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  1. ssk1777 liked a post in a topic by Covokson in Greeting from the forest of skyrim   
    Greeting I'm covokson or covok for short, I hail many lands of the RPG nature sometime if the mood sets me RTS. I'm pretty much stick with roleplaying if you need help find a rare relic or just need gold I'm your man I even bite you turn into a werewolf on ESO be part of an elite group of viking warriors known as bloodwolves that be sent in to dispatch of a bandit lord or king that won't listen to reason. But anyway I'm here serve my new king if he desires it I will dispatch the enemy if need in any realm if needed I'm loyal as a dog but I can't just tell you I have to show you I even sacrifice my life to protect yours and I don't mind getting my hands dirty if need be. Well that's enough of my personilty I'm a big bigger than most I'm 6'7" 500+ mostly muscle I can pretty much back up anybody that in stress or needs help. So thank you very much for letting be apart of a ever growing community. And have a wonderful day.
  2. ssk1777 liked a post in a topic by SgtRoss in Official ESO guild organization is up!   
    Come check out and see what all we have been working on to get this guild up and running!
  3. ssk1777 liked a post in a topic by Berserker in Star wars episode 7   
    I've already repeated myself 3 times in this thread, but here i go again,
    Everything confirmed for Star Wars Episode 7:
    Release Date: http://starwars.com/news/star-wars-episode-vii-to-open-december-18-2015.html
    Filmmaking Team: http://starwars.com/news/master-filmmaking-team-announced-for-star-wars.html
    John Williams does music: http://starwars.com/news/star-wars-celebration-europe-2013-john-williams-to-score-star-wars-episode-vii.html
    R2-D2 Only Confirmed Character: http://starwarsblog.starwars.com/2013/11/19/r2-d2-is-in-star-wars-episode-7-and-hes-fan-made/
    Timothy Zahn says not based on books: http://insidemovies.ew.com/2012/11/02/star-wars-sequels-timothy-zahn/
    There, that's all we know for now.
  4. Rumskii liked a post in a topic by ssk1777 in Aldmeri Dominion Race?   
    High elf best mage race.
  5. BobbyLOD liked a post in a topic by ssk1777 in Elderscrolls Online!   
    I'm also going to be getting the Elder scrolls online for the Ps4.
  6. ssk1777 liked a post in a topic by SgtRoss in WORLD OF TANKS - VOTE FAILED   
    Should The Angry Army Play (WORLD OF TANKS)?
    Leave your vote and your opinion in the Thread Below!
    *No Flamewars
    *No Council Bashing
    *Respect Current Decisions, but know it can be reversed with enough demand from members in The AJSA!
    Free to Play and NOT Pay to Win Huge selection of tanks to earn
    Customization of tanks with different guns, different turrets, camo's and the basic customization  
    Game play can start to feel repetitive at lower tiers, as tanks aren't too specialized until later in the game Takes a whole to earn up to higher tier tanks, and some tanks have a really hard starting grind Balancing is still a bit of an issue  
    Current Council Decision: FAILED! Game did not accumulate enough votes.
  7. ssk1777 liked a post in a topic by TheFantasticFunk in Star Wars: The Old Republic - VOTE PASSED   
    Thanks Doc!
    right now, I'm looking to get everyone who is interested inside the guild, and from there  we can go into sergeant business...
    I will be online  around 12 pm est tomorrow in case anyone would like an invite! Other people who are in the guild are Gigerse, Doctormalice, Zango, and Zythice. They should all be able to invite, so send them a message when they are on! My in game main is Aicel, a merc bh! In terms of our end game goals, I wish to have at least 1 or 2 operations groups running when the majority of the army is at max level. Unfortunately, due to  Free to Play restrictions, this will have to be subs tot he game. As a last note, please encourage each other to help out inside the guild, be it with flash-points or heroic quests. Thanks again, and see you on the Battlefield! 
  8. ssk1777 liked a post in a topic by xevious21 in Star Wars: The Old Republic - VOTE PASSED   
    Same here, can't decide if I want an agent, bounty hunter, or sith warrior though, already have an inquisitor on another server that I'll transfer later
  9. SouthernShredder93 liked a post in a topic by ssk1777 in Hello Everyone. SouthernShredder93   
    Welcome to the AJSA !
  10. ssk1777 liked a post in a topic by Craigr910 in List your ships (Lets see how big our armada is)   
    Basically this thread is going to be used so we can tally up what ships we have for Star Citizen and see how many pilots we have. Also you can list what you want to be doing in Star Citizen when it comes around.
    Current Ship Total
    2 x Military grade Idris Frigate
    1 x Idris P Frigate
    46x Constellation
    38 x Freelancer
    7 x Banu Merchantman
    9 x Starfarer 
    17 x Cutlass
    5 x Caterpillar 
    74 x Origin & Variants
    44 x Hornet & Variants
    99 x Aurora & Variants 
    29 x Avenger
    9 x M50 Interceptor
    4 x Xi'an Scout 
    15 x Retaliator Heavy Bomber 
    2 x Gladiator Heavy Bomber
  11. ssk1777 liked a post in a topic by Shaded in My idea and solution for the official AJSA organization   
    After some thought I have drawn up just my own idea of how AJSA can operate in Star Citizen. Sorry for the tacky MS Paint job (I'm not an artist in anyway). However I do have some what of a vision on how we can make this work and have everyone happy. I'm open to ideas. I also double checked and you can only join one organization at one time. So with this in mind I believe it's important we try to incorporate everyone in a way that they all feel welcome. Here's what I think AJSA should do.

    I believe that each wing should have it's own command group, but all groups answer to the administration wing which would fall under Joe if/when he is on. Also for the sake of being flexible for now I think that people can be a part of multiple wings at once.
    Lemme know what you guys think. Feedback? Suggestions?
    Some in depth details on each wing.
    Each wing should have it's own command group. Until we know how many people we will have in AJSA in SC we should allow people to be a part of multiple wings at once. However a command group of one wing shouldn't be command of another wing.
    Trade and Logistics Wing
    All factories, trade ships, merchants, traders, miners, scavengers operate under the Trade and Logistics wing. The command group of this group will handle the logistics of AJSA and the people under this wing handle the supply and demand of AJSA. The is group can also handle alliances with other clans and set up our infrastructure in
    Private Military Wing of AJSA
    The first and foremost responsibility of this group is the security of all our merchants, traders and patrolling AJSA controlled space. Bounty Hunter operations can operate here as well. These are also our front line fighters during war with other organizations. They also can conduct search and destroy missions against pirates or other smaller faction groups that have committed crimes against AJSA
    Black Op Wing
    Theoretically this group is our secret group that only AJSA would know about. The black op wing does not have AJSA logo's on their ships and they operate completely out of or on the fringes of UEE law. Smugglers, pirates, special groups that conduct hit and run operations against other areas. These are the people that also would instigate conflict with other groups and keep other organizations on their toes. These guys once they are really good are the ones that "acquire" more ships for AJSA. They also will search and destroy other bounty hunter groups.
    Scouting and Reconnaissance Wing
    This is probably a fairly small wing, but these guys are the ones that scout out, explore, put our name out there. These guys can also spread AJSA propaganda, they can do spy missions with the Black Op wing, but that will be mostly jobs for the Black Op wing. People that like to be a part of racing ships would also fall under this wing as well. The ships on this wing would be small, lightweight, and fast. Stealthy is another option for ships in this category.
    Command Wing (I like Command Wing better than Administration wing)
    This wing is the head of the organization. All capital ships, large ships, corvette ships, large military ships and bombers will fall under this wing and will launch massive attacks on command. This wing will operate in the core of AJSA space, probably on a space station and will be commanded by the higher ranked players in the AJSA, Commanders, Joe, a few fighter groups are assigned to this wing. This wing will have the final say in all major operations. Each wing can do their own individual operations, however major operations like declaring war & canceling alliances are things that will be handled by the Command Wing
    Joe's Wing
    Joe has made it a point in his videos that he likes doing things with his army. When he is on a group of people that can be a part of any wing can break off to act as body guards and escorts for w/e it is Joe is wanting to do or making a video for (provided youtube policy doesn't screw over that). This group can be as big or small as we Command/Joe wants it to be.
  12. Pega6 liked a post in a topic by ssk1777 in Hey all, Pega6 here   
    Welcome to the Angry army.
  13. ssk1777 liked a post in a topic by smellyradish68 in What is Your Game of the Last Generation (Xbox 360,PS3,and Wii)   
  14. ssk1777 liked a post in a topic by ' in SIR! Ryan, Autis and Anger, The3Ryans Present! SIR!   
    Welcome to the angry army soldier! Our teamspeak is a great place to meet fellow members, so check that out. I hope you have a great time here and see you on the battlefield!
  15. ssk1777 liked a post in a topic by xevious21 in Star Wars: The Old Republic - VOTE PASSED   
    Me neither, throwing force lightning at enemies is far more intimidating than force pebbles. LOL
  16. ssk1777 liked a post in a topic by Lossar in Planetside 2 - VOTE PASSED   
    Definitly! This is one of those games that are just PERFECT for large armies like our own!
  17. ssk1777 liked a post in a topic by Rain in Star Wars: The Old Republic - VOTE PASSED   
    The Commanders and Council will take candidates to promote to Officer if there are no Officers available to head a game. After choosing an Officer(s), they will also promote members to Sergeant to work under the Officers. The Commanders themselves do not need to be involved, but they will overlook the AJSA within the game.
  18. ssk1777 liked a post in a topic by Bast50 in Star Wars: The Old Republic - VOTE PASSED   
    SWTOR is not grindy, takes less time in SWTOR to hit max level then most MMOs, including GW2. Also, far from me to be a rebellious member but... if there's 150+ ppl that voted yes... what are we waiting for? Lets make a poll in the MMO forums to decide the faction and the server. Being "officially" AJSA approved doesn't really add anything and it will probably get approved in the future, there's something to be said about taking the initiative and not waiting for permission.
  19. ssk1777 liked a post in a topic by Wisx12 in Star Wars: The Old Republic - VOTE PASSED   
    This really has the potential to be a great branch of the AJSA. but it needs to prove itself first.
  20. AshikinBliss liked a post in a topic by ssk1777 in Nice to Meet you All :)   
    Welcome to the Angry army !
  21. zawisz liked a post in a topic by ssk1777 in Star wars episode 7   
    I'm glad to see that John Williams is still doing the music.
  22. =AJSA=HeadlessWarfare liked a post in a topic by ssk1777 in Nytefury reporting for duty!   
    It is nice to meet you I am also a very devout christian and it is good to see more christian gamers out there. I thought our numbers were depleting but it  appears not.- welcome and God bless.   
  23. Uller3k liked a post in a topic by ssk1777 in Mjello   
    Welcome to the Angry army friend.
  24. Saigonrice liked a post in a topic by ssk1777 in Rate The Avatar Above You!   
    Love rice  9/10
  25. ssk1777 liked a post in a topic by Sol Omega in Rate The Avatar Above You!   
    Blake is liberal hippy dirty faunus spy.
    Not really. She's really cool, although she can be annoying with her political correctness.  Actual score 8/10