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  1. Knack, Trine 2, Lego Marvel Super Heroes. Tiny Brains. That's pretty much it. There might be one or two more that I can't think of. Rayman Legends when it comes out...
  2. In the competitive multiplayer I'm average. Not the best, and not the worst either. In Wolfpack I'm usually the only one trying to play it right. So many times I'm robbed of an 800 point kill so that someone can rush in and get 100 points for the team instead. The problem with it is, people play competitively when they are supposed to be playing cooperatively.
  3. It is incredibly overpriced. $5 would be overpriced, but I'd buy it at that. $10 would be pushing it, I'd buy it if I was drunk. And they wanna charge five times that? It's absolutely ridiculous. At this point, the only way I'll ever grab it is if it ends up as a free PS+ game.
  4. Nope, it's for PS3. Also, there's no new free PS+ games at least until January.
  5. I hope not. The series was great, but it had a story which has been concluded. They could do another prequel, but that'd be pretty uninteresting at this point. I'd rather have a few great games than see them drag it on until it's no longer interesting. I'd rather see them put their talent into something new and original. Maybe something in the same world but with a different character. Maybe like their take on Roman or Egyptian gods.
  6. I'm pretty sure 1.5 added support for USB headsets.
  7. It has it's own sound card so I don't see why you'd wire it to another sound card's input, then output to speakers/headphones, rather than just straight to the speakers/headphones. That sounds like it would either make no difference to the quality, or degrade it. What kind of headphones are you using? You can plug them straight into the controller if they use a 3.5mm plug. It sounds good to me, but if you aren't satisfied with it, you can connect them to the back of the PS4 with an adapter, or to your tv.
  8. If you have the "Pulse Elite" (newer model), you can plug the headset into the controller with the cable it came with, and it works pretty good like that. Wireless and virtual surround support are "coming soon".
  9. I only played the demo and it seemed "good but not great". It didn't seem bad from what I played of it. I was watching people play it on the "Live from PlayStation" Ustream/Twitch streaming, and they seemed to like it. It looks like a decent game. I think I'd be willing to buy it when it's on sale for $30/40, but not full $60 price. (The demo was at PAX. There is no downloadable demo on the PlayStation Store)
  10. It just came out and you're already waiting for a slim version? It will (probably) be a few years. At least by then you'll have a bigger selection of games.
  11. Isn't everything priced higher? And isn't the minimum wage higher? They call their money "dollars" just like the US, but US$ ≠ AU$ They are a different country whose economy is separate from the US. Also, it (probably) costs more to ship things there.
  12. Not right now, because it only has launch titles, whereas xb360/ps3/steam have hundreds(thousands?) of games available. Maybe in a few years. Also, if you'd want to leave your pc and never look back, it really depends on how your specs are, how well it runs games, and whether or not you're willing to invest in upgrading it.
  13. GTA 5 would be excellent with DualShock 4 running at 1080p 60fps Maybe if/when they make TLOU2, they could/should make a PS4 version of the first game. It would be nice to play this in 1080p/60 as well, and maybe even 3D as well, since Uncharted 3 had such good 3D.
  14. They are going to patch in the Wireless Pulse and Pulse Elite headsets. If you have the Pulse Elite, you can plug it into your controller. Bluetooth headsets are not going to be supported, except for official PS4 headsets. Source: Official PS4 FAQ on the PlayStation Blog
  15. It'd be cool to get it so I can smack robots around in my living room, but that wouldn't justify a $60 purchase. I'll (probably) get it when Octodad comes out, since it will be PS Move compatible.