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  1. I think that they have put effort into this game, they have looked at what people though of rome 2 ect.. and have really stepped up their game. Unlike the others, warhammer has been in development for years now and should be great at release. Sure there will be bugs but they will be patched like every other game.
  2. Its a great game, when i compare both kf1 and kf2. Killing floor 2 is most defiantly the better game, its visuals are outstanding, and of course the metal songs are tops
  3. Would be a cool idea.
  4. Beanies would be sick.
  5. Nice man love it
  6. I'm the shortest person, out of everyone i know
  7. KoRn has some of the best metal songs I know, here's a few. 'See you on the other side' was one of their better albums so I suggest listening to that
  8. Welcome to the AJSA, have fun!
  9. Welcome to the AJSA!
  10. Welcome to the AJSA, hope you have fun!
  11. Welcome to the AJSA have fun, see you around!
  12. Welcome to the AJSA, have fun!
  13. Welcome to the AJSA, enjoy!
  14. Welcome to the AJSA, hope you have fun!
  15. Welcome to the AJSA, hope you have fun!!