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    Games dude, obviously.
  1. AK-5C with suppressor, red dot sight, angled grip and CADPAT (Ripple) camo, watch dem kills stack!
  2. Yeah, I see your point. Especially the one with the recycled maps seeing as they brought back some of the "fan favorites" from BF3 in Second Assault.
  3. It's not battlefield 3.2, they've changed the gun play and the game play since BF3. There's different guns, gadgets, vehicles, the graphics are better, there's way more attachments, way more camos for guns. There's also three different countries, America, Russia, China. Of course they've kept some things similar to BF3 because they don't want to alienate the long standing fans of the franchise. And they can't change it too much or else it wouldn't be battlefield.
  4. I havent experienced BF4 on a next-gen console, or even PC for that matter, so I know I'm missing out. But yeah, 100% agree with you, BF4 is amazing. My favorite moments, getting that long distance head shot and watching the points stack up at the bottom of my screen, then they guys name you killed pops up in red and its just like, "owned". haha thats why I love it.
  5. I enjoyed this game. The campaign wasn't quite there, but I felt the multiplayer made up for that. It was kind of an in-between of Battlefield and Call of Duty and I know that Medal of Honor wants its own category, but it just cant quite reach it. That's why I feel after a couple of months the game lost its luster and found more people of the gaming community return to BF and COD. This in mind however, I still enjoyed the multiplayer, and the actual inclusion of a Canadian tier one operating force, JTF-2, was amazing. JTF-2 assaulter fer daayyyys.
  6. Thanks guys, appreciate it.
  7. In light of the recent Fallout 4 hype, I've found myself reincarnating my Fallout experiences, be it Fallout 3, New Vegas, or the original two. While playing, I remembered Operation Anchorage, DLC for 2008's Fallout 3, was my first ever piece of DLC I had bought. It brought up a discussion in my head (I'm not crazy) as to which DLC I liked the most from Fallout 3 and New Vegas. This is obviously opinion based and may not reflect your choices. Favorite DLC Fallout 3: Point Lookout I chose Point Lookout because there's something about backwater towns with secrets that gets into my head. And also dolls, dolls are scary shit. Point Lookout made me feel cold, and isolated from society, mainly because of the many inbreds with shotguns trying to kill me. I didn't want to go back as the island played on my deepest fears (dolls, zombies, swamp creatures, inbreds with guns, death), but often found myself hoping onto the river boat for the novelty that Point Lookout provides. With the voodoo vibe, and the ghouls, and the dolls, it is truly a unique experience that I think every Fallout fan should enjoy. Favorite DLC Fallout New Vegas: Old World Blues Old World Blues took this one because I love the 50's sci-fi aspects that compose the DLC. With a twisted sense of humor, and science experiments gone wrong, you'll constantly find yourself pitted against enemies that seems only a person eating mushrooms could think of, but that's why I love it. The characters and the enemies are so vibrant and imaginative. The world, the atmosphere, the characters, the weapons, the back-story, it all plays out like some B-rated sci-fi flick from the 50's that tugs on my sweet spot. If you liked the original War of the Worlds, you'll love this. So, those are my favorite Fallout DLCs, with explanations as to why I think they kick-ass. Feel free to comment on which one is your favorite from Fallout 3 or New Vegas, or both. As well as anything you can think of that should be incorporated into Bethesda's next Fallout development, or anything you think should return from the previous fallout games.
  8. We're all itching for info right now, unfortunatley I'm not sure we'll be seeing anything more for at least a couple more months. One things for sure though guys, this, like bobbetybob said, will truly be a next-gen game. Heres to hoping that a small four man team can carry the burden of such an ambitious project, come out on top, and amaze the world.
  9. Every single RPG I've played I always end up being the good guy and I cant help it, I would like to be able to either "leave the captive to their fate" or just blow their head off with my combat shotgun, but I never can, I always find myself untying them and givng them a stimpak or a water bottle. I want to blow off heads but cant.
  10. Welcome to the AJSA
  11. So I watched the VGX awards and honestly there was one upcoming game that blew me away. The game is called No Man's Sky, and it's going to re-define what we percieve as first person space sims. The game is being developed by Hello Games, which are the same dudes that gave us the Joe Danger series. The Universe you explore is procedurally generated, meaning every star in the sky, you can travel to it. Not only that, you can also explore each planet that revolves around any star, for example you can explore the vast seas of a planet, or if you see a mountain way way off in the distance, you can travel there and climb on top, and hop into your space ship when your done and seamlessly fly up into space to continue your search for new worlds. One thing I'm not sure about however, the game is only being developed by a team of four guys, and they have a launch date of sometime in 2014. Will this be another failed un-delivered promise like Star Command? Of course, only the future can decide. Heres a link to a site describing the game and some gameply from VGX: http://kotaku.com/wow-no-mans-sky-just-stole-the-show-at-the-vgx-1478802599 Just right click and choose "open link in new window".
  12. When Angry Joe does the PS4 Vs. Xbox One video and tells me which one to buy.
  13. So, I'm trying to watch a video on Xbox Youtube put up by Machinima called 10 Reasons Why PS4 is Better Than Xbox One, I get maybe 7 seconds in before it automatically backs out of the video by itself. This seems a bit odd to me obviuosly, as I can watch 10 Reasons Why Xbox One is Better Than PS4, as well as any other video on Youtube. Is this the work of moderators making sure all of the videos are xbox friendly? Is this xbox's way of controlling sales? I don't know, however any speculation or insight you guys can provide would be much appreciated. Maybe Xbox is the next SkyNet? Who knows, but as a consumer on the fence regarding the purchasing of a console, I have to admit, this has got me leaning more towards Sony.
  14. For me it was that stupid little kid from The Purge, I won't describe why he pissed me off incase you haven't seen it, but I had to stop because I was scared of punching my tv and throwing it off a fu***ng cliff and letting it decompose there like a piece of sh*t. He still makes me mad.......