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Everything posted by pureimagination

  1. uh it's aslready been on ps3 forever. Most of the good ps2 games you can get on psn. i have san andreas on ps3.
  2. I just got the kid icarus nes game on 3ds with my club nintendo points. Wtf is this game. What is the story. Why am I collecting hearts. Why am I killing winged snake things and weird orange floating eye ball things. Why do my arrows only shoot five feet. It's so weird it makes no sense. I'm finished. edit: nevermind I realized the hearts are for buying things from stores.
  3. Yesterday my friend told me about a really good rpg on game boy advance, Golden Sun. I had been thinking of getting a new rpg for 3ds but couldn't think of anything that interested me. (I already own fire emblem awakening, and tales of the abyss) Some of the other rpgs on the system maybe just aren't my taste. But I became really interested in these two games after he told me it's like the best GBA games, but the games themselves are rare and cost alot. So I go on the e-shop on my 3ds and see a trailer for the first golden sun and realise it's only on the wii u. I became so frustrated. It's a game boy advance game! Why are there all these super nintendo and game boy advance games exclusive only to the wii u? Game boy advance game are made to be played on a small screen on a hand held! It's like they think making old games that are like over one or two decades old exclusives to certain consoles even though both obviously have the power to handle them, helps sell the other console. People already play so many of these games on emulators! Me having no option to play the game unless I get a wii u makes me want to play on an emulator. It's like there is no other reasonable option. And so many people work for FREE to get these roms to work on emulators properly it boggles my mind that nintendo can't get more old games on the e shop easily. How long did people wait for super mario bros 3 to be on there? They still don't have any of the old pokemon games on there even though they obviously would sell really well. Pokemon games are worth so much now because they are scarce and the batteries that allow the game to save often die out. The only reasonably option to play them are on emulators. The playstation store has a huge library of old ps1 and ps2 games. And they sell pretty well too. The playstation 1 games are even playable on ps vita. They don't let anything limit themselves from selling the game to customers. They take advantage of their potential of their online store. Also it allows some more rare old games to be played by many people without them spending a fortune to get a copy. I hate to sound bashing on nintendo. All the hate nintedo has gotten recently I often will defend them against it to an extent because I think they still make really good games. There are some things they do that are just stupid though. Things like limiting online play of their games and voice chat. That's a whole different topic though. They don't always take things to fullest potential. And sometimes they are too conservative.
  4. Yeah i really love golden sun dark dawn. i went on a camping trip and played it alot. i think I'm 9 or 10 hours in? There are alot of things I can say about this game. The battles have lots of animations and are good, nothing feels really cheap in the game I think. Like as in animations being limited, Yeah the graphics are a little pixely and there are text bubbles but i don't mind that at all. It actually reminds me of n64 games a little bit. The dungeons and puzzles are good. They have some challenge and thinking to get through and there is alot of variety (variety of enviorments and places too). The battles have alot of things you can do. But generally the battles aren't too hard. So far in the game I've only have one guy die and I immediately revived him with a djinn. I kind of wish there was a new game plus mode wjhere the difficulty in the battles was harder, which would makes sense too since you would understand the mechanics better on a 2nd playthrough. One thing though thats been driving me crazy a bit is understanding what makes my party members spells change. I know the djinn effect giving them or taking away certain spells but I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around how it works. Like one person has a group heal spell then they don't later and i'm frustrated not understanding why. I should probably look it up now. I also like the story alot, at first I felt whatever about the story but as I got into it, they really have crafted quite a world and story that I enjoy going through. Although I compare it to zelda and final fantasy it does hold it's own as a good story and game. And the ammount of variety of things going on and places make it feel like I've been playing longer than I actually have. I'm only 9 or 10 hours in. I also like the openess of the world and visiting the towns and stuff. I hope they continue the series and make another one! One last thing is i also like how you can control the whole game with the stylus if you want but there are still normal controls that work fine. The stylus was useful for when I was eating and I could play with one hand. This is how they should have made that zelda phantom hourglass game (a game I'm not a fan of, would reccoment goldens sun over it). Because phantom glass had the stylus controls and it might of been better if you could use stylus or just normal comntrols.
  5. I like that one in halo 2 where you can use the rocket launcher to shoot the wing of a flipped over banshee to make yourself fly super high in the air and could use it to get on top of that giant tower in that one dlc island map. And i like to go under the maps in saints row 4 and find the ship. There another glitch in that game where you can do this falling animation and it looks liek you are floating everywhere and can stilll use powers. Once my friend om battlefield 3 jumped off the sky scaper in gulf of oman and got shot and killed as soon as he jumped. Fell to the ground below, got revived then he was like glitched out floating around fast with his body locked in this funny straight leg stance with no gun in his hand. It was pretty funny.
  6. So I got golden sun dark dawn a few days ago. At first I wasn't sure I liked it and considered returning it for something else. But once i got past the beginning sort of tutorial like sections, and out into the open world to do what I wanted I started liking it. The text conversations especially in the beginning can draw on a little to long though, sometimes it seems like they could of cut the conversation in half and got the point across the same. The gameplay to me seems like a mixture of final fantasy and zelda. The puzzles remind me of zelda and some of the music and art style of everything, then the battles are sort of final fantasy and the characters look final fantasyish. But to solve the puzzles you use the different magic powers of party members (growing plants, moving objects, shooting fire balls etc.) and you use the touch screen to use them which works nice. And solving some puzzles and exploring can be rewarding in finding new djinni (spirit creatures that help you fight in battle) or weapons and items. But the battles are pretty easy so far. I haven't really been threatened to the point of almost dying in battle yet. Also there are towns to visit to shop in and sleep in inns and stuff so it has an old school rpg mechanics kinda. Some of the sound effects and music remind me of the vibe of gameboy advance.games.
  7. Yeah I hope they really explain what happens to the crew and everything after in the next mass effect game. Even if it's some in game lore thing. I think it's fascinating wondering what happens to the crew after being stranded on a planet. Like can they even go anywhere since the mass relays blew up? I thought that the after credit part with the old man telling the story of shepard to the boy could have been a descendant of the crew making babies. And their ancestors are the stuff of legends to them or something.
  8. So google basically buys twitch and ruins it. Nice going. How does applying copy right bs to video game streams make any sense. Yeah they are becoming a monopoly. They own all the major websites except like twitter and facebook. They may even take over internet with their new google internet that is the fastest. Now they are even making all these google book laptops or something that are cheap as balls. The government won't do anything. The government and politics is controlled by corporations. They have all the money. See also monsanto (patents life itself).
  9. Well if you want to try the new 3ds ones look it up on the eshop and there are demos for both games.
  10. Anyone play these games before? Honestly I don't own any of them, but I've played the demos for etrian odyssey IV and etrian odyssey untold: the millennium girl (remake of the first game). I really love these games. They are first person dungeon crawling rpgs (similar to old games like might and magic). You make a party with different classes and characters and stuff, and you venture out into these forest areas or dungeons or whatever. You explore and as you make your way through these places exploring you map out the area on a grid on the bottom screen. There are random encounters with monsters and also these FOE things which you can see moving on the map which are powerful creatures, you can avoid them though, they move everytime you move or every turn while in combat. In etrian odyssey IV you get an airship which is pretty sweet and you explore a sort of greater over world I guess and can find new areas to go in on foot. You also can collect resources and food while in the airship and sell them or use them as buffs for your party. There are also puzzle type elements to dungeons sometimes, and weird random things you encounter with choices to make. The story to IV revolves around you party being explorers looking for this giant magical tree. In untold, you are sent to these ruins of what looks like a very technologically advanced civilisation and find a girl with amnesia who was locked up in some kind of preserving tank asleep. Untold actually has set characters (also can choose to make your own instead) you meet to join your party, anime cut scenes, and some voice acting. IV as far as I can tell doesn't have voice acting, and you party members although you can name them and choose what they look like, they don't talk or have personalities. These games also have really good music in my opinion. The art style and graphics are nice too, although when in town you are only in menus and stuff. So anyone have experience with these games? I plan to play both eventually. The older games on ds are known for being brutally hard. The newer one have a casual mode for those that can't handle the challenge, and also have fast travels to dungeons and stuff. These games are made by atlus.
  11. Lol no bullshit. I think it looks pretty rad. And it's like screw all this modern fps crap that's pissing everyone off and just make a game like old fps. Super free to play level up kill streak modern military cover based 360 no scope prestige level 12 gold guns. Not to say that I think that every leveling system in fps's is bad, but I think people are burnt out on them all being the same. And miss the way fps used to be with starting on even grounds and finding weapons in the map. And wanting to play just because it was FUN.
  12. The last thing I actually beat was over a week ago. I beat the tiny tina's assault on dragon keep dlc for borderlands 2. I loved it so damn much. My favorite dlc for borderlands for sure. So many new enemy types, funny quests, brought back characters. It basically takes borderlands and puts it into a fantasy setting (sort of a parody of dungeons and dragons and other fantasy type games and things). There are orcs, skeletons, knights, mages, dwarves, tree things, golems and you are up against the handsome sorcerer. Many cool evironments from beachs to forests to dwarf mines, dungeons, castle. I almost wanted to cry at the end. I got two legendary guns, a crazy exploding shotgun that shoots a fire work like explosion in the air, and a rocket launcher. Got the bee legendary shield. Also you can get grenade mods that are magic spells. You can shoot lightning bolts, or fire balls, or a sort of homing missile type one that slags I think. and they recharge your grenades over time, so they are super useful. Spoiler for ending: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUkTD7FvLmQ
  13. I like to see the new games and stuff.
  14. might not want to say that. The FBI will raid your house or something.
  15. It might not be good to judge a game for someone else if you haven't played it yourself. I recommend spelunky. It's $15, but it's a cross buy so you can get it for ps3 and vita buying it once. I seriously am considering getting a vita for spelunky on the go, along with alot of rpgs, ps1 games, other indie games, and the ratchet and clank trilogy (not sure if it's out yet). Other rpgs on vita are ys: memories of celceta and final fantasy x/x2 remake. I haven't played them though (except final fantasy x ages ago) but I think they are good.
  16. Oh. I really like soul hackers. Last night though I was over 30 minutes into a dungeon without a save and the game froze though! I don't think I've ever had a 3ds game freeze before. There are part in this game where this spirit guide coyote/rabbit dude makes you go on vision quest things where you play as a different person through an area and see how they died. Then you go to those places as yourself. Also your girl friend is possessed by a demon and she's probably the most entertaining character. There are also all these side activities you can do in virtual reality like going to casino and play different gambling games like poker and stuff, or this thing that asks you trivia questions, or a dating thing that says that I'm not compatible with anyone . Also I heard that the new persona Q on 3ds is also going to be a first person dungeon crawler. It doesn't surprise me since like I said these games work really well on 3ds. And exploring the dungeons is fun.
  17. I thought it would be cool to start a thread about indie games. What are some indie games you like? I'll list a few I've played: Spelunky: One of my all time favorite games. You have one life and you go through the games randomly generated caves. It's full of secrets and as you play you understand how to get through obstacles and develop your own strategies for getting through the game. Also has co op. Journey: An abstract sort of 3d platforming game. Beautiful graphics. It is short and can be beaten in under two hours. There are some parts of it that are very fun though, like surfing through sand dunes and flying. It is meant to have deep meaning and could be interpreted different ways I think. I personally think it symbolizes a journey through life and death and rebirth. Cloudberry kingdom: A platformer where you try to reach the other end of the stage. There are many mechanics mixed in like rolling on a wheel, jet packs, being huge or small, etc. This game has a way of making you "get in the zone" and feel like a total badass getting through the levels. Playing it co op can be alot of fun too. It draws from alot of basic assets to make the levels, but the levels often make you have to think and figure out where and when you have to time your jumps. Some levels look impossible but are simpler than they look. It has a story and cutscenes but they are laughably bad and make no sense. Trine: A fairy tale book styled sort of physics platformer. You switch between three character (thief, wizard, knight) to use their abilities to get through levels. Has co op. Found ourselves getting really mad at each other in co op though. One problem I have with this game is there is barely any enemy variety. Mostly all you fight is skeletons, occasionally spiders or bats. And there are recycled bosses. Trine 2 fixes that I think so maybe go with that one if you are interested. Steamworld dig: A sort of platformer where you are a robot who mines stuff. You go into mines and you find new abilities that allow you to enter new areas, collect ore to sell to get better gear and upgrade. You mine stuff alot. And return to town often as health and light runs outs. It's alright. Hotline miami: An over head view shooter with old school style graphics. It is hyper violent and the colors and the style of it with the music make it trippy and surreal. It's sort of based on game mechanics of some flash games I played ages ago. It's about some guy going crazy and murdering tons or people. Any of you guys play these games? What did you think of them?
  18. I was thinking. Wasn't call of duty 4 more focused on a somewhat realistic experience? Then like every game after that got more and more rediculous. I think call of duty 4 and black ops probably had the best multiplayer.
  19. Ps4 pros: Ratchet and clank. Uncharted 4. Xbox one pros: Halo collection, new halo, sunset overdrive. I've only barely played the ps4 and haven't played an xbox one. The selection of games right now seems pretty meh to me. But when dragon age inquisition comes out and destiny then it would have something I would want that would last awhile.
  20. I've played the normal fable (lost chapters is the same with some extra content). I got stuck at a certain point though and it was too hard to get past and I lost motivation to keep playing. When I was a kid though, although I didn't have an xbox then, at friend's houses we would mess around in the game and go on rampages in towns and our minds were kind of blown by the freedom of it.
  21. I recently got shin megami tensei: devil summoner: soul hackers. It's a sort of old first person dungeon crawler. It was originally on sega saturn but never came to america until they ported it to 3ds a couple years ago. I imagine the mechanics of fighting/talking to demons and recuiting them to your party is the same as persona though. Besides that it's you and your girlfriend. It takes place in this future city where there is a beta test for some virtual reality video game thing, and you are in some hacker gang called the spookies. Parts of it is in the real world part in virtual reality. And you become a devil summoner dude. I think it's pretty good. It's an old game and like the monster graphics aren't all 3d and amazing looking but it still holds up as a good rpg I think. It's really weird and it's pretty challenging, but not impossible hard. First person dungeon crawlers work pretty well on the 3ds because the map of the dungeon is always on the bottom screen. I've also been playing demos for etrian odyssey games, which are pretty great (also by atlus), in those ones though you have to draw out the maps as you explore it, which I find really addicting and awesome. These games have a more fantasy tone, an you have a party of people rather than recruiting demons.
  22. thanks for ruining it for everyone.
  23. Man my sleep is way worse. I often go to bed at like 3am then wake up early anyways. I recommend taking melatonin supplements and drink chamomile tea before going to bed.
  24. Google pretty much owns most of the internet now.
  25. I might pick up golden sun dark dawn. It looks kinda good.