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Everything posted by Drunkcrusader

  1. Hi, looking to do a halo master chief legendary run, starting with first game hmu if interested
  2. i got ps4, and 360 but i was thinking about getting a ps3 for the exclusives i missed like GOW 3, Killzone trilogy, last of us ect anyone think that it is still worth getting?
  3. first topic, i just made the switch from 360 to ps4, but have no one to play with so if people could tell me there psn id for ps4 and what they like to play that would be good, also sorry if this topic has already been started but i am new to the site cheers
  4. Thanks for all the reply's people, i will probably be getting a Christmas bundle ps3 which includes the last of us
  5. yeah, but its around $300, and is it REALLY that good?
  6. I was wondering whether its still worth buying a ps3 even though i have a ps4, just for the exclusives, cause i dont want to miss out on killzone 2,3 god of war, the last of us, etc. or should i wait for this streaming service, only i prefer to own my games not rent them as such
  7. the reason (i think) knack outsold mario is because of how many people actuallyhave a wii u, which Isent many. plus the ps4 has not much choice in launch games.
  8. not to mention all that space they would have to create a massive amazingly detailed world
  9. add me ' Drunk_Crusader ' i have also made the switch from xbox to ps4 and am in need of some friends
  10. thanks everybody i will definitely be adding everybody here
  11. NES, classic 2D side scrolling action at its finest. give me castlevania nes, over castlevania 64 anyday
  12. fallout, oh how i miss thee. this game with next gen graphics and production values WOW i think i will never play another game again, considering this is real or not. but they will make one anyway so
  13. cool , glad to be here
  14. great mods - twilight of the sun king, 1755 old frontier upcoming mod - l'aigle (LOOKS AMAZING!!!!)
  15. the game chasers, pat the nespunk, alpha omega sin, jontron, peanut butter gamer, continue, cinemassacre