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Article Comments posted by Legolas_Katarn

  1. 5 hours ago, Shagger said:

    "firing of two ArenaNet employees leads to worries about the danger caused for employees when large companies immediately cave to mobs and to more discussion about workers rights and the need for unions,firing of two ArenaNet employees leads to worries about the danger caused for employees when large companies immediately cave to mobs and to more discussion about workers rights and the need for unions,"


    What is that quote about? Jessica Price justifiablywas sacked for attacking community members offering perfectly reasonable feedback on social media, thus misrepresenting Arenanet whilst making a complete fool of herself by playing the gender card what that nothing to do with it. Her colleague defended her actions and got the boot to, and that may have been a bit harsh, but it is understandable.

    Well, thankfully, essentially no one of any importance in the industry with knowledge of the industry or development that focuses on or has a history of workers rights, community management, actually working on games, or dealing with the culture that knows the problems that a major company trying to turn firing of employees into a positive PR spin agrees with you. Even just having a passable understanding of the way language and society works and seeing the way the other person was talking clearly shows what an extremely offensive and disingenuous thing it is to say that she was playing the gender card or the victim, even more so when the guy clearly would have been doing the same by any definition if that was true and was certainly not being respectful or reasonable.

    I don't know what you would mean by what is the quote about, a very large number of community managers/developers/writers from Remedy/Arkane/Bioware/Arena/Ubisoft/Harebrained Schemes/Night in the Woods/Frog Fractions/etc, former developers, multiple industry organizations, pretty much every journalists from (Eurogamer/Polygon/PCgamesn/PCgamer/Kotaku/USgamer/Paste/Waypoint/Verge/etc, people from the tabletop community like the current D&D creative director and creator, educators that are training people to work in the industry and put them in contact with future jobs, most any Youtubers that makes more intellectual focused content outside of just ranting about current news they got from gaming sites, voice actors like Ashly Burch, developer associations, etc all seem to have made it very clear in the above section what that quote means and how things influence the wider industry. I mean, there is literally an article included from one of the main global union advocate organizations writing about the situation and how their membership increased partly due to it and literally a company response to the multiple people sending them messages to try to get women that work with them fired and an Arkane developer with multiple people sending messages to her employer to try to get her fired, I don't really see how the quote you are asking about could be more clear from all the articles and responses that I posted to go along with it.

  2. 8 minutes ago, E314C-LR said:

    In a clan I was previously a part of when I enjoyed to play Firefall, they had this type of article that was required to read, and you were required to fill out a post and have it approved before obtaining access to the forums. I was wondering if guys would be interested in a required CoC page to accept or agree to before use of the site etc. I only say this because it was impressively easy to make an account and it will give newcomers a better understanding of what they're doing.

    Thank you for the suggestion, if we did anything like that we would likely wait and have it implemented as part of a future site update but I don't believe we would ever go so far as to require each person that joins to be verified. Likely we will just have the site take the new members to the CoC page after joining and have it listed on the first channel new Discord members are brought into.

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  3. 4 hours ago, HelixBrightstar said:

    As far as the Steam Gifting changes, I think legitimate sites such as Humble Bundle and Bundle Stars should still be places where we can purchase keys to gift to people since both of those sites deal directly with game developers and Steam as a business practice.  Time will tell however.  I certainly hope so, for the good of the gaming community.

    Nothing mentioned seems to imply that this will have an effect on when you buy the games from sites like Humble, Bundle Stars, GMG, Indie Gala, etc. It seems to only effect the actual gifting of Steam games when you would purchase something to add to your inventory and then give it to a friend. Just having codes would still need to work, as that's even how a lot of physical PC games handle things.

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  4. Is Cyberpunk 2077 still a thing?Sincerely,I kinda lost hope on that game ever seeing the light of day.

    It was never set to be released, or even to have much information given about it until they were done with The Witcher 3, which they are still working on until the end of the year.