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  1. Honestly, get the Xbox. While getting a PC would normally be better, you also have to think about the price of Windows 7. And constantly upgrading your PC with parts costing $200+ every six months.
  2. Dragonball Z. There is no other anime that comes as close to being overrated as DBZ. People tell me that it's the best action anime out there, which it isn't. It's dated, seriously dated. As with most older anime, it reuses a lot of scenes in it's fight sequences. That and . Honestly, I can't find anything really good about this. But I recognize what it did for the anime industry. And Attack on Titan,I just don't see why people are pretty much treating it as they did Sword Art Online.
  3. This was awful. I had nothing to do with it and didn't even know about Game Jam until recently, but I would like to apologize to everyone who was there.
  4. Dude, the answer was right under my nose the whole time! Horned King from The Black Cauldron! He's perfect! EDIT: Horned, not skull.
  5. A) That sucks, I was going to say Deapool. How awesome would that be if he was summonable? B)What? Disney is a child dreamland? Have you seen The Black Cauldron? C)Kids will forget Mickey Mouse?! How?! Disney Junior is one of the biggest TV channels for kids, and it's packed full of Mickey Mouse. D)A much as I would like to say otherwise, no dream has ever lasted forever. There's always someone who will corrupt it and destroy it. E) Pretty much all of Walter Disney's cartoons are already in it. Now then, who would I put into it? Zidane from FF IX.
  6. This article lists pretty much all of the reasons why I like the first the most. Granted this article was was written before ACIII.
  7. I don't like him because Superman has three weaknesses, Kryptonite, magic and Red Suns and having just three weaknesses just isn't interesting to me. In my opinion, Batman is better than(Doesn't mean stronger) Superman because he's more complex. He's human, his villains are near perfect, but not my favorite superhero. That goes to Spawn or The Darkness or Deadpool. Granted all of those are Anti-Heros, but oh well. Superman seems to be good for kids, Batman teens, and others for adults. Superman is a boy scout meaning he will only do good, and again, that isn't interesting to me. You can say he get's complex and has to deal with internal struggles but I call BS on that, Superman was made originally to be the ultimate good guy, something for people to want to be, and that's good! But it's not interesting to me. Batman is because of the fact that a bullet can kill him. I also feel like they wrote Superman into a corner by making Kryptonite, Ren suns and magic his only weaknesses. Because then his enemies have to have one of those three in order to beat him, and Kryptonite is supposed to be really rare and yet people get a butt-ton of it. TL;DR version: Superman is a good role model, but isn't that interesting to me.
  8. Shadow the Hedgehog. One of the first games I played that made me feel like not all games were meant for kids. I loved it to death, played it recently and I still love it! Only difference is that I now recognize that it's a bad game. But hey, shouldn't we all have at least one guilty pleasure? And Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest. Say what you want about this game, it has one of the best soundtracks ever! And it was the first RPG I ever played. It's still one of my favorite games ever.
  9. I am probably the only one who will say this, .Hack IMOQ.
  10. One of the many things I hope for the most is that they bring back the story thingy from 3, where you could make your own characters and it was sorta like Fire Emblem. I'm still probably going to get SCVI if they ever make it, just because it's one of my favorite game series.
  11. Mine consist of Saints Row mostly.
  12. I just play it for the customization... And beating my friends as Cervantes style.
  13. The article. While there is no proof that it really is in development hell because of her boobs, it's probably what it is. I am really disappointed in these guys. If I knew how to do what they do I would gladly help make a decision. And when the game gets made I really hope they as Zasalamel.
  14. The highlight of that video was the $4,500 monitor.
  15. I still do think that it's better(And cheaper) to build a PC by hand, this is still wicked.