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  1. We should also agree on a server though.
  2. Come on guys, don't trun this into PC vs consoles penis contest. Both have their strengths and weakness (pros and cons) and if someone can afford both of them .. good for you.
  3. Why did Joe buy Kinect? That's simple really .. Joe loves Kinect games.
  4. PC is better for FPS games mate, not a dogma, my opinion .
  5. I think it's pretty easy to find willing people who'd like to create a guild. You'll have a lot to choose from, trust me on this. As I understand it AJSA is a community of like-minded people who wanna change things for the better and play good games, not crappy ones, so we don't really need hight ranking members in every single game nor should we require them to start playing a game that doesn't interest them, that being said it's always nice to have a hight ranking member in the game you play. I am more worried about the server (a poll as you said would be a good option) and about the decision to go on SWTOR as well. I mean as I said in my previous posts people who used to be subscribers (like me for instance) will get a better deal (30 days for free) if they subscribe again by 2nd December and if the decision came on 3rd of December I'd be .. angry? Yeah, AngryKronoss!
  6. I forgot to add that I would go for The Red Eclipse server. I am talking about EU users ofc, I don't think we can time manage American players and EU players, we'd have to split the two.
  7. 149 people is more than enough to start a functional guild and more might come in the game, cause we are .. wait for it .. AJSA! If we organize at least 1,2+ Operations once a week (possibly more) and several Flashpoints during the day I think many people would come and it could even be spontaneous. Imagine AJSA taking on World Bosses or working together in Space Combat etc. and take screenshots and post them here or share them to spread the word. That'd be great. And imagine that we could make the game better. If we succeed in creating a big clan and community on SWTOR we could influence devs as Joe wanted, tell them our issues with their F2P model, point a finger at Guild Wars 2 and say - ,,That's how you make F2P model guys". The problem with SWTOR is acutally the F2P model. I think that they made this kind of hybrid and they really didn't move from P2P to F2P. Their mindset is still in P2P and that's why many people don't play or return, that needs to change. I hope that the decision comes before 2nd December, because those of us who used to be subscribers would otherwise miss out on a good deal. Those of you who haven't played SWTOR yet and love SW lore, go for it. It's still worth to play at least through 1 story line.
  8. Let me jump in with some info. 1st If you've ever been a subscriber in SWTOR well good news, SWTOR devs (as those of you who've ever been subscribers know) quite often send better deals and offers to get you back in the game if you had dropped out. This time it's 30 additional days for free if you subscribe once more + Early Access to their new space part of the game and some Cartel Coins. 2nd The new space part of the game. It should no longer be a boring (yes if you've played a lot of those space battles it gets quite boring), it should be a real space combat against players. 3rd If we can get 100 people to play it regularly (once/twice a week for some Operations or Harder Flashopoints etc.) the game can actually be quite fun. If you like story telling and good voice over (SWTOR has a good voice over no doubt about it) it's way better than WoW and plus if you are a fan of SW lore you will feel like a Jedi Knight or a Sith awfully often (Inquisitor's lightning in dialogue FTW guys). However it's not all good. If you have 2+ characters the game can get repetitive, because even though the class story is different for each class, missions on planets stay the same (which is kinda sad, but understandable). Also it can suffer from a long wait to get into a Flashpoint let alone Operation (however with the Group Seeker as I like to call it it got a lot better). F2P model is shit no doubt about it. If you wanna jump in occasionally to get a part of the story of your character it's OK or if you wanna play once or twice a week 1 or 2 Flashpoints, but if you wanna play on daily basis you will probably have to subscribe, but that's individual. Sadly it's no way near Guild Wars 2 when it comes to F2P model. Now whether to go to Republic or Empire .. I say both. If we get 100+ people it's fairly possible and you'd miss out on some good story lines otherwise and that would be a shame (I still have some to complete). AJSA should go there, because it can only help the game. I can even imagine negotiating some kind of better F2P model with Bioware for SWTOR when AJSA supports it - that right there is me dreaming
  9. This needs a video Joe, you hear? A VIDEO.
  10. I liked the Black Hole gun a lot, that thing was so cool.
  11. It fitted in Saint's Row 4 - DUBSTEP GUN FTW.
  12. I know, but I like having the box .. well maybe I'll buy it there, we'll see .
  13. Good Game of Thrones game, and I mean good, like awesome.
  14. Piracy is just an excuse for DRMs, look at CDProject, you can't rob those guys, because they are so cool. I mean I just couldn't bring myself to do it, I just wanna support them.
  15. I guess all has been said, but - KOTOR 1,2; Witcher 1,2; Mass Effect series, Dragon Age, Deus Ex HR, Jedi Academy, Gothic, ..