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  • Birthday 12/20/1990

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    Gaming; I love games made by NISA such as mugen souls. I also make video games.
  1. http://www.twitch.tv/tlbearer/profile That is my twitch channel and I will be doing my first stream tonight. It will be a lets play stream of Aveyond 1: Rhen's Quest. This is a good rpg made with RPG Maker 2000 or 2003, more of an old school style rpg. I will be playing until I die in game, so this could be a short or long stream. It will start at 5pm est time, so please come and watch it or find me on facebook, just look up tlbearer for twitch and T.L. Bearer for facebook.
  2. I normally play on Couerl
  3. I just started playing Dota2. I have just completed all of the toturials and my name is game is Regina The Evil Queen . I have it through steam.
  4. Suikoden 3, and I'm dissappointment that Konami isn't finishing the series yet.
  5. Hello everyone, Those of you who own a PS3 or PS4 should try out Suikoden, the first game of six in a series that is close to my heart. If you own a PS2 you can get games 3-5 and tatics. The first game is on PSN but sadly the second game is not and cost over $200 to own an actual copy of the game. Each of the games have 108 characters called stars of destiny, and they each tell a wonderful story in an every changing world. There are 27 True Runes in the game that control the world in a sense and they are at the heart of each of the games along with civil war and characters that are hard to forget. The truly sad thing about this who series is that Konami has not produced a true sequel in over 6 years, since 5 was released. It is true that a spin-off was released but it was never released outside of Japan. 2 games in the series, which were visual novels, were never released outside of Japan either, so those of us in other countries aren't getting the full story of the series, timeline, characters or games. Please join the Suikoden Revival Movement on facebook and twitter. Our main goal is to get Suikoden 2 released on PSN worldwide and to get Konami to release Suikoden 6 in the future. Thank you for your time
  6. Thank you everyone for your input.
  7. I'm not just talking about end game spoilers, I'm talking about major plot points in the game as well.
  8. I love making game reviews but a few days ago my friend told me that any good game review had to have spoilers in it, even that it was expected to have spoilers in it. I don't believe that to be so, I believe that a review can be great without giving away any spoilers. I want to know how the combat is, how the leveling system is, how I upgrade my equipment and a little bit about the game's characters. I don't want a game review to tell me what all happens in a game, or what the end game is, that just makes me not want to play the game. I was just wondering if I'm the only person that feels like this.
  9. My channel of youtube is http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8ic5oBx-sumjDnBQb5Fc5A I just put up my first review, and it doesn't have any pretty things in it such as screen shots, music or video clips from the game that I reviewed, Tales of Xillia. Please let my know what you think of the review.
  10. ehmry bay
  11. Randi.7640 is my user id, I should be on in the next few days.
  12. My user id on guild wars 2 is Randi.7640 you may add me if you wish, my main is a norn mesmer...I'm aware that it doesn't make any sense to have a main like that, but I love her dearly. I should be on with-in the next day or two.
  13. My main is a norn mesmer.
  14. I have posted up my Tales of Xillia review and I shall begin working on my Path of Exile Review. Sorry for taking so long to do them but I have been working a lot at my job.
  15. I love the multiplayer, my suggestion is to try it out and see if you like it.