long it took to get our first clear of STL. So we are hopeful for a silver sooner rather than later.
  10. http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/20460-wildstar-na-community-and-officer-meeting/
  11. Today the AJSA managed to down Stormtalon in a touch over 26 minutes and earned the guild's first silver medal in a veteran dungeon! Congrats all those who participated and hopefully this is the beginning of the AJSA's journey towards raiding in Wildstar. As a side note, it took our group between 8-10 hours of practice (over a week or two) and numerous wipes to get to this level, so I encourage everyone to push past any failures and keep at it. As the old adage goes, practice makes perfect. Next we are working on Ruins of Kel Voreth which we hear needs about 16 hours of practice before getting a silver, we are hoping to get it sooner than that but we will see.
  12. I want to encourage people to recruit, just remember any member or higher can invite to the guild, so if you happen to be a recruit and know someone interested in joining, just ask in guild.
  13. I have put a post on the Wildstar Widow forum here: https://forums.wildstar-online.com/forums/index.php?/topic/87793-exilepvx-angry-joe-show-army-recruiting/ Also if you are able to invite others and don't mind sending the odd message out in zone chat (don't spam), please feel free to use this: /z <Angry Joe Show Army> is a PvX guild looking for players to fill its ranks as we prepare for raids, warplots and battlegrounds in the near future. We have TS, forums and streaming events. If you are 50 or soon to be 50, come check us out or you can find more info about us on the Wildstar Widow sever forums.
  14. This is not an actual vote, if you are not in the AJSA guild in Wildstar please don't vote! This is to allow the AJSA to prepare for raiding. Anyone being a nuisance will receive a warning. So I figure the easiest way to do this is to allow people to do the house keeping themselves and have the ability to change their attunement level just by updating their "vote". The "vote" will be public, that way everyone can see at what stage everyone else is up to. This saves officers having to constantly change/update a single post and wade through pages of update posts. Everyone please keep your "vote" updated. This is simply a way to let leadership/etc know what step you are up to and what you need a hand with. *Credit to Thadrien for finding this photo. (A note to mods/officers, feel free to edit poll stages to add more info about each stage)