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  1. He's actually started a Dark Souls 2 playthrough, and joined a covenant that makes the game harder, and solos everything... which is more than you can say about the vast majority of Dark Souls players. So, it goes to show that he can't be all that bad. What is also interesting is how this thread was silent for about 3 months, and has started up again, haha.
  2. Haha, I hear you. I liked that idea though... that feeling of being lost, and alone, and scared. That is the atmosphere, and I loved it. You must gather yourself and uncover your way through. When I finally did get to a point where I could progress again it was so rewarding. Part two is much more approachable, I will say. That being said, I don't need Joe to be an expert at Dark Souls, I'm simply saying he didn't seem to grasp the concepts of the game... This game might require a certain level of craftiness to be able to get far enough, to review it for what it's worth... and that means having the skill to uncover its mysteries. So in a way, it may be a catch 22. Game informer did give it a 9.75 though,
  3. I believe it to be a fair comparison on certain levels: 1) LoZ, if anyone can remember back that far, gave you a vague back story, basically stating that what you need to do is find 8 triforce pieces in 8 dungeons, good luck. The start screen puts you in a non descriptive area with one cave, and 4 separate ways to go. Thats it. It was up to the player to decide which way to go. Yeah some ways were easier than others, and there is a best progression for the game, but that wasn't set in stone. Just like Dark Souls. LoZ was just as unforgiving, forcing players to solve elusive and cryptic puzzles, study enemy movements, and insanely difficult boss fights. Also, you always seem to come to a dead end of sorts until you remembered some boulder, or door, somewhere 20 hours ago, that your new item can open... much like Dark Souls. And ahhh, the sorely missed game booklets. This is true, LoZ did come with booklets... Dark Souls comes with the internet. Later LoZ games became much more approachable (lets forget part 2, shall we)? As for difficult parts... I'd say the archers were the most frustrating. Merely because most things in the game, once studied enough, have a pattern you can basically use to triumph most of the time. The archers though... it largely depended on the one blocking your path to draw his sword at a certain time while you flailed around in panic on 2 inches of walk way. Blocking not allowed. I think Argetlam hit this one on the head. Joe will perhaps try harder later, when he is, or if he is, ready to do a review. Dark Souls isn't for everyone. All I ask is that he attempt to take it seriously and understand the game for what it is. Judging off what I saw, he didn't seem to grasp the concepts very well. I do believe that reviews count for a lot. I have been very dissapointed before when buying games because they got hyped, but I didn't listen to reviews. After watching Joe, I'd say I agree with him about 90% of the time, if not more. So I trust his opinions. I believe FromSoftware to be an extremely worthy company that produces great games with great ethics. This game does not need DLC, and they stated they never would release any, giving us a complete game from start to finish. Joe preaches what FromSoftware practices, and I'd like to see Joe try a bit harder to promote these good practices. I can understand if he doesn't like the game, but give it a chance, and give the developers what they earned. Then, this company will make more money, and be rewarded for their good efforts... and not rely on things like DLC and freemiums.
  4. The creator of Demon Souls, Dark Souls 1, and Dark souls 2 was a Japanese guy. In an interview he stated as a kid he knew very little english, but loved some english fantasy stories. Due to his broken english, he often felt he lost out on a lot of the plot... so he had to make it up for himself, and dig deep, and explore in his mind. This is where he drew inspiration for what the player must do in these games to seek lore. The lore is entirely there. I don't agree the hit boxes are off, I'd say that it's based more on your weight percentage, and the size of your hit box based on it. I don't feel the game is unfair... tough, but fair... would be my interpretation of it. We've been through this before... in 1986. It was called the legend of zelda.
  5. No, my concern was that he didn't seem to take it seriously. I pointed that out to the fact that the game has an extremely high replay value and depth of exploration.
  6. I said in between both games. As in, I have accumulated those hours between the two. Which is not much, when the average person takes 60+ on their initial playthroughs of either
  7. I bring it up because it was in his 2014 most anticipated games in which he stated that DS1 was too difficult for him, and he quit... and that, "He would not make that mistake again." So, considering the reviews this game is getting, and the acceptance from the core audience, I thought he might. My concern is not whether he lieks the game or not, I know that Joe can spot a good game whether or not it's within his interests... I just wonder if he is willing to put in the time and effort this game requires to truly understand it.
  8. This is an opinion piece, so while discussion is encouraged, lets leave the haterade to a minimum please.... I recently watched Angry Joe play Dark Souls 2.... And, to start, I will say that I am not entirely comfortable with Joe doing a review on Dark Souls 2... if he ever planned on it. I didn't get to see the live stream but I watched what he posted on YouTube. Now I get that Joe likes play around a bit for entertainments sake on his streams, but I fear that Joe may not grasp what Dark Souls is about. I believe he might favor something a bit more streamlined and fast paced... simply judging by what I saw. Lets be honest, Joe was pretty horrible at the game. Now, I know that there's a huge learning curve up front in this game, I understand that. It seemed though that Joe disliked the game to a degree, and I do not know that he is willing to put in the time required to understand this masterpiece... trust me, that is what it is. I've put 200 hours roughly into both DS1 and 2 now... and feel I have a strong grasp on the game. Even after 200 hours I'm still learning... just ask Argetlam, I email him almost weekly, if not daily (he's the man). Now, my point is that unless Joe puts considerably more effort into this game, if he does a review I feel it will fall short. If it's just a let's play, than that's the end and it'll be just that, the end of it. And, you know, you can say what you want about PewDiePie... but I did see him solo the entirety of DS1 (for the most part) and the beginning of DS2. To include the Pursuer. Believe me when I say, soloing is extremely difficult in this game when it comes to bosses... I did it in DS1 (yes even Ornstein and Smough). What are your guys' thoughts? Do you think he should do a review after watching his let's play?
  9. I do like the idea of new and different items too.
  10. Yeah, It is a huge game. I'd like to do both, but each playthrough seems it will take at least 40 hours. Which is fine... this game's replayability is some of the highest I have ever seen.
  11. Playing Dark Souls 2... I was thinking about a crucial decision. Do I A) Do new game plus with my current character (in new game plus there are now more items, different and more enemies, etc), or B )Start a new character, and one that is magic based because my first character is a dex melee/bow build. What would you guys do? I have started putting some points into Faith for my current character, thinking in new game plus I can turn him into a hybrid, paladin type character.
  12. Yeah, all of the time. I recently, before Dark Souls 2 released, started a replay of Skyrim. I played RDR twice as well. You often find different and more things the second time around.
  13. The major question I'm asking here, though, is less about TB, but more about: How do you think the pressure of producing content has effected youtubers, etc in enjoying games? Would you sacrifice for enjoyment of gaming to produce content on it (lets leave the exorbitant amount of money super successful youtubers make out of this opinion, and consider yourself a middle-of-the-road youtuber).
  14. Personally, I don't see how there'd be satisfaction in only playing parts of games... and while TB might have very valid input on a lot of topics... it become hard to value a persons opinion who won't see a products vision in entirety. It's like saying Mass Effect 3's ending sucked, but only playing the first 15 hours of each part of the games... how valid does that opinion become, right or wrong?
  15. I was listening to TotalBiscuit's most recent "content patch," and he made the comment, "I love the idea of a 2 hour replayable game. I rarely get to finish a game because I can spend only about 10-15... 20 hours at most on any game." This struck a thought for me: What's the point? Ok, I know he makes a lot of money, cool. But, if you love video games, and you don't get to fully delve into games that have intricate stories and deep, long campaigns... aren't you missing out on so much? Shit, a solid RTS with multiple single-player campaigns can yank 40 hours from you. Personally, I wouldn't enjoy playing a bunch of games part of the way through. I haven't even watched any of vaatividya's latest dark souls 2 videos because I don't want any spoilers on my first playthough. I've played games all my life, and love them... so much to the point where I actively decided not to go into game development because I felt that it would take the fun out of it, and then become work. I am an athlete as well, and am currently competing in a 5 week competition. I am starting to become burnt out because there is so much stress on the week-to-week events that I am no longer having fun. I can't wait for it to end so I can go back to my own pace and programming. This is the same concept... at what point is it no longer fun? I'd think that by being a lets player like TB, you miss out on a lot because the pressure is to keep making content, and you never get to finish any games. Joe gets to finish because he's a reviewer... but then again, how many times does he get to replay a different way? The pressure is always there. Is it worth it to you? Thoughts guys? or girls...