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  1. mine expired, so nothing!
  2. so how many of you took advantage of the summer sale?
  3. <~ Dungeon Crawler so i'm gonna be farming dungeon a lot i think feel so sad i'm done opening all my packs, and i only had 3 Primal packs T_T
  4. i'm only finding it meh atm whether that'll change for better or worse will be determined after the 30 initial days are up but right now it doesn't feel like it's worth subbing
  5. Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall
  6. i hear ya both, which is why i generally ignore the posts that ask for people to give them free stuff ha~
  7. ppl need to get this, NAO~! lol
  8. anyone want a 25% discount coupon for Broken Age on Steam?
  9. FO2 was my favorite didn't really liked FO: Tactics and the later ones
  10. DotA Mass Effects Dragon Age WoW Mine Craft CoD series Counter Strike Smash Brothers Fallout 3 + New Vegas there's a long list... xD
  11. wait, it isn't "rated 'M' for 'MINE'!!!"!?
  12. well, it's funded now, bet you're happy
  13. Sword Art Online, with the VR tech included >_>