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  1. [whipe's the dust off his profile] I kind of disappeared like a ghost, as I've been consumed in other games, but I'm looking at making a comeback. I'll get on tonight if I have time, but definitely tomorrow.
  2. I've been away for quite some time, PS4 has really sucked the PC life out of me...but count me in! I appreciate the invite, and look forward to flying the friendly skies with you
  3. I've flown them all, but I still prefer my German Luftwaffe, there's just something about flying the BF109 and the FW-190's that make me feel like I own the sky.
  4. This is in fact key information, and as such I will quote your post and add it to the guide.
  5. Hey guys, after being away from War Thunder since the PS4 release, and finally jumping on tonight after the big update, I noticed a LOT of changes (Such as with the tier system, purchase system, etc), and as such I will be taking the time to redo the entire post, also making sure to add the advice that other people gave (in quotes so that they can get credit). On behalf of myself, and the future newbies who will be looking at this thread, we all thank you for your contribution to building an awesome "How to War Thunder" guide!
  6. From what I understand, altitude does affect your plane's performance. Unfortunately I cannot tell you at what altitudes this begins to take effect or what not as generally most dogfights happen below 3000m (10,000ft) but I have noticed a significant performance decrease in my BF109 (a plane that historically performed better at higher altitudes) when fighting between 0-1500m (0-5000ft). I think this is implemented into the Arcade battle, however not completely thanks to the instructor, but I'm sure it becomes much more noticeable in HB or FRB.
  7. Great to hear! I'd certainly love it if they created a section just for War Thunder, and made this thread a sticky in there, that way it'd be easier for people to find. Here's to hoping.
  8. Whoa easy there tiger, have fun with the amazing turn rate for now because once you get rid of the HE112's, there's no turning back, and it's nothing but boom and zoom. I will commend you on your excellent KDR, but don't let it get to your head
  9. Well it's good that you have your strategy down, I just hope for your sake that you're actually good with your rockets and not just another rocket spammer, not that they're annoying, but I find it really hilarious when I slip through a rocket spam and destroy their plane, especially in my BF110C. Might I also suggest aiming for elevators? Cripple those and the plane will slowly fall to the ground, no way out.
  10. Sounds like you're still low tier, from the sound of it I'm going to guess 6-7. Like I said, it's debatable about who the better nation is between Brits & Japs for turn fighting, personally in my experience I've seen the turn fight go both ways. I do know that the brits have more armor (typically) than Jap planes. This is such a great tip. Grab someone who even slightly knows what they're doing, and you'll see your outcome jump in comparison. All they have to do is stick within 1-2 km and you just back each other up, communication is key here too because if he doesn't know you're about to go take on a beaufighter, or that a yak-9 just jumped on your tail, then he can't help you.
  11. The first IL-2 (I think its tier 4 or 5) doesn't have the rear gunner, however the next IL-2 in that line (Would be 5 or 6) gains a single back gunner. Not really much, but more than enough to help deter unskilled guests from your rear.
  12. To me Johto was the best because it was adding on to the story, while holding on to the nostalgia of the previous game, while bringing in new elements, new pokemon, and even allowing you to fight Red. To me pokemon felt like it just got boring after Johto, just doing the same exact thing over and over. Catch pokemon, battle every trainer until gym leader, fight gym leaders, beat elite 4, find all pokemon. The worst part was that each time you had to start all over again, and the only easy way was if you transferred over pokemon from previous saves (something that took hundreds of rattata/pidgey). It had everything, and for me it was just before the game got too overwhelming. I mean with a good enough argument you could argue about how suddenly a 100 pokemon suddenly showed up out of nowhere in a populated land no more than 100km away, but then doing that 4 more times? Each time it gets a little less believable. Ever since Johto, I've been wanting to see a 3d pokemon world, not like X or Y, but something more like a modern 3rd person adventure game that played like Kingdom Hearts. Unfortunately for people like me, GameFreak seems to enjoy the Nintendo handheld platform. Thankfully, there are people like me who also want to see a game like this, and there is one already in development (however development is very slow since it's not a big game company with lots of money)
  13. I haven't played historical as loyally as I have arcade, so I couldn't possibly begin to tell people about what planes to watch out for in those tiers. I will say that planes do fly much differently in historical (and worse in full real) since you no longer have the "instructor" to look out for you. Thanks for the additional information, I'm sure others can use it. I haven't played with any of the premium planes, so I do not know how they handle, but generally yes they do outperform some of the more "Basic" variants in different ways. Personally I'm not a fan of the MIG, but it is a pretty well balanced plane for that tier, and yes the IL-2 is very deadly (and often speculated as OP). For those who don't know (yet), the IL-2 has 2 fast shooting cannons, a decent turn rate, Rockets & Bombs (Can be used together), and even a rear gunner in the later tier turning this into one extremely deadly plane. I want to thank you all for reading my guide, and I'm glad that people are actually taking it to heart . I haven't been on WT in a while, as my PS4 has been taking up all of my game time, but maybe I'll jump on tonight. If you see me on, lets party up: SamuraiZero
  14. I haven't yet played Navy Field 2 myself, but I've seen a couple in game footage, and it looks really badass.