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  1. Yes, I loved Syphon Filter back in the day! It's too bad it didn't quite make the jump to PS2 and beyond though. I did not like Omega Strain at all, and while I enjoyed the PSP games (ported to PS2) it just didn't feel the same. Would love to see a reboot of this series though
  2. I believe Sony was asking folks to tweet what games they'd like to see on PS4. Use the hashtag #ps2onps4
  3. I romanced Isabella. But, on one save I picked Merill, and then rejected her afterwards. The awkward way Hawke speaks to her afterwards was hilarious.
  4. I think it would be cool if he did this during the dry seasons, like in the summer. I'd like to see this over more let's plays but he doesn't ever go back to older games. Just look at Infamous Second Son. Lots of people wanted him to review it, but he was so busy he felt like it was "too late" to review it or something.
  5. great review and highly entertaining as usual. Unfortunately, it confirms what I thought the game would be from when I saw some previews earlier this year. And one of my friends was in the beta, and even though he enjoyed it, he said nothing about the game that truly stood out. I'm sure it's a fun FPS, but that gear grind would kill it real fast for me. Like other games of this gen, Destiny seems to be taking a different model approach that I find disgusting. First it was MGS V Ground Zeroes with its $30 "demo", then Titanfall with it's barebones multiplayer only, and now Destiny with all of its grindy greed approach. I just can't get on board. I love Bungie, but this just ain't for me.
  6. I'm tempted to buy another one as a backup. I've only ever paid for one, and the current one I'm on (number 5 is alive!) still works great. I'm just worried that if this one goes out, it will be too late to get another. But, I don't want to pay that much for just a backup, and I heard the new E-models weren't very good (missing features?)
  7. honestly, I'm waiting for a game that screams out at me "wow, THIS is next-gen. I HAVE to get a new console to play this." I have yet to see a game come out that even comes close to that. The closest examples are probably MGS V The Phantom Pain, and Dragon Age Inquisition, but both of those games are being put on 360/PS3, so even though the PS4/One versions will be better quality, that doesn't really mean I want to shell out $400 for it. by comparison, the game that convinced me I had to upgrade before was Mass Effect, and to a lesser extent Assassin's Creed. Those games looked amazing, and probably couldn't be done at all on the PS2. So yeah, I'll be waiting awhile before I upgrade, which is just as well since I just bought a PS3 last year, and I have quite the backlog.
  8. I'll give a shout out to Heavenly Sword. It was more or less a launch game, but I played it recently and it has held up surprisingly well. Great presentation with some awesome animations. Hokey story however, and since it's such an earlier game, it tried to incorporate sixaxis controls which I eventually got used to and thought it was fun (though you can turn them off). Made by the guys who did Enslaved and DmC.
  9. I like the series a lot, but have not played Judgement yet, so I can't, well, judge it That being said, I thought 3 was the best one. It has a great, fairly lengthy campaign with the most varied environments and a kickass multiplayer. The reason why I haven't played Judgement yet is mostly because it looked like a desperate cash grab. Made by an unknown studio and frankly I didn't like the sound of the story. Not that Gears story was ever its strongest element, but the idea of playing a prequel story via flashbacks in a courtroom didn't sound good to me, and even though its cheap as hell right now, I'm still pretty apathetic towards it. (Hoping it will be one of the free Games with Gold though!) But, I don't think it killed the series. If they have a great idea for next gen consoles, then I'm sure it will be invigorated. I don't think one blunder of a game would ruin a franchise like this. It's far too popular.
  10. yeah, sadly Silicon Knights turned completely crappy when they left Nintendo. I had high hopes and was really excited when I heard their next game was a 360 exclusive, as it helped me decide to go with that console for the majority of that gen. But Too Human was the biggest disappointment I've had on that console. I didn't even bother with their lousy X-Men game, and they went out of business so fast after that. Eternal Darkness is their crown jewel though. I did love the MGS Twin Snakes remake, and earlier Blood Omen (Legacy of Kain ftw!) but ED was easily their best game. Sadly, we won't get another, despite that douche Dyack trying to do a spiritual sequel via kickstarter, and failing twice...
  11. yes, definitely. He won't be able to play MGS4 unless he gets a PS3, obviously, but the longer the series goes on, the more confusing it will be for new players. I couldn't imagine starting the series with 4 or 5 if I had never played the past games. The HD collection is really all you need to get caught up for the most part, and even for 5, all you need to play is 3 and Peace Walker. It will give him a greater understanding and appreciation for the story.
  12. I know this is PS4, but has anyone played it on PS3 or 360? Can't really afford to go next-gen just yet, so was wondering how it is on the older consoles.
  13. X-Men Origins Wolverine. Seriously, this was a great action game! Amazing Spider-Man 1. My favorite Spider-man game on the 360/ps3. Everyone loves to put Spider-Man 2 on this pedestal, but it's aged horribly, and even back then I thought it was highly overrated. It got web slinging right and I give it props for being the first open world Spider-Man game, but everything else about it sucked. It's like everyone forgets that. Remember catching balloons as a side mission? How about the horrible voice acting and mission design and button mashey combat? I mean it was decent, but not nearly as good as people think it was.
  14. let's see here are the Spider-Man games from this gen: -Spider-Man 3 -Friend or Foe -Web of Shadows -Shattered Dimensions -Edge of Time -Amazing 1 and 2 I haven't played Shattered Dimensions, Edge of Time, or Amazing 2, but out of the rest of them, I enjoyed Amazing 1 the most. I thought it was the most polished out of all of them. Even though it's a "movie game" it doesn't follow the movies story and instead takes place after the movies events (though, it is an alternate version now, since Amazing 2 the movie contradicts the first game now). I thought the fighting and web slinging were a lot of fun, and it's just an overall really well made game. Only downside to this were too many sewer levels. Lots of people might suggest Web of Shadows. I thought it was ok, but overall pretty subpar. It has the benefit of not being tied down by a movie license, but it suffers from bad framerate and glitches (especially in the later portions) and they picked the WORST voice for Spider-Man I've ever heard. It's incredibly whiney and grating. The side missions also really suck, because they're ridiculously grindy (kill 50 of this enemy type, then kill 100, then 200, etc) Friend or foe is more like a Lego game, though not nearly as good, and I know Edge of TIme and Shattered Dimensions are linear action games, not open world. Spider-Man 3 was actually really good, but only on 360/PS3. The PS2 and Wii versions were made by another developer, and are garbage.
  15. ^completely agree with Aquila, here. I prefer IV way more, and was actually pretty disappointed in V. It's still a good game, but in no way did I find it the 10/10 perfect game that all the publications gave it. I actually think IV falls a lot closer to that.